The Blog Gods Are Angry!#$%@&*!

First of all let me just say this is all Bill Gates’ fault! The dawg!

Okay, I’ve been blogging for a little while now- I think I’ve learned the ropes more or less. Know how not to crash my hard-drive, or blow up my computer, can’t write code but sort kinda know what it is, right? Right. Got a photobucket account, just like my mentor told me to – learned how to download pics so they don’t look like you’ve just had a hit of acid or something. Can tag surf, check my comments, response to readers in bold, add links and blah, blah, blah. Right?

So suffice to say that given the glorious ease that WordPress gives you in blogging – I can function within the normal confines of blogging. I’m not a blackbelt or anything – but I know my way around the ol’ blogosphere. And yet….

In my adventures as a blogger I have had to actually shut down a blog and reopen it under a different name because one day I just couldn’t add categories to my posts. For you layman out there, those are ‘tags’ ‘keywords’ that people use to find subject matter on the net. I tried and tried. But there was clearly no way to trick the system – even tech support was baffled. So – okay, no big deal transfer the blog over and start again.

Then I’ve had posts just disappear. Now you see it now you don’t. Again, some sort of glitch in the cyber universe, as I’ve commiserated with others whose posts have vaporized as well.

I’ve had code that simply refused to be deleted and finally won because after two hours you just say uncle. Which resulted in half the post being in one font and the other half in another.

I’ve had regular readers end up in the spam box, rather than having their comments posted and spammers doing pingbacks, making nonsequitor posts and happily running down the halls, spraying graffitti everywhere.

Not long ago, I added a bright new blogger to my blogroll. He’s bright, funny and a pleasure to read. And I thought, what the heck, I like this guy and I’m linking him. No problem, right? Well the weird thing is that whenever I click on the link I get redirected to some weird admin link and one of those insipid messages that says basically ‘screw you, you’re not getting in.’ I’ve recently discovered that if I’m logged out I can sometimes actually access his page. Sigh. So, I’m trying Chris.

Then today – well I had this cute little post all set up about snow in L.A. and a great little vid to go with it. But nope, wasn’t going to happen. The last two hours have been chewed up trying to make it work and it just goes into download hell and never arrives.

Poor tech support, I’ve emailed them so much lately that surely I’m in their permanent spam list – and pain in the ass file. And who could blame them? I feel like that little old lady who is always bringing stuff back to the store insisting it doesn’t work but of course it works for everyone else.

So, now I’m sure of it. It is simply the Great Blog Gods in the sky. They are pissed at me. They are making me pay. They got an email from Bill Gates telling them I refuse to download yet another version of his piece-of-shit IE browser and they are conspiring against me. They’re all up there smoking cigars, counting their money, drinking beers and laughing their asses off. Trying to figure out how else they can screw with me. The rat bastards!

Well, I will not relent! I will not download that hideous browser. They can torment me all they like. I still refuse to be herded like cows into their mindless one-world order composed of all of those who must obey! (Can you hear the trumpets now?)

Give me liberty or screw you! I have not yet begun to bitch! I will prevail!

Phew…I feel better now. Have a nice day. πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “The Blog Gods Are Angry!#$%@&*!

  1. Do not give in!

    I recently downloaded Firefox here at work (shh . . . ) and it works like a charm.

    So throw away the memory whore that is Explorer (I remember you mentioning something about hard drive space). It’s caused me more headaches than I can mention too.

    Then, after you’ve done it and worked out all the bugs, let me know how it went and I’ll try it at home too.

    I dare ya. Double dog dare ya.

    Jeesh! I’m always the one who has to brave strange, new worlds around here. Nice Chris, you’ll let me twy it out, work out all dah bugs and then report back? Good one! LOL! πŸ˜‰


  2. Obviously you aren’t making enough blog sacrifices.

    Good point, DT! Now, what are we talking about here? A vestial virgin or a package of hotdogs? πŸ˜‰


  3. Sheesh, the force is strong in you WC.

    It’s not often a person can resist the jedi mind trick. But you caught me.


    Well . . . noted. Won’t try that one on you again any time soon.

    Take it easy WC! May the force be with you . . .

    Hey I don’t have a light sword for nothin’ πŸ˜‰ If the force were with me then I could blog without even turning on the computer. hehe.


  4. I’m telling you…it is the damn “Corporation”.
    /Cue Twilight Zone Music

    There is some guy or gal being paid to watch you blog. At just the right time he flips a switch and BANG you are hosed. Happens to me all the time. And yes Bill Gates is part of the “Corporation”.
    /Dunh dunh dunh Dahhhhh!!!!!!!!

    I, like you, refused to download yet another browser. I was not going to succumb to the “Corporation”. I had a plan to foil their attempts to hose me yet again. I bought a MAC. Muhwahahahaha I got em now.

    Remember the guy with the switch. He had other plans. I logged into a website that I HAVE USE for business and that clown flipped the switch. I had to use Internet Explorer to navigate on the site. Now I am out the cash for a Mac and still had to IE.


    I’m telling you it is a conspiracy. The guy with the switch gets paid a flat fee and makes bonus when his actions cause us to react negatively. He paid his kids way through college on me. In fact he made a rare $1000 bonus when I threw my stero out the second floor of my house. But that is another story.
    /Cue Rod Serling
    /Fade to black.

    Ain’t that the fricking truth, Squawk? You nailed it. Those bastards! We’ll get them though – we’ll come up with some new snazzy anti-Gates radar shield or sumpton! LOL.


  5. screw IE and microsoft…I been telling you for months girl GET BLOODY FIREFOX!!! It doesn’t take up that much memory and uses less resources when it is running and in order to make space for it go into your control panel, add/remove programs and click on the windows components bits….i’m sure there are things in there you don’t need that are automatically installed…like windows messenger and and all the games and fax service and goddam it shits me the crap they put on without you knowing!!

    OMG, I’m gonna breathe now, email me WHEN you need help to move over to the dark side….trust me ok, the coffee and cookies are so much better over here!

    Yes dear – I do believe you. But I did check the requirements/recommendations on what I need to download firefox and I need more memory. Which is the shits cuz I can’t do it myself – I have to break down my computer, drag it to a shop and likely be without it for 1-3 days have someone install it. Yes, yes, I know I could go to a store and buy and install it myself – blah blah – but not gonna happen – I have no idea to do such t hings and I don’t trust any of my friends to do it – so there you go. Coffee and cookies, eh? What flavor? πŸ˜‰


  6. Have you thought about opera? it takes even less than firefox!!!! Surely there is a way round this??!!!

    Coffee: Whatever is around, usually something nutty πŸ™‚
    Cookies: Choc Chip of course!


    Never heard of Opera – what’s that?

    Mmm, nutty coffee and chippy cookies – my favorites! πŸ˜‰ Let’s have a picnic – I made homemade chicken soup tonight, I’ll bring that and some yummy bread – you bring the cookies and coffee! πŸ˜‰


  7. Well, have to say, as much as I hate you having blogging problems, I am somewhat relieved that my latest battles are not ones fought by myself. I have a post written and ready to go about my GGG Grandfather that whenever I do publish it, won’t show the photo. I’ve lost comments on the way to being saved and the whole code thing – don’t get me started…….
    Trouble is, whenever I speak to my friend whose a whiz, it seems that I did something wrong….. don’t feel as blonde anymore thanks to you WC. Thanks for this post and may the Gods turn their anger to somebody else.

    Hey GMT, how did you know I was a blond? πŸ˜‰ Yes, please let the blog gods go after someone else. I still can’t post vids. Cripes! It’s always something I guess.


  8. At least your not on blogger. Damn, have they been sucking it up lately.

    True…somebody else was telling me how bad blogger was sucking lately. Well, there’s always good ol’ wordpress to come to. πŸ˜‰


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