Burn in Hell Saddam

May he burn in the fires of Hell for all eternity. Saddam is dead. And may this be the end of rape rooms, mass graves, mass murder and genocide in Iraq.

Read it here.

Although there are many more monsters in the world – I can still be thankful that this monster is gone. Amen.


8 thoughts on “Burn in Hell Saddam

  1. Before I clicked on your link I thought, I know what I’m going to see. You didn’t let me down.
    The world is a better place without this slimebag.
    Too bad they chose to hang him. From what I understand there’s not much pain and death is swift. He deserved much worse than that.
    I was thinking of stuffing his body cavity with Liquid Plumber and sealing him up (while he’s still awake)
    I’ll continue to scan the net for pics. That would be worthy of a deathpost.
    Happy New Year, kiddo.

    I kept the radio on until they confirmed that waste of space was dead. I agree that hanging was too good for him. But it just shows how civilized we are as opposed to what he actually deserved. He is facing God now, I’m sure he’ll be suffering for quite a while.


  2. I figured you’d be celebrating the death of Saddam today too. To suffer while burning in hell requires some cognizance of the horrors you have committed. I pray that Saddam gets a glimpse of his atrocities and the miserable excuse for a human being that he was. He should be forced to see what he has done and to know it was wrong. Only then will he truly suffer for his deeds, and in his case, the suffering will be immense.

    Settlting the score with that slime of a man is a good way to end 2006. Now onto the new year!
    See ya at Zelda’s for the New Year’s Eve get-together.

    ~ PG

    PG – yeah you’ve got a point – he’d have to comprehend his own horrible acts to truly learn a lesson. But maybe there is some sort of Pavlov Dog suffering that could be set upon him. I suppose celebrating someone’s death is a little on the tacky side – but I can celebrate that there is one less oppressor extraordinaire in the world. That Iraqi’s (and anyone else who had the misfortune to encounter him) will no longer have to fear that he will try to crush them beneath his boot heel again.

    There are those who would argue that there are always more Saddams – that another monster will emerge to take his place. And there is some truth in that. However, it may give the next one pause – he will have to consider that he too could come to Saddam’s end.

    More than anything though – it is the proverbial head on a pike. It’s an in-your-face move that shows though who seek to oppress (by using God, no less) are not going to sail through without opposition and a fight. And in my mind that is a good thing. In the end, Saddam was like the Wizard of Oz – a little man behind a curtain and some smoke and mirrors. I will always think of him as that pathetic figure whom they pulled out of the spider hole. A fitting image for a creature such as he.

    Yep, onto the celebrations now. See ya at Zelda’s.



  3. I was up shooting my gun in the air in celebration
    I watched Fox News Channel all night they showed most of it except for him droppinh through the trap door but the necktie suited him well. The lastest pics I saw were of him in a body bag with just his head showing……….

    You know Ger, I had a feeling you were celebrating this one pretty good. Thanks for the link too. I knew you’d come through for me. Ding dong the witch is dead!!!! Praise God and the Iraqi government.


  4. Amen to that. But you gotta appreciate the mans sense of humor even when he was facing death in the face, when he said he was dying a “martyr”.

    His death is a major middle finger insult to the extremists. They would now think twice before fucking with the rest of the world.

    You’re right Slim, the irony of this man’s thinking is pretty humourous. What a putz!

    And hopefully it will give others pause about messing with the rest of us.



  5. Perfect timing!! Here’s to 2007 with one less insane criminal!

    Yes, here, here! And also too, whoever, whatever his sphere of influence was. Think of all the hatred that Hitler inspired in otherwise normal people – if Saddam did half that much damage, perhaps some sanity will return to others who were swept along with his maniacal fantasies.



  6. I think its a crying shame they chose to execute him…..he should have be made to suffer as those he tortured, suffered! The shame, humilation,degradation and pain of a lifetime in prison amongst some of the folks whose lives and families were at his mercy would have given much more satisfaction. He was already begining to show the signs of a crumbling old man, imagine seeing a picture of him year after year, growing steadily older & weaker, trapped like a caged animal.

    Bitter? Me?? Not much….

    Hey Sweetie,
    That seems to be the consensus – he got much better than he gave. I could have lived with some serious torture of him before the hanging – but it wasn’t our choice – it was the Iraqis who decided and it was their right to do so. I think a lot of them are celebrating tonight – i for one am happy for them and hope this is the beginning of a new era for them all.


  7. WC,
    I have been seriously praying to God about this tyrant in my rosary prayers. I have been praying to our good Lord to bring divine justice to the world.

    I was reading on the Web that before he stepped onto the platform (to be hung), an Iraqi told him: you have caused misery and oppression to the people of Iraq. His response was: Iraq is nothing without me. He was defiant and unrepentant to the end.

    I also saw on the discovery channel a special about his life story. I’d have to say he that he is Satan’s treasure! He epitomizes evil to the core. Psychologists on the special stated that he has ‘malignant narcissim’. He was a sociopath in power that would kill for anything that was a threat to his power:

    Even to the very end, to his deathbed, he has it in his head that he was a martyr and a savior. Well, my final message to you Saddam is: BURN IN HELL WITH YOUR 40 VIRGINS!

    Lady, I believe many of us were praying about this monster. Can you imagine if the United States made it a crime to speak against the president? The liberals would be out of their minds over this one. And yes a mal-nar (malignant narcissist) is completely without conscience and will not repent. I have a feeling the virgins he encounters won’t be what he thinks they will be. Although, we could look at it altruistically and consider now that his soul has been freed from the evil he has done – if it ever returns to earth he may be a freedom fighter next time around. It could happen. Thanks for your thoughtful comments and please feel free to come back again and have a very Happy New Year.


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