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Usually the end of the year is a pretty fun time for me. I love the holidays and the cooking and the eating and the laughing and all around making jolly stuff. A week of happy absent-mindedness follows and then the new year sort of mosies on in – like a new pair of comfy slippers you slide into. Then I start the traditional de-cluge and start chucking accumulated junk, clothes that don’t fit or I never wear, knick knacks that are weird, old socks, dustballs, furballs, this, that and so on. The purge feels good, and it goes nicely with the taking down the tree and putting away all the Christmas stuff routine. Then I start to make plans – what do I want to accomplish in the new year? What do I want to try? Who do I want to meet? Where do I want to go? Stuff like that.

However, this year has not been like that. It kicked off in a sort of rocky fashion and really it’s been rough waters for pretty much the whole ride. It started off asking for a raise and getting a token one – big disappointment but I managed to live with it. Constant attempts at diets that just didn’t go anywhere but the back of my mind to nag me. A lot of shifts in relationships – some good, some bad. A lot of the ‘usual’ activities carried on with my friends didn’t happen. We saw less of each other – busy lives, other things and responsibilities to attend to, shit happens. Roomie was laid off and even though it didn’t happen to me, I still felt the sting of it in a thousand different, tiny little ways – and I even got a bit depressed about it. Zelda, my usual comrade in adventure was otherwise engaged between work and caring for a friend who had suddenly taken ill. The company I work for started to tumble and is tumbling still – which may not seem like a big deal to many but I’d worked very hard to market the company and get its revenue up and had succeeded (hence the request for a raise) and then it all went to shit. I honestly don’t know where we’re going from here. The little voice tells me to get another job – and perhaps that is what will happen – but when you invest that much effort and creativity in something it hurts to see it go by the wayside.

I also started blogging. At a friend’s urging. I didn’t think I’d like it and was surprised to discover I did – and how. There were times, honestly, no lie, when the only thing I had to look forward to was blogging. To see comments from readers, to see my hit stats increasing and increasing. In a strange way, it got me through some very depressed moments. For that, I thank you, Michael and you, readers. Obviously, I couldn’t have done it without you and no matter what happens in the future it’s been a helluva ride and a delight by and large.

The other byproduct of this year is that I find I’ve been doing a lot more thinking that I usually do – I suppose part of it is because of the blogging because you’re always looking at what you’re going to post next – you’re more engaged in the thought process of life I suppose because of it. But it was also what has been happening in the world this last year – politically speaking, it’s been brutal to the point that I can sometimes barely stand to read any news. So much hatred and vitriole spewed this way and that. So much stupidity and lack of care from people in general. Efforts to essentially outlaw religion, rename Christmas and turn our government into the evil, maniacal machine – whilst fellows like Chavez for example is some great humanitarian. Turns my stomach. And made me seriously worry about what will happen to our world if we don’t wake up and do something.

So, I’d have to say this year has been a mixed bag and the new year coming seems to be a mystery bag in the making. I don’t know the course the ship is going to take – but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe if I let the ship guide me the adventure will be a delightful surprise. I sure hope so.

Happy New Year everybody. It’s been a pleasure meeting and knowing every one of you. I thank you for the pleasure of your company, your comments, your insights and your humor. A completely unanticipated but much appreciated gift.

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. And thank you. I have appreciated the opportunity to ‘get to know each other’ through the blog….when distance gets in the way…BLOG IT!
    I hope for you what I hope for myself…a new year full of hope and promise.

    Aw Billie, what a sweet thing to say. And yeah, it is cool that we can stay in touch this way and sort of keep track of what’s happening. I wish for you the same – everything that is good, fun, happy and filled with SOUL. hehe.


  2. Hey there WC, a heart felt Happy New Year your way, but more than happy, a fullfilling one. Sorry to hear about the rough spots.
    Re the blogging, I hear you, and you’re not alone. No worries, we’ll find a way to have this blogging make us filthy rich so that we and people like us don’t have to rely on work to pay us raises…. 🙂 .

    Hey GMT! The same to you and many of them.

    LOL, I like your philosophy. I wonder if we could get filthy rich from blogging. It’s a nice thought to consider.



  3. I’m also glad that you started blogging. I always enjoy your posts. One never knows quite what to expect.

    Well Fuzzy, you have the special distinction in my mind of being my first reader and fan (is that too arrogant?). And for that you will always have a special place in my heart. Glad to hear I always keep you on your toes. You of course, are the master of such things. Happy New Year, hon.


  4. I’m with you on the year in general.
    I had to smile at the blogging comments because I feel much the same way. The bottom line is that the blogosphere is much better off with you in it.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this. And yes, there are days when all I look forward to is changing my template or responding to some nice comments and mybe that’s not so bad after all.
    Happy New Year, kiddo.
    Can’t wait to see what you have in the bag marked ‘2007’
    be safe, be well…


    Hey Mikey,
    I’m not sure the blogosphere is better with me in it – but it is stuck with me, at least for a while. 😉

    Yes the new bag that will be 2007 could be something…or not. Too soon to tell. But like K2 said, I guess I’ll just tighten my seatbelt and look forward to the ride.


  5. Mixed bag. Yep. Totally understand.

    I have a theory though… If we were just “along for the ride” we’d hardly notice the ups and downs. Or at least take them very seriously.

    When we try to make a difference, put a little order in… the rumble technology and the surround sound kicks in and suddenly we wish we had strapped our seatbelts on a little tighter.

    The artists of this world are the grassroots of making a difference.

    And maybe making a difference wasn’t even the intent but, when a communication is delivered and it is of a quality that makes someone feel, makes someone understand, gets them to laugh, cry, sing, or even fume, a difference has been made. That someone is more awake, more alive, and more connected to life.

    And that much closer to tightening their seatbelts and joining the ride.

    So, to you Writer Chick, and to all the rest of you of this community of artists that have made me laugh, cry, fume, and feel (while my body wakes up with coffee in the morning)…

    Thank You for making 2006 so much more fun!

    White knuckles showing already for 2007! 😉

    Wow K2 what a great way of looking at it. Methinks you could have a bit of the blogger in you. Perhaps you could come out and play and start your own? We’d all come over and chat and drink coffee and have a grand ol’ time.
    LOL. Have I scared you yet? Happy New Year, my dear friend. Only the best for you.


  6. I know what you mean about the mixed bag. On the whole, during this past year I’ve been fortunate in that my bag has been mixed with more good than in previous years. Things have started looking better for a few people that are very close to me and that has made all the difference for me as well. I hope things take a turn for you with your job and that the business pulls itself up by its bootstraps.

    Your blog has been a delight and I savor the moments I can steal away to pay a visit, read your musings and “amusings”, share your insights, laugh at your humor and see the life you are bring to all those who connect with your blog. It’s all good!

    Also in winding up 2006, I want to thank you so much for your encouragement that got me started on my own blog. If it weren’t for you, I never would have started one. While I haven’t been able to find the time to create it as much as I would like, it has provided a great relief valve for me and the situation I face with my father.
    Thank you so much for that. It has been a wonderful gift.

    Happy New Year dear friend, and the best to you for 2007!

    ~ PG
    PG, I’m so glad you did start the blog – you’re so good at it and I can see how others really relate to your stories about Jack. That it is helping you as a relief valve is fantastic. I’m happy that I could help in any way to bring that about – albeit a small one.

    And I really appreciate the time you take to read and comment and how thoughtful and sometimes thought-provoking your comments are. I know how busy you are and I’m touched you would take so much time with it.

    Happy New Year to you dear friend – soon we’ll be unburdening Zelda of her leftovers [don’t forget the Prilosec 😉 ]
    and laughing about all the stupid stuff we can think of -yay! Free food!



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