Zip, Zilch, Nothing, Nada, Not a Thing

I haven’t a thought in my head – an opinion burning in my brain, a complaint, observation, joke, or really anything to say. I’m fresh out. So…look at the purty picture (sunset at the North Pole) I posted for you and I’ll go try to think of something for tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Zip, Zilch, Nothing, Nada, Not a Thing

  1. Hmmmmmmm…………………….

    WC speechless. Now isn’t that a scary thought! Who knows what could happen next!!


    I’m finding it a little scary myself. 😉 Though I’ve had the empty-headed syndrome from time to time and the thoughts come rushing back not too long afterward. So, let’s just hope they take long to return.


  2. C’mon,

    How often does someone have a first day on the job?

    Must have been pretty uneventful . . .

    Considering how outspoken you are, that’s probably a good thing.

    Awesome photo.


    Yeah, that photo was gorgeous, huh? Uneventful first day? Yeah, pretty much. Today was a bit more eventful though… Part of the problem is that I’m not able to talk about certain things – they had a previous employee who really did them wrong. Anyway – I’ll be yakking it up again soon. No worries.


  3. 3,000 miles away and we’re traveling in the same boat. Frrrrreeeky.
    The best I could come up with was a little tribute to Mike Brecker.
    Love the sunset. Beeyutiful.
    I may have to steal it sometime.

    Well, clearly we are brother and sister of different mothers, eh? I like the tribute – I’m listening to it now. I do know his music – haunting, lovely.

    Nah…no need to steal it, I’ll send you the picture any time you want it.



  4. Bugger, and here was me thinking that I would come over here, read your wonderful words and then I’d be inspired too!!

    Oh how sweet – and here I am slacking. Sorry to let you down, sweetie. I should be back to battery soon – the new job, blah, blah is kicking my ass a little bit. Congrats on your new nephew – tres’ cute!


  5. that is a beautiful pic!

    I love it too. It almost looks like the sky is smiling at you. Amazing the beauty to be found in something as simple as a sunset.


  6. Idol’s on… THERE’s something to talk about….


    Maybe…so far, I haven’t seen anyone who is sure to make it to the top ten. No one has really impressed me at all. You?


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