Seattle Gets It Right – Stop Algore’s…

In what has to be a first – a school district in the Seattle area has refused to show Algore’s travesty an inconvenient truth(lie) after several parents protested.

Memorable quotes:

We have to ensure that our schools are not being used to politically indoctrinate anyone,” said board member Dave Larson, who with Barney and board member Charlie Hoff voted Tuesday for the requirements.


The National Science Teachers Association turned down an offer from the film’s producers for 50,000 free DVDs for classroom use. The association said it didn’t want to be seen as politically endorsing the film or open itself to requests from other special interests.

You can read the whole article here.

I say, congrats to all those fast-thinking parents out there. In this day and age, children are being sold a bill of goods by being shown movies and having it inferred they are seeing fact. Movies always were and always are fantasy. If you don’t believe me, work in the movie business for a few weeks then you’ll see how easy it is to turn fiction into fact.

And just for those of you who think I am in denial about global warming, think again. Global Warming (climate change) has been around since the beginning of the planet. What I reject is the insistence that the climate changes are man-made (at least to the degree claimed). The changes postulated from man-made global warming defy logic and rational thinking. To think that in what – a 100 years man could have doomed the planet to extinction? If so, why did dinosaurs become extinct? Fred Flintstone vehicles – the suv of the caveman? Puleeze.

Okay, shutting up now – don’t really want to get into a raging debate.


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  1. At least someone in my neck of the woods has a brain. Whew!

    Yeah. The truth is, they shouldn’t be using films as some sort of textbook. If teachers want to teach about global warming issues, then I think it is their responsibility to present actual data, facts, studies, etc. so that students can assimilate the information and come to their own conclusions about things. Stuffing crap like this down kids’ throats and letting them believe it’s irrefutable fact is a travesty.


  2. Granted climate change has been around since the earth was (pick one: 4.5 billion years or 10,000 years) old. So no, I don’t think climate change is caused by the ‘global warming’ phenomenon. I DO however, believe that we are having a negative ecologic impact that is increasing the rate at which climate change occurs.

    My understanding is that climate change & global warming are being used interchangebly. Okay – sure, I believe bad enviornmental practice does impact the planet – but again, not to the degree that is being touted. Also, in the last 30 years we’ve regulated the hell out of the planet at least in the civilized world – so why is getting worse? It should be improving, shouldn’t it? Also the problem with many of these studies is that they are using incomplete data – they are only using data for the last 100 years – not the history of the planet. If you want to actually measure something like that you have to use all the information or you’re bound to get the wrong answer. It’s like adding up 10 out of 20 numbers and expecting to get the right total.

    Besides all this, 20 years ago they were talking about global freezing – our time table was 20 years. I don’t see the planet being covered with ice. Do you see my problem with this?

    Like I said, I doubt deny the existence of the condition – I just don’t agree with what Algore says is the source of the problem. Because even a pea brain like can figure out if you have the right solution, the problem is solved, right? But we don’t have a solution we just have a cottage industry that creates money and power for some folks. Who by the way, takes his fricking private jet from place to place to preach about the ultimate doom of global warming. The fuel used by a jet plane in one cross country trip could fuel my car and the cars of all of my friends for a year. So, what I’m to believe that this dude is serious. He wants us to give up our cars and fossil fuels and oil sucking ways while he’s jetting all over the world? Sorry – gimme somebody I can take seriously.



  3. Ah, but regulations only work if they’re forced to comply…that’s why it’s all still so dirty!

    Case in point. TXU (our power company) wants to spend $10 billion to build 11 coal-powered electric plants. And in an attempt to appear ecologically conservative, they’re investing in the invention of technology to scrub the emissions…to the tune of donating $200K to a local university to come up with the solution. With all the other options available, why pick one of the dirtiest and most polluting, not to mention consumer of non-renewable resources, option? Cause it’s cheap. We’re still focusing on short-term cheap solutions to meet needs, rather than long-term sustainable solutions.

    Listen the regs I’m talking about we all comply with whether we want to or not. At least if you live in Calfornia. So let’s leave that alone.

    As to your other example – i don’t see the problem – coal is supposed to be a much cleaner burning fuel than oil – we have an enormous amount of coal in this country and wouldn’t have to rely on foreign sources for it. And unfortunately, people aren’t going to sit around and wait 20 years to have their needs met – it’s the market demand that is forcing that hand. And there are tons of companies working on long term solutions – still you need an interim solution in the meantime. I just think business has become this international scapegoat – but really unless we all want to go slogging along in wagons and sit in the dark – we need to stop seeing every corporation as some evil monster. Generally speaking it is industry that solves problems such as these because they have the resources to do so and don’t have to have a giant infrastructure/beauracy that does nothing and is funded by taxpayers. In fact, if the government wasn’t involved in commerce at all we would have solved this problem years ago because a free market would have seen the need and filled it. That is capitalism 101. There are all kinds of alternate engines to run cars – one using water – but you don’t see it or hear about it, do you? Why? Because our government has agreements with foreign countries concerning commerce. We pay farmers not to grow crops or to throw them out so that the economy doesn’t get screwed up or there isn’t an imbalance in that messes up the supply and demand quota. Rather than just letting the market determine what is bought, sold, produced – we’ve put the government in that position. All well-meaning but stupid as hell if you ask me. You wanna know why we don’t have cheap, efficient, energy? Because we involved the government in it in the first place.


  4. Hey, Stranger…

    I can’t believe the ACLU didn’t step in and protect Algore’s right to blow smoke up the uniforms of those Seattle students. Go Seattle School Board!


    P.S. Nice, informative discussion… thanks 🙂

    Hey there stranger yourself! yeah me too – was the ACLU busy that day? Or just too busy defending foreign nationals against the United States that day? Makes you wonder. 😉


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