We Interupt Our Normal Programming to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE!

Hey, I don’t care – it’s my blog and really if I can’t use the worldwide web to wish a good friend happy birthday then what good is it?

Billie I love ya and want you to have a great birthday. You are and always will be my first real Taylor Hicks buddy. We shared a very special obsession and truly without you it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun as it was.

I wish to hell that someday we will go see TayTay together in concert and complete the making of total fools of ourselves in utter splendor and abandon – cuz honey if I’m a gonna do that – then you’re the one who I want to do that with.

I thank  you for your cheer, your caring, your humor and even  your bitching. Love  ya doll. Happy Birthday!!

Hugs & Kisses,


PS: We all pitched in and got you a stripper.

You like? 😉

5 thoughts on “We Interupt Our Normal Programming to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE!

  1. Hey Billie, when you are done with the stripper, send him my way. He is HOT! 😉
    Happy Birthday!!

    I’ll find you one for your berfday – otay?


  2. Who wouldn’t want a Chris Farley lapdance for their burfday? Don’t know if I’d call Farley hot but…
    Have a happy one, Billie!

    Isn’t that stripper gif too much? I wonder though if it scared her off….oh Billie….


  3. Thanks, WC! that would be great!! 😉

    And how about one for your’s too?? It’s right around the corner!!

    *** March 17th !!***

    Everyone got that? 😉

    Mark your calendars!

    Okay, now I’m really gonna get you a special stripper. Uh-huh….


  4. First off…THANK YOU…what a shitty birthday it was too! LMAO…to add insult to injury, 50 is an ugly age to TURN (not to BE, just to turn!)…I really appreciate the kind thoughts and words. My big celebration consisted of McD’s dollar menu and in bed by 9pm! Things can only go UP from there right?

    Love ya too girfriend!

    (PS…thx for the heads up Kel! *snicker,snicker* gives me alittle time to come up with something !)

    Oh you’re welcome sweetie. Remind me to someday tell you about my worse birthday ever. MickyD’s would have been fine dining that day. Roll with it, hon, you’ve got what it takes. Hey maybe we’ll meet at a concert somewhere in the middle sometime soon. Could happen.


  5. Oh and btw…..the stripper has to actually take his clothes OFF to be considered visual entertainment! LMAO….But somehow, I don’t think I’d want Chris to do that!

    LOL! Well this blog does have a PG rating, so….you know…. 😉


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