American I-Dull


Boy does that say it or what? Now, I’ll admit I was an AI virgin last year and I suppose I got swept away with it all. But this year sucks so bad already I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching it anymore. It’s too painful to watch the slow slaughter of popular music that way. And frankly watching paint dry has more twists and turns.

Clearly, there are only 3-4 people who can actually sing. The best singer has absolutely no personality. In fact, when she isn’t singing it’s as if she doesn’t actually exist. Which is kind of spooky and makes me wonder if she is a virtual contestant or something. They can do everything else, why not that? And wouldn’t that, after all, be the epitome of the perfect contestant according to Simon Scowell?

I really am bummed though. When I watched last year I had so much fun being a fan. All of them had some talent and they were all interesting and had their own personalities to project. Even when the bad ones (like chicken little) were voted off I was a little teary-eyed. They were all so easy to love or ….hate. It was a thrill a minute and no one looked forward to Tuesday and Wednesday nights like I did. What’s happened?

Was last year a fluke? Pretty much all the losers from last year could beat the contestants of this year. Will anyone actually stay awake long enough to see who wins this snoozer? I can’t even remember any of their names. Or what they look like. Or even sound like. The guys are pretty much clones of one another. The most original one – the asian guy in bare feet (and sadly it was the bare feet that made him stand out) is gone. And I’m alarmed that it will take weeks and weeks to eliminate all the other bad ones, which by my calculations is about 20 of them.

Maybe the thrill is gone and Idol is now just more bad reality t.v. like all the others. There is a season for all things and a time for all things to come to an end. Could this be Idol’s time? Is that why they are starting that lame camp thing? To distract from the fact that out of hundreds of thousands of people who auditioned they came up with this crap as the best of the best? Are they fucking kidding me?

Dull, dull, dull, dull. I may give it another couple of weeks on the off chance someone with a pulse will actually end up on camera – but I’m pretty sure none of us will be jonesing for Idol this year.

What a waste!


9 thoughts on “American I-Dull

  1. I agree.
    I don’t watch much TV so anything I hear or see is in passing BUT what I’ve heard so far this year is mediocre at best.
    Randy is non-commital, Paula is drunk and I still kinda trust Simon’s opinion.
    The only reason I got interested last year was because of Kelly Pickler (isn’t she on tonight? Damn, that is one fine looking woman)
    I’ve also picked up on the pretentious attitudes of some of these folks and I’ve decided they really suck…the guys especially.
    I’m with you: dull, dull, dull.

    LOL! And thank you there are some pretentious attitudes, huh? Especially the big guy with the curly hair. He really thinks he’s something – like a combo of Meatloaf, Randy Newman and Taylor or something. What a joke! The guy with half-beard and weird name really gets me – he looks like something out of another time and place and when they talk to him he seems outta sync with everything around him. Just weird.

    Hope you get to see Kelly tonight. 😉


  2. I do agree, I think we were LUCKY last year…as you know, I got to see a handful of these guys a couple of times last year and they definately were a great group of TALENTED kids. Friendly, sincere but most of all, genuiniely talented!
    This lot this year seems like a cocky bunch just pulled off the street regardless of ability.
    Hell, theres not even anyone worth making fun of!!

    I do know that you got to see them – as did I. And you’re right, they were all a bunch of talented, sweet kids. The bunch this year does seem absolutely random. There isn’t really anyone who stands out. It’s as though the judges just didn’t really feel like having a competition this year. Clearly they expect I think her name is Lakeesha???? to win. End of story. Boring.

    And no, there really isn’t anyone to make fun of either – bummer.


  3. Hey WC,
    We don’t watch much TV at our house, and we haven’t watched any Idol at all this year.

    No wait, I take that back, I did see a bit of the episode when they were in Minneapolis (I was on break at the nursing home).

    But one thing that is starting to irritate me about these shows–and Idol kind of kicked this off I think–is the amount of pleasure we get in watching fools. You know, the terrible ones in the beginning that are just terrible and clueless.

    Jay Leno does the same thing by interviewing ignorant people on the street. I wrote a post about it recently called, “Why stupidity is a good thing.”

    Anyway, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but this kind of thing is just starting to bore me.

    Hey Chris,
    I’m totally with you on this. I hate that aspect on these shows. I don’t really like the making fun of people part. It shows the worst part of us, I think. But yeah, boring is right. If this is any indication of the usual – then in fact my record with reality tv shows holds true – I can never watch more than one season. Maybe I’ll check in again once they have their top ten picked – but it’s such a bore at this point, I’m not sure how they’ll be able to improve it enough to make me want to watch.


  4. P.S.

    You should really update “How much your blog is worth” dear.

    You’re rolling in it now.

    Yeah, I saw that and meant to update – but never seem to get around to it. Thanks for reminding me. 😉


  5. hmmm, I’m watching too, via Tivo. I like the guy who can bee bop just because it is something, at least, different. and I don’t even like him that much. the guy with the hair is from one of my favorite places in the world, greenville, sc; his rendition of Ray Lamontagne’s “Trouble” was decent, nothing to write home about and Taylor Hicks did it last year. But you know I asked myself yesterday if I would ever buy any of these people’s cds. And I’m not just talking about from this year. I think they need to give these cats some instruments and let us see what they can do. Can they play one, do they have some songwriting ability? Anything? There really is no need to duplicate pop stars, we see how they turn out, just look at Britney and her poor hair. Geez. Anyway, I think I have officially written a novel on here. Talk to you soon, Anabel

    Never worrry about writing too much in a comment here. I am very lax about such things. I like people to feel like they can say what they want (for the most part).

    Yah, the guy with the ‘hair’ I think is trying to be this year’s Taylor Hicks – you know? Like the dark horse or something. As to his rendition of trouble – it was pretty darn close to Taylor’s version. It was edgy when Taylor did it simply because Ray LaMontayne was an obscure musician with very non idol type music – it was daring to choose a song like that. When the guy with the hair did it, he was simply copying Taylor. I guess that’s my beef – for the most part these people are copying they don’t seem to have their own style – except the beat box guy does seem to have a little and I guess I like him the best because of that too. The three girls who can really sing – one is a teenager, one is a former backup singer and the last one is a very introverted single mother. None of them scream ‘star’ to me – not because of any lack of talent but because of lack of personality. Last year, they all seemed to have their own styles and personalities – which is why pretty much all of them now have albums out and success in the business. This year – the winner will do okay – the others will probably fade into obscurity. LOL – see, you got me gabbing too. 😉


  6. i too am quite disappointed. i’ve been an idol fan since the beginning and i don’t see how they are gonna make this season even a little exciting.
    there is one boy and two girls i like and you are right, NO personality. in fact the girl i think is the best singer seems like she wants to run off stage as soon as she is done. it’s sad

    Totally! That poor girl seems scared to death – truly scared of her own shadow. No personality. It’s too bad cuz she is mondo talented.


  7. Hey, there’s always Canadian Idol 🙂 .

    I’ve never seen Canadian idol – I don’t think I get it on my t.v. Even when I had cable I don’t think I had the station that showed it. Is it any better than American Idol?


  8. Um hello Ms. Kelly Pickler’s boobies? Did anyone see that Thursday night? I was like um, were those there last year? I haven’t seen an outfit painted on like that since the Gold lady in the James bond movie-Gold Finger,(and I saw on Mythbusters that it actually can start to suffocate you btw) Maybe M. can answer that question. Either way, I didn’t think she sang that well, but maybe because I was distracted from her song. God, we could over analyze a rat trap…… 🙂

    It’s amazing what they can do with Victoria Secret bras. I didn’t notice that they were any bigger but again wasn’t into noticing it one way or the other last year either. Yeah, ask M. The dress wasn’t any tighter than the ones she wore last year – and a little looser than the ones McPhee wore (although she still couldn’t win even with the panty shot). I thought she sounded good with just a couple of pitch problems. Yes over-analyzation is what we are good at – luckily we write and have blogs. 😉


  9. I have much more fun berating the bad singers than listening to the good ones so this year seems like a perfect Idol year for me.

    LOL – so I guess it is a perfect idol year for you. I suppose each demographic has their year, eh?


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