You Might be a Worry-Wart if…

We all worry in our lives about the big stuff and the small stuff. But some of us worry a whole lot more than the rest of us. Those people are the worry-warts among us. If you see yourself in any of the following, contact wwa (worry-warts-anonymous) post haste.

You might be a worry-wart if…

You have to go back in the house three times to make sure you turned off the coffee machine and the iron (even though you haven’t ironed anything in a decade).

You have to kill a spider just because he is crawling up the wall.

You can’t rest until you determine what the source of that smell is and where exactly is it coming from.

Your car makes a funny sound and you pull over to call Triple A.

Every morning you walk into work and think “Today, they are going to fire me.”

You buy health insurance just in case.

Wonder why the guy across the Denny’s dining room is looking at you like that.

You become convinced that one of your boobs is getting smaller because only one of the cups of your bra is saggy.

You spend an hour examining your gums in a magnified mirror.

On a blind date you have more attention on how fat your ass looks in the outfit you chose, than the fancy restaurant you’re in.

You’re afraid to look at your mail because you might have forgotten to pay a tax bill.

You wonder what dentures feel like.

You follow a skateboarder home to tell his mother he was playing in the street.

You go to the emergency room when you have gas.

You practice your reasons for leaving your last position before a job interview.

You think the guy tailgating you is really an undercover cop.

A fire engine roars by and you wonder if it has anything to do with the cigarette you just threw out the window.

You pull into the 7-11 when there is a cop behind you, even though you don’t want to buy anything.

You consider deleting your blog any time you get less than 3 comments on a post.

You’re concerned that Pluto will retaliate for having been kicked out of the solar system.

Feel free to add to the list.



10 thoughts on “You Might be a Worry-Wart if…

  1. rotflmao…
    I will read any post that boasts a picture of “Ren”.
    I miss Stimpy already.

    You become convinced that one of your boobs is getting smaller because only one of the cups of your bra is saggy.
    Can’t totally relate to that one because I have no “manboobs” but damn it was funny.
    Great post.
    Shit, I’m still laughing.
    May have to have wifey read this…


    LOL – glad you got a laugh. Sure, have wifey read – maybe she can relate.



  2. I’m rolling around the floor too!!
    Hey i’m with Michael…and scarily enough I can’t relate to the boobs one either…two reasons, firstly, I have what is affectionately referred to around here as ‘flea bites’, not really qualifying, and secondly, what IS there is suffering the results of 12 months breastfeeding 🙂 I know TMI!
    I’ll call my sister for some additions, she’s the worrier of the family 🙂

    Oh yes, do call sis and ask for more. Maybe the bra item was more revealing than I realized. Perhaps I am the only one. LOL.

    Sorry about the flea bites and breast feeding. Ah well, it’s all about what’s good for Zoe, yes?



  3. ‘They’ (read that as ‘family’) do not call me a worry wart, they call me NEUROTIC.

    Roll with it baby, roll with it. LOL. Hey, we’ll always have T. 😉



  4. LOL! Ren! OMG.. we wring our hands and just know a little “Ren” lives inside all of us. That little anti-hero rises to the occasion to inform us that, “It’s all really important shit! You idiot!”
    And so…hmm… I thought… but…aren’t we all convinced that one of our boobs is getting smaller? LOL! Great post.

    You gotta love Ren – I wonder who does his eye makeup? Well, I guess that you and I have the saggy bra problem more than most. LOL.



  5. super post!!! hahaha…. modern day living and the things it gives us to worry about…
    We need to be prepared for the retaliation from Pluto… I believe it’ll be sudden and that wont leave us much time… 🙂

    You’re probably right – it will have all the ingredients of a good 50s sci-fi movie. 😉


  6. I think I coined the expression ‘worry wort’. ah well i will sit in my rocking chair and rock and rock and go no where….as the definition of a worrier is. The worst of the worsties is going to bed and then worriing whether or not you set the alarm clock..up ya get….back to bed..maybe you should set it 5 minutes earlier…up you get..back to bed…maybe I didn’t set the am pm button correctly…so up you get.and the beat goes on…what a lack of life…..SOOOOO
    put the music on and live….I really laughed about the iron diddy…
    laughter ~~ music of the heart

    Hey Jane –
    Whoa girl, sounds like you’ve got it bad. So sorry. Maybe if you put wheels on that rocking chair, you’d get somewhere? Could happen. 😉


  7. Oh dear. maybe I’m a true worrywart. I didn’t go “hahaha” or “rotflmao” when I read this. Was it a joke???

    Some of the things mentioned her were a little over the top (okay okay – OTT), but some were me. I don’t sweat the small irrational stuff. But sometimes life has *BIG* ongoing issues that are real, affecting the whole family.

    Question: Is a person a ‘worrywart’ if they over-sweat only the big, real, devastating stuff? My answer is YES. Even when nothing is a joke, even when the issues are absolutely real, worrying continually about things we can’t do anything about makes us a worrywart!

    For the serious ‘worrywart’ – Trivialisation is horrible but humour is fantastic.

    Hi Debz & welcome,
    I wrote this post a very long time ago and yes, it was intended to be satire – supposed to be to funny. I tend to be a bit of a worry wart, so as is the case with many of my posts, I was kind of making fun of myself. Anyway, no worries – embrace your worrywartedness and stand proud.
    Writer Chick


  8. Thanks WriterChick for explaining and responding to such an old post of yours. I’m off to read your more recent posts right now. I know I’ll enjoy them.
    Regards, Deb.

    Hi Deb,
    I always respond to comments and yours was a good one. I hope you did enjoy other posts, gawd knows there are plenty of them. Thanks for visiting and for your comments, always appreciated.
    Writer Chick


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