Weird Pets

Where I come from, people had pretty ordinary or what you might call normal, pets. Mostly, dogs and cats, maybe a couple of fish, even a horse. Nothing too terribly unusual. The names were pretty normal too – names like King, Queenie, Spot, Fluffy, Smokey, Snowball. Basically names that you wouldn’t name a person, your kid or something, you know pet names.

Though I’ve noticed as the march of time moved on, people got weirder and weirder pets. I think the first clue was the Pet Rock. Now, one has to really think about that for a minute – how much of loser does one have to be in order to only be pet-compatible with a rock? A rock? What’s worse is people even named their pet rocks. Can you say loser?

I think though that this could possibly be an extension of the naming your vehicle thing. Bessie, Fred, WildThang, whatever – people who name their cars and trucks are making pets of them. To me, too weird. I have names for my car but they are reserved for times of stress when the car is giving me trouble and costing me money. They would never be considered endearments of any kind.

After the pet rocks there seemed to be a trend toward naming animals as if they were children or people. Names like Remington, Charlamagne, and Bruce come to mind. Or naming pets after famous people like Thurber, Hemingway and Prince Charles.

Then came the occasional odd pet:

The pet wolf – pretty and sorta looked like a dog but could turn on you at any moment.

The baby racoon that turned into a terror and garbage can addict in just a few short weeks.

Ferretts and mongooses. Oh yeah, out here, they are really popular.

Rats and mice. Now doesn’t it strike you as weird that people would make pets of creatures that whole industries have been created for the sole purpose of destroying same?

How’s about an ocelot? There’s a purty pussycat. Course he’ll take out your eye if you ain’t paying attention.

Pet ants – ant farms. Refer back to mice/rat statement.

Pet snakes. Especially snakes like Boas – great, I love you to death – right?

Of course if you Michael Jackson you have your own giraffe and several chimpanzees.

Pet monkeys – those creepy little dudes that used to be the organ grinder’s friend in the bad B movies from the 40’s & 50’s is now suddenly a really cool pet thanks to Ross from Friends. Yoiks.

Rabbits are also weird pets the poop non-stop, make no really connection to any other living creature and never have any life in their eyes. Sure they are cute but -hello! nobody home.

Lately, my dog (magpie – maggie for short) has been trying to make the possum who lives in our yard her pet. You can always tell when our possum is out and about because Maggie gets all agitated and makes this really annoying whiney sound and runs around in circles chasing her tail. You think she really has to go and you let her outside and then she runs up and down the yard along the back wall making that weird growly whiney sound – apparently trying to teach the Possum how to ‘heel’ or something. It takes an hour sometimes to get her back in the house. And even after she is in, she is still hankering for some quality time with Possum. Do you think if I showed her this picture, she’d change her mind?

Gotta go, she is insisting she has to pee and giving that pathetic, I’m-a-poor-puppy look and I just know that if I choose to believe she is faking I will be cleaning up the carpet later.

So how about you? Know any weird pets?



10 thoughts on “Weird Pets

  1. Remember Sea Monkeys….LMHO who the hell would wnat Sea Monkeys as a pet.. as far as real monkeys go no wonder they depicted them with organ grinders cause mostly that is what they tend to do grind their organ…but again here is a real beauty a friend of mines son has pet hermit crabs maybe he should put in a spongebob and a pineapple down in the tank to keep ’em company

    Hmmm…seafood as pets – yep that’s definitely weird. I forget what a sea monkey is….is it a seahorse?


  2. mine not weird, more like stupid people….there was this girl i used to work with who always said “someday” she was gonna get a lion or a tiger as a pet (you know cuz they can be trained to sit at the table and cuddle up too….) and she is just stupid enough to believe it, and just lucky enough to probably someday pull it off, which is a really scary thought………

    It is stupid but it’s also weird. A cuddly pet tiger, eh? Otay…can you say ‘Sigmond & Roy’?


  3. I know a guy that has two lizards, named “Valentine” and “Independence.” I noticed that you skipped the reptilian category entirely, so it is my civic duty to remind you.

    Wow DT, you are so right – I totally forgot the reptillian department. Well, except if you count snakes, aren’t they reptiles? Anyway pet iguanas, pet praying manta’s , pet aligators. The list is endless.


  4. Yeah, I’ve never understood the whole “rock pet” thing; weird. I also don’t understand Chia Pets, and the song (if you can call it that) is annoying.

    I’ve never had an odd pet, but I used to have a lizard named “Fluffy” and another named “Dracula.”


    LOL – chia pets are for the laughs, I think. πŸ˜‰

    Now to me, lizards are weird pets – anything that breaks its tail and keeps going is a little on the weird meter to me. Have you considered a dog or cat? They are fun and usually fluffy too. πŸ˜‰


  5. When I was a kid, I had a friend that had a pet skunk. It had it’s stink glands removed but was still one mean sob.

    BTW, it’s the truth. I did have a friend.

    Yeah skunks are purty mean from what I’ve heard.
    I believe you had a friend, in fact now you have two, cuz you got me. πŸ™‚


  6. Lizards are my favorite animal, but you’re right, they are kind of odd. I actually have five spoiled cats and a fish, which is why I haven’t gotten any more reptiles for awhile. I like pets, but I’d rather not have a petting zoo in the house, or at least, not right now. πŸ˜›


    Wow, five cats – does your pillow move in the night? LOL. I would imagine lizards are a little more controllable than the cats.


  7. We have (had) two fish – Martin & Lewis. And two frogs – Dean & Jerry. Each fish was with it’s proper frog. Dean/Martin in one bowl and Jerry/Lewis in the other bowl.

    A veritable smorgisborg of petdom. That’s a hoot, Lass.


  8. One day I heard a strange noise on the front deck. When I went outside, the large plastic bag of garbage that I’d left out there for a bit was moving … literally moving! Jumping, rolling, moving all over the deck. And then I started jumping and screaming all over the front doorstep! Well, the bag stopped it’s antics, and suddenly a small baby ‘possum crawled out of a small hole he’d chewed in the bag. Oh, did we ever scare each other! I still have nightmares about the possessed garbage bag. And I can’t see an oppossum without thinking of that “cute” little baby who just about gave me a heart attack. πŸ˜‰
    ~Ms Crankypants

    Oh my gosh Debi! That is hysterical. What a funny image and I can just see each of you screaming like little girls when the moment of confrontation came. LOL. This is a great story – you should put it on your blog.

    I remember one night my dog was making such a racket and she wouldn’t stop barking. The way the house and yard were situated, you had to go out the front door to see into the backyard (which was really a side yard). So angrily I went to the front door and flung it open. There stood on its hind legs a racoon almost as tall as me. He look rather startled, I screamed, slammed the door and locked it and leaned against it for about an hour before my heart stopped pounding and I felt brave enough to peek out the window. LOL. Them wild thangs can give us a start, eh?


  9. Hey do boyfriends count as pets? Cos in hindsight I probably had a few weird ones of those πŸ™‚
    p.s my cats name used to be ‘puddy cat’ and I had a rabbit called ‘bunny’ – I know, very original right?!

    OH yes, old boyfriends count and now that you mention it – then I’ve got a shitload of former weird pets. LOL. I think puddy cat is cute and bunny??? Works for me. The most unusual name I ever had for a pet was a little tabby my room mate and I named puberty. Why? I can’t remember. What was really funny was that my little sister loved that cat and she used to call it pooper-knees. Funny, huh? LOL.


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