Don’t Get All Bette Davis On Me…

Have you ever seen the movie, All About Eve? It’s about an aging broadway actress who gets duped my her seemingly innocent assistant and nearly loses her career, the love of her life and her friends. It’s a great study in human behavior and a helluva story and I highly recommend it.

The best line in this movie is: “Buckle your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.” Davis delivers the line perfectly and then storms up the stairs, deserting her boyfriend and baffled guests who have gathered for a suprise birthday party for Bill (aforementioned boyfriend).

The irony of the scene is that, by her very actions Margo (Davis) is playing right into the hands and plans of Eve (the unassuming, but really backstabbing assistant). Rather than kicking the bitch to the curb and leaving her for the street cleaners, she opts to become more of a victim not less of one.

Occasionally I witness this syndrome in my daily life. Sometimes, to put it bluntly, people get all Bette Davis on me. For example, I know someone who is a nice person, very creative, has a lot of things going for them, but when they get overwhelmed they become a different person. They get all BD on me. They have a problem which they don’t want to face so somehow it becomes my problem. They expend an enormous amount of energy being a drama queen and whining and crying woe is me and then storming up the stairs.

Naturally, this doesn’t solve the problem and after the drama is over, the problem is still sitting there like the proverbial elephant in the room.

And I have to wonder, is it worth it? Is that momentary thrill one gets from the slamming, the yelling and the storming worth all the turbulence and bad feelings it creates? All the damage control that has to be done afterwards? All the time that is wasted in cleaning up the mess?

I mean, think about it. There are real problems in the world. There are people out there who are literally facing life and death, every day. There are children who don’t have food to eat or a safe place to sleep. There people being murdered simply for voicing an opinion. Shouldn’t that give a person some perspective?

Must I listen to some loud-mouthed celebrity yammer on and on about how they have a right to be ignorant? Or some pundit spin this or that? Or whoever go on and on about what a victim they are?

And have you ever noticed, that almost always the people who complain the loudest are those who have the most to be grateful for? It makes me want to be a drama queen. It makes me want to get all Bette Davis on them. It makes me want to make a video and put it on YouTube. You know what I’m saying here?

So the next time, somebody starts whining and screaming and pretends to be your victim just tell em, “Hey man, Bette Davis did that scene already and you’re no Bette Davis!”


6 thoughts on “Don’t Get All Bette Davis On Me…

  1. Ah! But have you noticed the ATTENTION they attract by performing their little impromptu scene????????

    Precisely, Billie my dear, precisely.



  2. I generally tell whinebags to just suck it up and don’t be a puss or another good line is ‘Get off the cross. Someone needs the wood.’


    I’ve heard the one about the cross but not about the wood – good one.



  3. Gee, sorry about that. (j/k, lol) Who’s bothering you? Want I should make a phone call? hehehe.

    LOL! Yeah, call cousin Vinnie and have him take care of that.



  4. My mom is the BD of them all, and i have a couple of friends who run close seconds….and to be honest it’s not the “complaining” that bothers me, because everyone needs a release now & than, but it’s the non-follow through of facing & fixing the problem that IRRATATES me!! I have one friend in particular who NEVER stands up for herself, she allows all the negativity to fester until she literally ends up depressed and sleeping her life away. So anytime she asks advice i tell her exactly what she doesnt want to hear and the subject gets magically changed…..

    LOL! You said, I didn’t. hehe. Yeah, your friend needs to learn to vent a little. Have her read this column. hahahaha.



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