I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Hey Everybody, I wanted to do a quick post and introduce a couple of blogs that I think are fabulous.

Never Goodbye is brand new and authored by a friend of mine, Popsgirl. Not long ago, she discovered her father was suffering from dementia and has found herself in the role of caretaker. No easy task since she is in L.A. and her father in Alabama. She began journaling the experience to give herself some perspective and as an outlet for her feelings about the situation. She has a decidedly humourous take on the rocky road that life has put her on and offers, I think, an interesting take on the situation.

For her take on the whys and wherefors, check out her post – Short End of the Memory Stick Sometimes not remembering what happened yesterday or even five minutes ago has its advantages. Yesterday doesn’t drag you down or rob your attention from what’s happening now, and every moment is new and fresh, leaving you to enjoy life today. That’s one way to look at it.Throughout the travails and memory loss, my dad maintains his sense of humor. That passed down trait of “perceiving the humor in life” serves us both well. Dad’s memory slippage continuously rides a teeter-totter between lucid moments when he remembers his telephone number and moments of complete disorientation when he can’t find a glass in the kitchen. The same cupboard housing glasses for twenty-five years eludes him. You never know on which side of the teeter-totter he will sit. Laugh with us and shed some tears as I tell you some stories about my dad.

The second blog is Keeping the Promise…faith in action Authored by Andrena, a lovely woman whom I’ve recently come in contact with. She is originally from the South Bronx..came to Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia almost 4 years ago. Will be finishing up in December and will be waiting for her own church Her husband passed away 13 years ago from AIDS and is herself HIV positive and has been coping with that for several years.

In her own words I started the ‘get a grip’ back in 2002…started blogging cause everybody else was doing it…’started keeping the promise’ a few weeks ago…when i came back from Toronto, Canada for the AIDS conference (got a few tatoos, tongue ring, nose ring, another ring :-)…dreadlocks down my back..) She also served in the US Army for six years and came out as a Drill Sergeant. No cream puff, to be sure.

The blog: For me, my part in keeping the promise as a religious leader is to put a face to the HIV virus, and speaking publicly in congregations about myself in order to eliminate the stigma, discrimination often associated with this disease. Don’t know what (the blog) is going to evolve into. Right now, it is just used for my reflections on the conference, things i learned at the conference, and as I am waiting on interviews to be public, and as I begin speaking at functions, it will serve for those reflections. What it will evolve into, if anything, is not certain yet. I welcome people reaching out.. It would be great if you guys could pop by, say hello and look around. I’m sure both Popsgirl and Andrena would be delighted.I have added both blogs to my sidebar as well.

Thanks a bunch.


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  1. In the blogosphere, you gotta have ’em! {friends}
    Nice post, WC…


    Ain’t that the truth? I suggested PG contact you – I don’t know if she has or not yet. I’ve told her about Memory Lane and all.



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