Dead Man Running…


I think this is a most appropriate way to end this week of election drama. Now, apparently not only can dead people vote but they can get elected to office without people realizing they are dead.

 But you have to wonder, didn’t the voters notice the podium was empty when the time came for the victory speech?

And how does a dead man win a landslide victory? So much for the concept that the voters have become more discerning. I’m all for change but this is a little extreme. LOL.


6 thoughts on “Dead Man Running…

  1. This is actually a bit more sinister than it appears. Evidently election and officials and the Democratic party knew he was dead, but intentionally misled the voters by saying nothing. Now they get to APPOINT someone to that position. How convenient. Scoundrels.

    Yes, it would seem so. It seems the Dem fun has already begun. But you gotta love the picture, eh? 😉


  2. That was pretty low down and dirty. Yea, “Dead Man Running”–I love that picture though. It’s definitely a crack up.
    It makes no sense to me that the Democrats get to choose someone to replace the dead candidate. That makes the assumption that people just vote for the party instead of the candidate running and his communicated views. Many people vote candidate, not party. Slimey bastards! What a crock!
    ~ PG

    Well I think that is the consensus among Dems, isn’t it? That the party comes first? Not the candidate? This seems a prime example of that kind of thinking.

    What I’m wondering is where is the outrage from the public? And why is it the press can report on this but seemed to have gone missing when the guy running died? The city editors all out for doughnuts and coffee when this came through?


  3. I saw this and thought it was hysterical. Would never happen here in Aussies, the elections are run akin to Idol and Big Brother, if people know your name you are in with a chance, dead people need not apply…

    What I don’t get is how do you keep the fact that a candidate (very popular from all accounts) has died during an election? One would have to summize that the media kept this fact from the public. If I were one of this guy’s constituents I’d be screaming cover up.


  4. This happened in an election in Texas as well. The party didn’t have time to do a new run off so they went ahead and ran the dead guy on hopes that he would win anyway and could fill the seat with a party member by appointment.

    Isn’t there some sort of law or rule against this or something? I mean cripes, we could run 100 dead candidates and have them win and just appoint whomever we liked if there isn’t (at least in theory). At this point I wish we’d thrown everybody out and started new. Wish I could support term limits – it’s times like these that make them sound so appealing.



  5. No wonder Ted Kennedy keeps winning here in MA
    When the time comes here they’ll probably leave his name on the ballot after he kicks the perverbial

    Now that would be a feat – hiding a coffin THAT big. 😉


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