Don’t Ya Love Your Girlfrienz?

It’s official, I received an email informing me that it is National Sisterhood Week. So all we sistahs and girlfrenz are supposed to celebrate our girliness and comraderie and revel in being women.

Hell, I do that every day, don’t you?

And seriously, if it’s National Sisterhood Week, who the heck is acting in behalf of the nation to proclaim it so? Well g**gle provided this which is probably closer to the truth. And of course, sexism is alive and well so what is really supposed to be National Brotherhood and Sisterhood Week – becomes National Sisterhood week. Jeez Louise noboby will leave well enough alone will they?

But you have to laugh at the cute, cute picture. In fact, the one on the left really does look like me when I was that age and I had to do a quick memory search to see if I’d ever been in a place like that as a kid. It is possible….really cuz the other kid looks like my first best friend Sandy Evanouch. Wow, this really could be the most incredible of coincidences, couldn’t it? At any rate, it’s obvious I was adorable as a child and quite the inquisitive mind since clearly I have been experimenting with how to blow smoke up my own skirt for some time.

So that being said – I say celebrate people. Celebrate your brotherhood and your sisterhood, celebrate your friends and all those without whom life would be one dull parade. Call them on the phone, go shopping, see a movie,  have lunch or at least send them an email. Saying I care can never ever hurt.

Love ya! My sistahs and brothas! (doing my best n’orleans accents)


9 thoughts on “Don’t Ya Love Your Girlfrienz?

  1. Hi WC,

    When is National Drunk Redneck With A Gun And A Pickup Truck week? I want to organize a parade around our local Government offices.

    the Grit

    LOL – I dunno but I think you could definitely start one and get lots of interest going. Especially in Texas. Hell I might even drive out it sounds like so much fun. 😉


  2. Hey Grit…I have two 17yr olds who would be happy to join you for that Redneck weekend!

    WC! My sistah! I celebrate knowing you everyday!

    Aw thanks Billie, my sistah. And let’s all go out to Grit’s demonstration – free beer and lots of dirty mens…should be a fun time. 😉


  3. Ah…no offense, but I live surrounded by redneck men everyday. I’m thinking something alittle more ‘refined’ would be a nice break!

    Aw quit yer bitchin’ 😉 Yes, it would be nice if we could find us some refined gentlemen but then I’m a realist.


  4. Hi Bob,

    I can be refined when I want to be, which, I admit, is not very often. Heck, I can whip you up Beef Wellington (the secret is in the sauce which takes several hours to make,) serve it with an appropriate over-priced wine, and fake an interest in the “arts” while we eat. Of course, I prefer to serve BBQ and beer, with the discussion tending to football (or soccer,) current events, and trivia. Oh, and no beer for the underaged, at least not in public 🙂

    WC, redneck is a state of mind, not physical condition. Of course, “dirty men” could, and often does, apply in that way as well 😉

    the Grit

    Hey Grit – just a note here – Bob is really Bobo – she just has been leaving off the last o lately – dunno why. Beef Wellington sauce eh? Can we have the recipe, cuz I for one would love to try it.

    As to redneck being a state of mind – I agree and happen to know that since my daddy was a redneck and proud of it too – I don’t think I said anything about dirty men – maybe big sweaty mens (but that was a goof on an old t.v. show called in living color) – My point is I love me some rednecks – or as my daddy used to say- Hillbillies. Nobody more real or down to earth. Sorry if I offended in any way wasn’t intentional.


  5. Hi WC,

    I’ll try to post the Beef Wellington directions sometime soon, along with the instructions for making the pastry dough, just in case you want to do it right 😉 If time permits, I will even give you my take on cheese sauce to go on the asparagus. It’s a lot of boring typing, so be patient 😉

    As to offending me, that, I’m happy to say, is a difficult task, although confusing me is, obviously, much simpler.

    As to Hillbillies, my grand daddy ran a still to make a living. While I have obtained a wider range of skills over the course of my life, I can fall back on history. When the birds don’t get there first, I make a mighty fine apple wine. When time permits, my home brewed beer is spectacular. I love tradition 🙂

    the Grit

    Hey Grit! far out about the recipe – will you post it or send it to me in a bottle that must travel three oceans to get to me? 😉 Oh yeah, definitely gimme the cheese sauce recipe too.

    Ah well good there is no offense – bad that we are both easily confused – who will help us when we are confused at once? 😦

    My pop never had his own still but that musta been pretty interesting. I love the home brewed beers – nice. Let me know if you ever get your private label on the open market. I love tradition too.


  6. Hi WC,

    I’ll try to summon up the courage to post the recipes this afternoon.

    As to the still, my Mother told me some of her earliest memories were of getting word the Sheriff was coming and the ensuing rush to hide the Mason jars in the woods.

    the Grit

    LOL Grit, love the image of your ma having to hide the mason jars in the woods. I see you weren’t able to summon up the courage to post the recipes – and of course the breaking news about scooter probably didn’t help any. Funny exchange that, btw.


  7. Hi WC,

    They are up now. Cooking to me is an intuitive process, so my directions may not be as clear as needed. If you have any questions, just ask.

    As to Scooter and the Special Prosecutor, I figured that might be one of the intricacies of our political system that might confuse the Brit. Much like so many things about theirs confuse me 🙂

    the Grit

    Sauces look great! I’ll have to write em down and try em maybe this weekend. Thanks a lot!


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