A Christmas Surprise – 12 days of xmas #2


In a different house a few years later, when I was about 6 my brother Alan and my sister Kathy and I would wake even before the first light on Christmas morning. Apparently it was a habit by then because our parents were used to it and gave up trying to keep us in bed. But this particular Christmas when we got up and started ripping open packages and squealing they called down for us to take it to the basement. Not as bad as it sounds, as the basement was refinished and was a fun place to be.

So, like little soldiers, we grabbed our loot and made our way down to the basement. We argued and played and laughed. But then we heard a sound. It seemed to be coming from the laundry room. It sounded like a baby or something. So we, en masse moved toward the laundry room a little afraid and a little excited. It was dark and none of us were tall enough to reach the light switch so we stood like a little frozen statues and listened.

Why yes indeed, there was a little crying going on and it came from a box in the corner. We looked at each other and squealed like little baby pigs because we all KNEW what that sound was. We seemed to transport to the box across the room and lifted the flap. A puppy! A beautiful gray and black, little German Shepard puppy!

We carried the box to the rec room and oohed and ahed. I’m not sure but I think I managed to get her into my arms before the other kids could even think of it. Her fur was like velvet and she licked my nose. There isn’t anything in the world that a kid loves more than to have a puppy lick their face. She had that wonderful, sweet puppy smell and the tiniest little bark which would send us into a choir of giggles.

Somehow, Dad had managed to sneak down to the basement without our seeing or hearing him. And we might never have noticed him it if weren’t for all those blaring lights off his home movie camera – do you remember those? The kind that could now classify as headlights for a compact car?

We danced and mugged for the camera. Put her down on the floor and got her to chase after us and bark her adorable bark, wag her little tail. I loved this puppy like I never loved anything before. I wanted her to be all mine but I knew she was ours. (I was so bossy even as a little kid – duh!)

“What’s her name, Daddy?” I asked.

“Queeny,” he said without hesitation.

I grinned from ear to ear because I remembered. Our first dog was named Queenie and it seemed so fitting that our new puppy would continue to carry the mantle of that wonderful name.

Of course, Queenie promptly peed and pooped on the tile floor and we had our first Christmas joy of cleaning up after her. Eeeeooooowww, we all said, our noses wrinkling in horror. But who could mind really when you had the best Christmas present ever?

I remember later in the day my dad taking Queenie out in the backyard, immediately beginning the house training – and watching the tiny little fuzzball trot along behind my dad, the snow practically swallowing her up so that all you saw was a bobbing head and waggy tail.

And my heart swelled up because I knew it was Dad who had campaigned for the dog in our behalf – Mom wasn’t so hot on pets at the time, the mess, the work, the feeding, etc. And I knew he probably had to campaign hard and long for her to say yes. I just hope that she felt it was worth it after seeing the joy in her children’s faces and hearts. I know I sure thought so.


10 thoughts on “A Christmas Surprise – 12 days of xmas #2

  1. How sweet! Nothing like a Christmas puppy and those little german shepards are just the cutest!

    I’m enjoying your memories my dear!


    Hey Sweet Pea – I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories, I’m enjoying writing about them. Thanks.


  2. yeah the whole “pet” thing is a sore subject with me. When i was little and (before the breakup) we had a dog named duchess-I don’t know which parent “wanted” or didn’t want the dog, but I know that i went with mom to pick her up, well, i think we had her about 6 months-all she did was hide under the couch and dig up mom’s rose bushes and then they split, so duchess was given to someone, and even though through many years I campaigned and campaigned hard for a dog, it never developed. I had a cat for about 6 months (until we moved and where we were moving too didn’t allow pets, so i had to give him up too) Now i’m an adult and I know that i could get a pet, but financially i just don’t feel like I should, but let me tell you (when my debts are paid-i think a doggie is in my future) shooting for 2008, wish me luck!!

    Peace & Merry X-Mas

    Aw…don’t wait. They really don’t cost that much and they give so much back in return it’s worth it.


  3. that is a great story. i never got a puppy for christmas but i did get one when i was young and i just loved it! what a wonderful gift!

    You’re right reggie, puppies are the best gifts ever. Especially when you’re a child.


  4. … headlights for a compact car?
    hahahaaaa, U’r killin me…

    I luv’d christmas as a child… so many memories!
    I never received a pet before, but my favorite present was when I was 13, my dad, Oops! I mean Santa brang me a commerical cotton-candy maker! Whoooo! I had it going on!
    ‘ ]

    LOL SB – no wonder you’re so bouncy! 😉 I can imagine the shape I’d be in if I’d have had my own cotton candy maker. But we did have our own pinball machine. That was a blast.


  5. All dog lovers go to heaven.

    Well if that’s the case, then I’m really a lucky girl. I love dogs sooooo much it’s embarrassing. 😉


  6. There is nothing so precious as the delight a child and puppy can bring to each other 🙂

    Or even an adult. I’m still just as much of a sucker for little cute puppy as I was when I was a child. They are the best, especially when it’s a surprise.


  7. That has got to be the best Christmas story ever!

    Melting all over the place here!

    I know! Me too! It was so very long ago but whenever I think of it I just get all gooey and warm and fuzzy. The picture isn’t exactly what she looked like but pretty close. Just a little ball of fuzz and fur – I can actually still recall her puppy smell. Like perfume to a child I guess.


  8. Awwww, noice story.
    What a pic, too.
    Queenie sounds like she could bowwow the hell out of any holiday.
    And, oh, the new puppy smell.
    They should make an air freshener with just that scent.
    Your Dad rocked. Period.

    Yeah, it was noice, huh? Queenie was a dream, so sweet and gentle. And my dad, he was the best!


  9. Awww… what a cute puppy!

    When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to own a dog; a small furry one. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn’t let me. 😦

    Aw, poor Em. I know what you mean, my Ma was not big on the pets. She was a tough customer to sell on such ideas. But I’ve always had pets since I’ve been on my own. Couldn’t imagine life without them.


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