Dream on Dreamer

Dream on Dreamer
Broken dreams have I
Pasting them together
with no reason why
Scattered out before me
they shine like
broken glass
Why I keep on trying
I dare not even ask.

Why I keep on hoping
that the day will come
that what I have created
will known to some

Why I keep on looking
for days of brighter light
why I continue in this
fleeting, lonely plight

Dream on Dreamer
Illusive dreams have I
and when I reach for them
they take off for the sky

I wonder what I’m doing
and wonder what it matters
and if my broken dreams
will rend my life to shatters.

copyright 2006

7 thoughts on “Dream on Dreamer

  1. Dreams are like most things in life…without the downside we don’t appreciate the upside…broken dreams define us as much as those we achieve….nicely written WC

    Perhaps more so, eh Kel? Sometimes I think we get more inspiration from our pain than from our happiness. I don’t know why though.


  2. Hope, too, comes from dreams that have been shattered. It is the prickly shards that drive us to press on and become what the Master intended.

    So true, wise Squawky you.


  3. Beautifully written. I haven’t given up on my dreams yet.

    Hey Lass, long time no see. Thanks. I haven’t given up on mine either. This was an old poem that I wrote during one of those self examination moments. 😉


  4. Beautiful Poem: Life ends when you stop dreaming, Hope ends when you stop believing and Love ends when you stop caring. So Dream, Hope and Love..Life is beautiful…
    I agree – life does end with our dreams ending.


  5. yeah true, No Hope No Dream then of course their is no Life….

    LOL – I guess I should have thought before I posted this poem. I think people are getting the idea I’m suicidal today or something. It’s just a poem I wrote a long time ago that I happen to like – to me it epitomizes the frustration of being a dreamer (artist) in a non-dreamy world.


  6. Ah na na I loved the poem no wrong ideas…I live in Dreams..:)

    LOL – I know. I just was thinking after reading some of the comments that folks thought I was depressed or something. LOL. Even if I were, I’d just write something else. Writing is my cure-all drug, you see. 😉


  7. John Cleese of Monty Python fame once said during an interview that much of his humour came from internal pain. He went on to say that he finally sought therapy, felt a lot better as a human being, but found it a lot more difficult to be funny. Most great artists are tortured souls.

    LOL! I’m not sure if you are telling me I’m not funny or that I’m a great artist because I am a tortured soul. Given the choice I guess I’d go for great artist though. 😉


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