Twinkies, Anyone?

When I was a kid, I loved Twinkies. In fact, I still do. There is no other highly processed, prepackaged lump of sugar and starch that I love more. In fact, as processed, prepackaged lumps of sugar and starch go, Hostess just can’t be beaten. They are the king of the heap in this department.

Now as time wore on, after my childhood Twinkies became evil things – things that would make you kill another human being, for example. Hence the Twinkie Defense. Of course it could only have happened in California and San Francisco, as the rest of the world just isn’t that stupid.

Also the word Twinkie is sometimes used as a term to objectify women who are overly sexual and not too bright. Like we need another one of those.

But despite all the abuse the poor Twinkie has gotten over the years, it is still one of America’s favorite junk foods. So imagine my awe and surprise when I discovered that there are many things one can do with a Twinkie to make really cool deserts. There is actually a twinkie desert recipe page. Can you believe it? Below is my favorite recipe – but you can find many more here .

So enjoy your weekend and make a delicious Twinkie desert for your family which you can enjoy while watching a Sunday night video. Cheers!

By Larry Coons

Items Needed:

Box Hostess Twinkies
1/2 cup strong coffee, cooled & sweetened
1/4 cup Kahlua (optional)
1/2 gallon coffee or coffee & chocolate ice cream
Chocolate shavings or sprinkles

DIRECTIONS: Slice Twinkies in half lengthwise. Spray 9 x 5 loaf pan with cooking spray. Put five Twinkie halves, cream side up, side by side in pan. Mix coffee and Kahlua (optional); with pastry brush, apply liberally to cut side of Twinkies. Spoon about a 1/2 inch layer of softened ice cream over Twinkies. Repeat until you have used enough Twinkies & ice cream to fill the loaf pan. Cover tightly with foil and freeze several hours or overnight. This can be served from the pan in slices or unmolded, garnished with the chocolate and served. Serves about 10.

9 thoughts on “Twinkies, Anyone?

  1. That sounds delicious!

    LOL – you know I hate to admit it but it really does, doesn’t it? You should check out the other recipes, some of them look fantastic. A cute one is the sunflower cake.


  2. It may be a geographical thing but I have always preferred moon pies over twinkies.

    It could indeed be a geographical thing – cuz I never cared for the moon pie – no offense. Twinkies for me all the way. I wonder if they have a moonpie desert recipe page? It’s something to ponder…;)


  3. I don’t think I could keep twinkies intact long enough to use them in a recipe. I have a soft spot for uncooked, pre-packaged snack cakes.

    LOL DT! I know that’s the problem for me too. I couldn’t keep my mitts off the ingredients long enough to make the dang desert. Maybe if I paid somebody else to make it? That’s a thought. πŸ˜‰


  4. I remember loving Twinkies as a kid, but as the years went by I luckily was able to put Twinkies behind me…until now. OMG that dessert looks quite irrestibile, doesn’t it? Reading the ingredients was just a bit over the top.

    ~ PG

    Hey PG, maybe we should attempt this at Zelda’s next get together. It could be fun. Maybe we could do a twinkie desert night or something. LOL. Can you just see Zelda trying to figure out which wine works with the Twinkie palate? LOL. πŸ˜†


  5. What the fuck is a twinkie??!!
    Mum did try to explain it, but I still don’t get it…I know, call me very sad!

    Otay Ms. Pottymouth…;) If you click on the link I do believe there may be an actual picture of a Twinkie on the website. Or you could google it. Basically, it’s vanilla sponge cake with creme filling in a the shape of sort of a hotdog. Two twinkies to a pack. If you didnn’t live so far away I might mail you some.


  6. Did you know that twinkies were originally made with banana creme filling but during WWII due to the shortage of Banana’s the changed to the filling now known..check out the hostess web page the have recipes for the cupcakes ding-dongs and Ho-Ho’ the story on Ho-Ho’s it is know as the other San Fransisco Treat LMFAO…and Kelly I feel bad that in the land of down under they have no twinkies but alas we have no veggamite Thank God

    Gerry you have altogether too much time on your hands. πŸ˜‰ I remember that they used to have a bit of a banana flavor but by the time I started eating twinkies I’m sure it was all flavoring based on some chemist’s formula as opposed to coming from an organic source.


  7. Oh, you are an evil, evil woman. {snicker, snicker}
    I’ve heard that a Twinkie has a shelf life of like…60 years or something ridiculous.
    Does it really matter though when they taste so damn good?
    Twinkie-misu? That is one decadent picture.
    I had to unbutton my pants just looking at it. (don’t go into the gutter on me now.)

    I am an evil woman. AND I love snickers too – quite yummy! πŸ˜‰

    I guess the good thing about the long shelf life is that if we ever have a big major emergency then all you have to do is find the nearest vending machine and you’ll have food supply for months if necessary. LOL.

    Hey, this is a PG site. Stop with the pants thing. Go get yourself some stretchy pants then. LOL.


  8. I could make a crude comment on m’s having to unbutton his pants and involving a twinkie LMFAO

    Yes you could but maybe we could just keep it clean – lol – there are kids who visit this blog. πŸ˜‰


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