Dear Senator Kerry…

(photo of U.S. Troops expressing their gratitude for Kerry’s recent remarks)

Dear Senator Kerry,

I wanted to thank you for your earnest statements at Pasadena City College the other day. Imagine my surprise to discover that only the lazy, non-homework-doing idiots of our society serve in the armed forces. To say I was shocked doesn’t begin to describe my amazement. And of course, it goes without saying that those of us who support these poor excuses for dna are even bigger idiots.

Now, I know you’ve been getting lots of heat for this harmless and totally true statement. And that because of that you are telling people that you were making a bad joke about President Bush. Because after all, a guy who had better grades than you, was elected to office twice, can fly a fighter jet and has kept this country safe for the last five and a half years certainly deserves to be insulted publicly.

And then there are the evil Republicans who are trying to frame you for your own words. Jeez, what’s up with those people? I mean who can believe a bunch of people who believe in God, are against killing unborn babies, expect people to be accountable for their own actions, want taxpayers to keep more of their paychecks, thwart terrorists, liberate others from tyranny, give billions of dollars to AIDS research, create the Environmental Protection Agency, end slavery and win the Cold War? How dare they not believe you when you say you didn’t mean what you said when you said it and that you now mean something completely and totally different.

Well, I for one want to applaud you. I for one, want to thank you. I for one, want to encourage to continue doing what you are doing. With any luck you will repeat the history of 2004 and lose the shooting match once again for your party.

God Bless!


7 thoughts on “Dear Senator Kerry…

  1. He’s king of the fucktards. It must be nice to be king.

    Well he voted himself King before he voted against it and it was too late to vote himself president because the polls were closed – so the only title left, yes, is king of the fucktards. ‘)



  2. Yow, there goes WC venting a spleen again, and I’m right there with you girl! I understand how Bush was rightfully held responsible for Katrina, how his not actually serving in Vietnam excused Kerry’s treason, even how he is somehow to blame for the bizzare STD that’s killing Clinton, but how W could get his arm up Kerry’s dummy ass when he was right here in Georgia – that’s a trick I wanna learn!

    Well apparently, simply by breathing W gets his hand up Kerry’s ass. Go figure. Of course he stuffs both feet in his mouth on his own. hehe



  3. John “Edjumacation” Kerry’s motto:
    Open mouth, insert feet.
    God, what great hair though, huh?


    The best that money can buy, I suspect (the hair I mean). 😉


  4. Earlier in the speech he was saying what a great Team of Senators we have here in MA in him and Teddy Boy Kennedy…makes me sick I did not cast my votes for either… and they don’t have my support..
    Then we also have the late Studds and Barney Frank…aren’t we the lucky bunch…I appologize to the rest of The United States for the morons this State keeps electing… God Help US..

    Perhaps at their next opportunity, the good peple of MA can send the cad packing.


  5. Is there a place we can add our names to your letter, or is it just from you? 🙂 Actually, there wouldn’t be enough room for everyone who would want to sign on!

    The man is from another planet, WC… he just doesn’t get it…

    ~ D

    LOL Deb. Yeah, sure sign on, no problem. I didn’t realize there’d be a line forming for this one.

    You know, I think he does get it – meaning that he meant to disrespect the troops and make those students feel the same way. What he doesn’t get is that we aren’t stupid enough to agree with him. So much for his idiot theory. I guess that’s the problem with malignant narcissists…they have no concept of other’s points of view.



  6. Kerry’s insult to the literacy level of our troops certainly rivaled Howard Dean’s rantings a few years ago. My God what a pair! Nice timing for election day, you’re right about that! Who needs to campaign? Just send Kerry out to offend everyone.

    ~ PG

    Yes, apparently John Kerry is Karl Rove’s secret weapon. Can you say ‘Republican Rage?’ LOL.



  7. Well put! It’s not easy to be a Conservative these days, thanks largely to a President whose heart, I believe, is in the right place, but is, to be frank, a bit of a bonehead.

    Sounds like the makings of a country song. Oh Lord it’s hard to be conservative…when you’re perfect in every way…hehehe.

    I disagree about Bush though. I don’t think he’s a bonehead. I think he is refreshingly unaffected – and I find his gaffs and misunderestimations endearing.



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