To All The Dead Terrorists


(Oh yeah, he probably never also heard the ‘hell hath no fury’ quote either – because well, he was a stupid-ass terrorist. Now he is a dead stupid-ass terrorist. Like i always say ‘a good terrorist is a dead terrorist.’ )

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9 responses

  1. LMAO!!! I’ve seen this before…isn’t it one of those Far Side ones??!

    I don’t know if it’s a farside one – but i don’t think so. Actually a friend emailed me the link to it. Hilarious, eh?

  2. You say it well.


  3. That is almost funny enough to be against the law.

    the Grit

    God help us all when humor is against the law. (knock on wood) :)

  4. Heh heh heh. Yeah. Imagine the look on their faces when they arrive in a fiery hellish inferno with no virgins. “Doh! We were duped!”

    LOL – or maybe just the wrong kind of virgins, eh? :lol:

  5. [...] you need a good laugh, take a look at To All The Dead Terrorists!  This should be reproduced in mass and disseminated up and down the Arab street.  [...]

    Hey Grit, thanks for the link. Check out BritandGrit – interesting blog.

  6. you’re right about that!!

    I’m thinking a line of Hallmark cards could really work here. ;)

  7. Nice one WC but I still wish I could upload the video from

    No worries Voodoo – we’ll figure out the vid sometime soon.

  8. I wonder if they make a habit of this “terror” shooting?

    Who the virgins? I would hope so.

  9. Bobo (aka:Billie)

    Cool……now refresh my memory. You’re the one on the far right, correct?

    Whaaaa?!?!?!?! You’re NOT a virgin????

    I’m not??? :(
    WC ;)


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