Must See TV – Are We Being Scammed?

This is a long vid, folks – and if you’d prefer you can go to youtube and watch it in parts – but I would highly recommend you settle back and watch it all in one sitting.

While the Global Warming debate rages and the ‘greenies’ get more and more whacko, this documentary offers some rational and sane facts and opinions. If only for the sake of balance,  you owe it to yourself to watch it. And don’t go to that ‘I don’t have time place’ because we all know that we waste endless hours on video games, and other dumb crap that has no importance whatsoever.

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5 thoughts on “Must See TV – Are We Being Scammed?

  1. So….I’ve seen a large chunk of this already…and have heard it being defended and attacked by the various people involved.
    To be honest…it’s always been something that I expected to come along…a nice high profile rejection of the whole Climate Change thing being pushed by various governments.
    It’s interesting…but it pisses me off.

    Only because everyone makes such a deal about climate change when we could also be looking at the fact that we’re running out of resources, we pollute and we generally destroy the world we live in the most efficient ways we can figure out.

    Climate change is just one part of this that’s been emphasised too much…so now we get to have a massive backlash against greener living…because people have pinned their hopes onto dubious arguments.


    Hi Crippens, thanks for coming by. I would say, first…perhaps you would want to watch the whole thing at one time. Because honestly, it’s not a hostile presentation. It is simply some scientists who disagree with what is being touted as the conventional wisdom on the topic – and saying why.

    As to the climate change vs living greener, aren’t they both parts of the whole? I have no objection to living greener, conserving, recycling, etc. but I do object to those who would abandon any and all modern technology for no good reason. I mean, we’re talking because of modern technology and if you don’t think that oil, electricity, nuclear power and a number of other industrial discoveries and technologies didn’t contribute to that then I think you’re not looking at the bigger picture.

    I don’t contend that global warming doesn’t exist – I do contend though that it is man-made – simply for the reason that it has been around for the duration of the life of the planet or as far back as scientists can determine. Isn’t it a little arrogant of us to say we caused it? Sorry, but that seems illogical to me. And since we’ve been on this ‘green’ ‘ecological’ kick for at least the last 3 decades with regs, rules, laws, catalytic converters, emission controls, building controls, energy controls and have poured billions and billions of dollars into this problem – why isn’t it getting better? If that’s the problem and we’re putting all this energy time and money into it, why isn’t the problem solving?

    I’ll tell you why….because it would put a lot of people out of work. And take a lot of power away from a lot of otherwise unremarkable individuals. Yes, I am a cynic, I admit it freely and openly. But throwing people and keeping people in the dark ages because of unproven assertions doesn’t go down well with me.

    Looks like we aren’t going to have a mind-meld on this one…sorry.

    With respect,


  2. Hi WC,

    Sorry, but I am still running on dial up. A full documentary would take me days to download. I hate my cable company.

    As to video games, most of mine no longer work on my new computer. That, I suspect, is what I get for waiting 9 years to upgrade the hardware.

    Now, let us talk about 8 tracks…

    the Grit

    Hi Grit…dang it’s too bad you can’t watch the vid -see if you have a friend who has cable or dsl who will let you watch it from theirs – maybe there’s a way to get the vid otherwise also, but I’ve no idea.

    Yep, them 8-tracks…wow, what will modern technology think of next? 😉


  3. I’m not arguing with scientists who claim that Climate change isn’t caused by human means. My point is that the ecological movement shouldn’t ahve relied on climate change to get it into the it shows dangers of back firing. Damage to the environment on a more localised small scale (though in fact…larger scale due to the complexity of the ecosystems we’re talking about) is much more important. Deforestation and the pollution of our oceans are much more directly concerning…plus the fact that we will run out of raw materials to fuel our overdriven economies. These are things we should look out for.
    I am never advocating ignoring technological advances…in fact…I personally believe that it is science and technology that are likely to save us from simply destroying everything we need to live off.
    My point is that climate change isn’t the major issue…there’s so much more at stake here and that is why we should live greener.
    Gah…I’m not getting to the heart of this and I’m not being coherent…I must confess to be a mite drunk right now…but understand that I don’t think we disagree as much as you believe.

    You can’t reduce things to one simple issue…the world is more complicated than that. If climate change is bunkum then there’s still a million reasons to try and live in closer harmony with the world around us….I don’t think this means giving up all the luxuries of modern life…but I do think we should be willing to make modifications to our lifestyle in order to ensure we are living in a way that is more harmonious and less harmful.
    This is why I am Vegan….to show that I am willing to make sacrifices to make the world a better place…it is a tiny gesture…but it is important to me.
    Am I making any sense at all?
    Much love, Al

    Of course you are making sense, dear. And I’m glad to see that we don’t seem to be fundamentally disagreeing. I do think it would be a better idea for people to live more clean, more responsibly and so on – I doubt I could be a vegan, but I can respect your choice to do so. I suppose my problem is the utter insanity dramatized by some of the ‘greenies’ – not you – I just don’t go for the over the top stuff (on any front really) and it drives me bonkers.

    I wish I were a might drunk because I could probably be more coherent then. 😉

    Absolutely, you cannot reduce things down to one small part of an issue and call it THE issue – which really is exactly what is being done – another thing that bugs the piss out of me. And I also agree that it is likely technology will find the real solutions to the problem. I guess we just need to know what the real, exact problem is. And I don’t know about you but I think that may be the PROBLEM – we don’t really know the exact time, place, form and event (so to speak) of the problem itself. If we did, solving it probably wouldn’t be that difficult. It might take time but it would be solvable. You see, I am always suspicious of problems to which there is no solution.

    As long as this remains a political issue though, I don’t think we will solve anything – because it is too much of a valuable football to give it up to a solution. Know what I mean?

    much love,

    PS: I am posting my answers to your questions here, tomorrow. Be there or be square. 😆


  4. Dammit, I hate that you have written so much since we lost the net connection… you think you could stop for a little while to allow us at least some small chance of catching up!

    *jumping up and down and clapping her hands, doing a little dance* Hey Kel! Are you back? Have you returned to your blogging brethren? Sorry, I’ll type slower. Is that better? 😆


  5. Just to add a short note to the original post. Let’s not get to angry one way or another, but rather understand that most folks take polar positions without fully understanding the scope, nature or facts of the problem.

    The video WC posted was a nice riposte to “Oscar Night” Gore’s alarmist presentation. The video serves to call into question “fad” science; taking unconfirmed facts to facilitate the “issue of the day.”

    I’m no expert myself, but have tried to look for expert facts and opinions on both side of the argument. In fact, I found a great link here at: There you’ll find an interesting article by The George C. Marshall Institute, titled “The Specter of Species Extinction, Will Global Warming Decimate Earth’s Biosphere?” Authored by Sherwood B. Idso, Craig D. Idso and Keith E. Idso. The full document can be downloaded from

    Click to access extinction.pdf

    Thanks Ham, for the extra links. Another blogger I know who has this issue near and dear to his heart is James Hudnall, he frequently has posts and articles about it. I would highly recommend you check him out as well. Plus he is a very cool graphic novel writer.



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