A Lovely Day In The Neighborhood


Okay, so I’m having breffy with Zelda the other day and we’re talking about her dogs…truth be told we’re always talking about her dogs or her cats or her plants. She’s really into the animal kingdom.

Anyway, she decided to take them for a walk the other night which was naturally a bit of a funny disaster. The big dawg (huggy) got away from her to play with a little chihuahua that her Korean neighbors were walking. Apparently there were a few seconds where little chi-chi was flying like a trout on the leash but that’s another story.  So, while big dawg was doing that Lexy (beagle number 1) was just running – anywhere. I guess she ran til she got tired and Zelda found her panting by the side of the road.

Then there is beagle number 2 – a chubby little tri-color who is really a real life version of Deputy Dog. You gotta love him. But he won’t walk. He is afraid of the outside. Literally – no kidding. So Zelda carried him – all 35 lbs of him. You got the picture? Big dawg flailing and going after little chichi like a piece of bait, first beagle just running and Zelda trotting behind carrying second beagle.

So, solution? Dog trainer? Nope? Walk the dogs separately? Nope? Dog Whisperer? Nope. You ready???? She’s getting beagle number 2 a stroller.

Oh yeah, they make strollers for dogs. I can’t wait to see it and I promise I’ll post a picture as soon as I do. Talk about your gullible boomer. Zelda! What are you thinking? 😉


6 thoughts on “A Lovely Day In The Neighborhood

  1. ROTFLMAO!!! I can’t wait to see the stroller! 😉

    Love you bunches!!

    Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see that stroller either. Actually I told her she should just go to the thrift store and buy and old baby stroller and adapt it. She thought that was a good idea – rather than being soaked $150 for the official doggie stroller made of course for the gullible yuppy. Can you just see Hunter in that thing? – do-di-oh, do-di-oh, I’m Hunter the dog….lalalalalalala

    Love ya bunches too, hon. Oh btw, don’t let me forget about the cookie check. Email me about it, will you? My mind is a sieve.



  2. I can just see ya WC pushing that stroller the proud aunti LMHO º¿ º

    You know Ger, I would be the one appointed to stroll the dawg. It’d be just my luck. 😉


  3. Hey she CARES!

    Suggestion? Maybe she could dress #2 in a cute little babies outfit complete with bonnet! Something to match the blue of his eyes!

    Well he has brown eyes – but he would eat any outfit she would put him in and then throw it up on her newest carpet. It just happens that way. We really don’t want to get into the throw up stories, do we? 😆


  4. Both Picture Two Tails Up!! haha. Hey I have seen a dog skateboard before, on ripley’s believe it or not. Some of those people on the show are . . . it really looks fake. =)


    Hey HannahBanana! Yeah, the pics are obviously photo-shopped – and when it comes to Zelda’s pets they are cute as they are stupid. LOL. God bless their little hearts.


  5. Zelda sounds like someone I’d like to go to breakfast with. Zany Zelda.
    God, she sounds like a hoot.
    And God Bless her with the dogs and cats.
    I really wish the ‘big dawg’ got his mitts on the bait.
    I’d pay ten bucks to see that.
    Can you tell I don’t like chihuahuas very much? 😉


    Oh yeah, you’d have a fun breffy with Zelda. The big dawg (Huggy) is hysterical – big black lab who weighs about 100lbs but aspires to be a lap dog. And really she just wanted to play with the chichi – but I wish I had a pic of that too.



  6. That’s so funny! I’ve always thought of myself as a “cat person,” mainly because cats tend to be more independent, but that is rediculous! 😆

    I love the picture of the funny little ladies. They look like they have dogs for purses. Maybe I should start carrying my cat around town like that.


    You know Kelsey that is exactly why I loved that picture – because the pets do look like handbags. You’d get a kick out of Zelda and her dogs. And she has 6 or 7 cats too. But that is another post.


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