Could be a PR Problem

A new article on World Net Daily entitled, Internet, Talk Radio Blamed for ‘Anti-muslim Violence’ has CAIR discussing how they believe that Talk Radio and the Internet are giving Muslims a bad name.

Some choice quotes from the article:

“A leading U.S. Islamic lobby group blames a purported rise in anti-Muslim harassment, violence and discriminatory treatment on the Internet and talk radio.”


“Hooper, nevertheless, charged the federal “Patriot Act” – laws designed to give authorities more resources to fight terrorism – has targeted Muslims unfairly.In its 2004 report, CAIR also claimed a “sharp jump” in “Islamophobic hate crimes” and blamed talk radio.”

Now call me crazy, but I’m thinking that it’s really things like this

(I believe that is an American Flag)

and perhaps this:

(this is a mock-up of the Pope)

And this:

(I’m thinking Israel)

And this:

(Not my kind of party)

And of course this celebratory impromptu pic on Sept 11th:

(they have a funny way of mourning)

And then there are their particular child-rearing philosophies:

Do you think that maybe, just maybe it’s these and countless other examples that make people think there is something to fear?

Me? I’m thinking it’s a definite PR problem and they need to get better photographers or better subjects. What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Could be a PR Problem

  1. Quick! Get me a lawyer! I am OFFENDED! (time passes, still passing, no one is coming…) Yeah, that’s what I thought. After all, ya know, I am a CHRISTIAN.

    I’m supposed to take this? Where in the Bible does it tell me to lay down my arms in the middle of a war? Hmm?

    We’re not twisted. It’s the rest of the world. 😉

    Yeah, call the ACLU, they’ll be interested. hehe. 😉



  2. “Do you think that maybe, just maybe it’s these and countless other examples that make people think there is something to fear?”

    Quick can you pass me a mop, this sarcasm that is spilling all over the floor is a little dangerous…

    Cheers, Kelly


    Consider the mop passed…oh, and here’s some coffee and bikkies too. 😉



  3. IMHO – I think they are all richly deserving of some high colonic irrigation using Zippo Lighter Fluid…
    And yes, they do have a funny way of mourning.


    Yes, as they say, turnabout is fairplay. Sounds like an Evyl recipe though. LOL.



  4. They always want an apology for what…. The moderate muslims never speak out and why ? Cause they are affraid of the nut jobs….Oh and Jacques Chirac you and Iran make nice company…
    By the Way Jacques remember Normandy…How soon we forget who saved Europe 62 years ago..maybe when the radical muslims have an uprising in France you can go it on your own this time…

    I think you make a good point, Ger – I believe many moderate muslims are afraid, can’t say I blame them. Although, I don’t find that thought very comforting.

    As for Chirac going it alone, he will be the first one to cry and throw a temper tantrum if we don’t help him when he needs it. And of course we will – not because he deserves it but because we’re that nice.

    And again, to be fair, you can’t blame all of France for the sins of Jacques Chirac.



  5. Oh and by the way the rest of EU and the UN plant one here!!! (_!_)

    I’ll pass this message along, Ger.


    PS: Although, I will say that not all Europeans feel this way. To be fair, we mustn’t generalize, right?


  6. Sorry I’m taking so long to get back with comments. I’ve been buried in work, digging my way out after a trip to see my dad.
    Yea, what irony -how the fanatical Islamists can destroy our flag, burn the pope in effigy and cheer after 9/11 –great pictures by the way– the pictures do say it all. Then we come back with a slight slur in rebuttal and they are OUTRAGED.
    Nuts. That’s what they are. There are moderate Mulsims speaking out. But not many, as most fear for their lives. It’s still tough for me to wrap my wits around the phenomenon of a “Hitler” rising to power. It’s the blindness, the fear, and cowardice in good people who are afraid to fight back that allows the fiercely psychotic to have positions of power. We’ve got to start cultivating more courage. It’s tough being brave when your life is at stake. It’s just one of those catches though–you can’t be brave because you’re afraid, but you become brave only by by forcing yourself to be brave, despite your fears.
    ~ PG

    Yes, I agree. It is hard to be brave when you are afraid, especially then. I hope though that as you say, more courage is cultivated. Perhaps the pope will serve as an example.


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