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Wow, this is hot off the press. Mike Wallace – older-than-dirt 60 Minutes has-been reporter – says that the Prez (can a dictator be a President?) Of Iran (that haven of democracy) is a big, warm, fuzzball. Yep, that’s right. All this time we thought Prez Ah-mean-a-jihad was this big ol’ fucking vicious, Jew-hating, son-of-a-whore, annihilation-aspiring scumbag and it turns out he is the Mr. Rogers of the Middle-fucking-East. Go figure!

Highlights from Wallace: (Prez Ah-mean-a-jihad) Doesn’t actually want to wipe Zionists off the map – no! He just wants them to go back to Germany where they belong. And he can’t for the life of him figure out why the Jews don’t wanna go. Could it be that maybe they just don’t trust the Germans all that much? I mean aren’t those damned hell-hole concentration camps still there? Don’t they use them as tourist attractions or something? Sure, let’s all go back to Germany where we have nothing and there just happens to be a new Nazi movement – and leave this haven we have created by our blood, sweat and tears and just give it to the benevolent Middle-fucking-Easterners. That should work.

You see, Ah-mean-a-jihad just doesn’t want them in his neighborhood. So when he said he wanted to wipe them out, he just meant in his immediate community. Sorry, did I miss the sales transaction where Iran (the haven of Democracy and Human Rights) now owns the Middle-fucking-East? Oh and Wallace went on to tell us about what a smart guy Ah-mean-a-jihad-carebear is. He’s thoughtful, he’s a professor at the local college (the better to indoctrinate the children), his answers were measured and hey, he gave some really enlightened responses. A real reasonable, rational, charming guy by all accounts.

Oh and get this – he has Jews in his Administration. How is that for an equal opportunity employer? I mean, what a guy. Of course, Wallace had it wrong. It’s not Jews plural, it’s Jew singular. But hey, it’s a start right. I mean maybe next year they’ll have a Jewess in the postal service or something. Oh and he does have 25,000 Jews living in Iran and they’re not dead yet, so you see he really is giving them a fair shake. Jews are okay, Zionists, not so much. I’m confused though, what is the diff? Is it the color of the burkah? If somebody knows, please enlighten me.

There was a downside though. He doesn’t like America. Damn it to hell! Yep, he just take exception to our friendliness to the Zionists. Just too much. Though on a higher note, he feels sorry for Bush cuz his poll numbers are down. And how sad for Bush. Talk about a guy who can see two sides of an issue, eh? Wow. I know I’m impressed. Yep in Wallace’s words, Ah-mean-a-jihad is more reasonable, perfectly sensible, smart and savvy. I mean what more could you want in a tyrannical monster? I ask you.

So in the koolaid-drenched, insanely proper world of Mike Wallace we have nothing to fear. Good news, huh?

Oh and one more thing. I just recieved an email from a friend that contains pictures of ‘punishment’ imposed on an 8 year old boy for stealing bread from the marketplace. They ran a fucking jeep over the kid’s arm. That’s right, you read it right. I couldn’t bear to post the pictures here but I’ll be happy to forward the email to anyone who would want to see it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They can say that again. Nothing to fear? Gimme a fucking break!


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  1. Congrats on the blog.Hope it gives your creative side an outlet for those times you have something to say and no ones around to listen! You already have an established audience.

    Hey Billie, thanks for taking a peek. Hope you come by often. 🙂



  2. Zionism is a nationalist movement to establish a homeland for the Jews. Judaism is the religion of the children of Israel. There are non-Jewish Zionists and there are Jews that are opposed to Zionism. Hope that clarifies that for you, besides I dont think the Jewish people of Iran would like it very much when you start dropping bombs on their country people tend to bond together in times of crisis (911), or maybe you would prefer the example of the Christians of Lebanon supporting Hizbullah. But then maybe you just love living in the black and white, good vs. evil world of Bush.

    Well thanks for the clarification. Who is dropping bombs on Iran? Not us. And yes, I guess I’d rather live in a world that knows right from wrong than in a gray world where anything goes. If people hope to live together in this world and not blow it to Kingdom come (sorry for the Christian reference) then when things are wrong you have to be willing to step up to the plate. If you aren’t willing to do that, then you have no business complaining about anything. And if Iran is such a hunky dunky place then why are they stoning 17 year old girls to death there, and running over little boy’s arms with jeeps? At least in America, even the terrorists get their day in court. Got a problem with that? Too black and white for you? Too bad.



  3. I wonder if Wallace and friends will be singing the same tune after his big announcement in a few days.

    I’m intrigued. What big announcement? I haven’t heard about this.


    PS: After I thought about it, I think you mean the Aug 22nd thing? Should be interesting. I think they are waiting for Israel to take the bait on the cease fire thing. Though it looks like Israel is playing their hand pretty close to the vest. Ah, world events – fascinating.


  4. People like the wacko’s in Iran make me sick, a friend of mine who passed away a few years ago who’s Mother is a wonderful woman spent time in those camps in Germany she has the tattoo’s left as a reminder she was one of the fotunate one’s who is a survivor. Her parents were both incinerated and her brother also. I’ve talked to Stephenia many times, she has a dual citizenship
    being a Citizen of America and just recently getting her Polish Citizenship again. She was recnetly interviewed by the local paper in which she told her story if I can get a copy of it I will send it to you WC.

    Hey Gerry,

    Yes, I would like to see that article. My boss’s parents were from Poland. He has some hair-raising stories to tell about the lovely fascists/communists too. One of which is about his mother as a little girl being forced to kiss Stalin. Nice, eh?

    What really gets me is that our media treats our own government officials like they are war criminals and treat murderous tyrants like they are celebrities they’d love to have dinner with. Kind of makes you wonder what goes on in their minds.



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