Can You Say Rant?

I’m Pissed! (About things big & small and in no particular order)

(Warning, may contain mature language and unintelligible mutters)

I’m pissed that some people drive slow in the fast lane.

I’m pissed that the price on the shelf is not the price at the cash register

I’m pissed that every country in the world expects the U.S. to bail them out when they are in trouble but have no compunction about criticizing our every move, action, utterance.

I’m pissed that the people who are given the most, whine the loudest. (And I don’t mean people who earn what they have – I’m talking about takers who think you owe them something because they are pathetic)

I’m pissed that people don’t have the brains that God gave them.

I’m pissed that the ACLU defends people against the United States

I’m pissed that the same people who insist my taxes need to be raised give themselves a raise every year.

I’m pissed that there are so damned many mini malls.

I’m pissed that somebody else thinks they can decide if I can smoke, eat junk food, have health coverage, be able to keep my property, but don’t hold themselves up to the same scrutiny.

I’m pissed that there are some people out there who actually forward the idea that 911 was perpetrated by the government. And even more pissed that other people believe them.

I’m pissed that a foreign national illegally in my country can break a law that I would be sitting in jail for if I broke the same law.

I’m pissed that there are Jew haters in the world.

I’m pissed that some people think that killing non-believers will send them to heaven.

I’m pissed that my hair won’t do what I want it to.

I’m pissed that many Americans have forgotten September 11th and think we are to blame for what happened.

I’m pissed that Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and Jimmy Carter are shown more courtesy than the men and women fighting to maintain their freedom of speech.

I’m pissed that movies are stupid, make no sense, are littered with unintelligible political ‘message’ and I have to pay $10 to see the crap.

I’m pissed at all the conspiracy theorists in the world.

I’m pissed that people don’t have any common sense.

I’m pissed that people are more concerned with who is calling them on their cell phones than their children who are crawling around whatever restaraunt, theater or vehicle they happen to be in.

I’m pissed that celebrities are quoted when they voice their stupid-ass, uninformed opinions and reporters treat it like it’s news.

I’m pissed that some politicos are more interested in removing God from my life than protecting my country.

I’m pissed that people aren’t more pissed about this stuff.

And finally, I’m pissed because I didn’t know all this shit when I was 25.

Anybody else pissed? Feel free to join the rant! Rock on!


10 thoughts on “Can You Say Rant?

  1. Hi,

    Well you just said what I always say to my friends. World has become more dangerous now a days. People have become more selfish and all this pisses me off…

    I hear ya, Eka – people have become more self-absorbed and at least, seemingly less caring. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?



  2. Hey! I think I saw this on Dennis Miller one time!

    Dennis Miller is stealing my material? That dawg! LOL.



  3. Oh I could do my own post on what pisses me off but the one big one that I can’t stand is hypocrisy..the parents who yell at their kids “STOP YELLING” or the ‘friend’ who calls you for every thing thats wrong with their life but can’t take your calls when your having a bad day….there are so many things that piss me off, but hypocrisy is by far the worst.
    Cheers, Kelly

    I agree Kel, I can’t stand hypocrites. Makes my head want to explode. And I need the gray matter. LOL.



  4. I stay at in a constant state of pissed offness. It gives me a reason to live. And in a way that pisses me the fuck off.

    Life is but a circle my friend. 😉



  5. Man, you must have watched too much of The News today… that’s always enough to remind a person of everything that pisses them off! That one about the ACLU… grrr.
    I’m a (considerate) smoker – guess what pisses me off? :-/

    Here’s one: It pisses me off that Christmas is a Federal Holiday, but ALSO quickly becoming a ‘crime’… why do they think we all have the day off? Hello?? It’s called Christmas, not Winter-Acknowledgment Day.

    Hmm… I wasn’t particularly pissed off before I got here… 🙂 Hope writing it all down made you feel a little better!

    – D


    Ooops, didn’t mean to put you in a p/o’d mood. Sowwy. 😦

    But don’t it feel good to bitch? I’m lovin’ it. hehe



  6. I’m pissed that people are more concerned with who is calling them on their cell phones than their children who are crawling around whatever restaurant, theater or vehicle they happen to be in.
    People do this on the train and it drives me out of my mind.
    But it’s the Nextel phones that the homie’s use that upset me the most. Beep! BEEEP! (conversation& profanity) Beeep! Beeep!
    If I had a 44 Magnum on the train, I’d be writing this from a jail cell. (…cause prisoners shouldn’t be denied internet access! Uh-oh, there I go)
    With you on everything here, Annie. 100%.
    If you ran for office, I’d vote for ya.
    The world has gone mad…


    You know Mikey, you should do a ‘morning on the train’ post. After all the stories you’ve told me about it – I can see something really interesting coming out of that. Yep, the world has gone mad. Why is it so few people seem to notice?

    I wonder what would happen if people were forced to leave their cells and ipods at home for one whole day. Would they maybe look around to see what was happening? It’s something to think about.



  7. Need more people like you and Kinky Freidman (Running for Gov. of Texas)..
    And if you’d like you can have an email I own that websiteand have email accounts available

    LOL Ger, Kinky Freidman and me? Yowza.

    What’s the deal with getalifecindy? Did you start a blog that we don’t know about? Tell!



  8. No blogg just a site in the works… emails are available…my way of telling Cindy Sheehan enough…. GM’s answer to move on…..

    Far out Ger! Send me the link and I’ll add it to the blogroll. Did you hear she told some people in a Texas bookstore that she’s nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Wow, talk about lowering standards. :0



  9. As “they” say, btw who is “they” anyway”, tis better to be urinated off than urinated on. 🙂

    I am urinated off that one week vacations are just that….one week.

    I am urinated off that I gotta go back to earning “OBSCENE PROFITS” Monday.

    I am urinated off that I am so damn good looking instead of rich. I could then take longer vacations and not have to worry about making “OBSCENE PROFITS” to pay for the meager week Mrs. Squawk and I took.

    I am urinated off that on my way back from the OZARKS (15 hour drive) all I could get on the AM was college football and I could not listen to the baseball playoffs.

    I am urinated off that my well trained dog is now as spoiled as my daughters.
    /note to self….take dog with you in the future. you knew what would happen with your Mom and Dad baby sitting her.

    I am still urinated off that the Republicans did not have the gonads to impeach Bill Clinton when they had the chance.

    I am urinated off that I did not have the foresight to get writerchick and few of my other favorite bloggers to guest blog while I was gone.

    Now that I have reached my maxed height of urination I will bid fare thee well and adieu till next we meet again.

    Hey Squawky,

    That’s quite a good list. Now how do you make obscene profits, mine are only modest and I’d like to go for obscene.

    And I absolutely would have been happy to pinch hit for ya whilst you were out on vacation with Mrs. Squawk. Any time.


    PS: Welcome back!


  10. I’m with you 1000%!

    I’m pissed that people drive in the rain without their lights on for safety.

    You definitely have to watch out for those ‘stealth’ drivers, Lass. 😉



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