Aren’t You Glad…

we gave control of Congress to the Democrats? Hasn’t life been oh so much better since then? Can’t you hardly wait til Baraka or Billary is Prez?


5 thoughts on “Aren’t You Glad…

  1. Hi WC,

    Sometimes we need to suffer in order to make us understand that the average times aren’t bad at all. Think back to the first two years of the Clinton administration, when the liberals were in charge of Congress and the White House. Without the mess they made of things, the Republicans would not have swept into power. Unfortunately, the general public has a short memory, and our liberal press is not likely to remind them of history.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit. Your observations are right on the money.


  2. Oy. None of them make me happy anymore. They’re all a bunch of losers with power interests, not people interests. Boot ’em all out I say. Start over with some real people, not politicians.

    You know – I wish that were feasible. Actually I wish that ‘public servants’ (including the government worker) had term limits of not more than 8 years. It would curtail much of the corruption and career politician stuff that goes one.


  3. It’s just going to be the “President Cycle”, but amplified because the Dems have a stranglehold house and the senate. But an idiot could tell you that. What we need is a single committee of the world’s smartest people to make all of the decisions.

    But whatever you give the people, they’ll be unhappy with.

    Well, actually it’s not a stranglehold – their majority is pretty narrow in the Senate and could turn either way.

    I totally disagree about the single committee – it is what the UN is attempting now and it would never end up being beneficial to the United States or Americans. I think our form of government is really superior to that of other countries – but I also think that people are lazy by nature and won’t really investigate who it is they are voting for – which is ridiculous since most of the info is easily accessible, especially with the Internet and its research capabilities. And really, who would decide who were the smartest people? And then who would decide who the eleven would be? Hitler had a pretty high IQ from what I understand, yet we really didn’t like the way he wanted to rule the world, did we? It takes far more than IQ – believe me.


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