This One’s For You, Sanjaya!

Sorry for all the vids but I had to post this one for our favorite idol disaster. WC

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  1. this made me laugh so hard i almost fell out of my chair. we can only hope that god will do what’s right and eliminate sanjaya singer pariah, soon.

    thanks for the laughs.

    Here’s hoping! ;)

  2. That guy’s hilarious. Have you seen some of his other work? Funny stuff…

    No, I haven’t seen any of his other stuff. I just stumbled onto this accidentally. Send me some links to his other stuff, he is funny boy. :)

  3. Oh, yeah… Karaoke for the rest of my life!
    I can identify with that.
    he’s cute!

    I’d like to see Simon doing Karaoke for the rest of his life – or judging it anyway. What a hoot that would be. :lol:

  4. Well….he could certainly go on the show now and be assured of a spot in the final 3 !! Whaaaa???? Hes as good as anything else we’re being offered! And hes at least different & funny!

    Yeah but he’s funny and different in a real icky way – doncha think? I can’t even watch him when he’s on – I just sit at my computer and cringe. I am hoping he’s history after tonight. Of course the cruise singer could go too. Oy!

  5. Oh boy. I only watched like a minute of it and I couldn’t stand it! He is worse then Sanjaya!! Phew. . . reminds me of fingernails on a black board. Aye! Aye! Aye! Wow. If he was a contestent on American Idol, I would stop watching the show, PERMANENTLY!! haha :D


    Yeah, he was goofing and singing badly on purpose – to make fun of the show. I’m afraid I have to disagree with you though Hannah Banana, nobody is worse than Sanjaya – not to me, anyway. ;)

  6. You misunderstood…I meant the guy in YOUR video should go on the show, not Sanjaya! LOL…Poor Gina, thats pretty disheartening to be voted off before , ahem, others! She shouldn’t be going home tonight!

    Oh wow, yes I did misunderstand. You had me worried for a minute. Oh no, Gina got the boot? :shock: You ruined it for me. That sucks. Oh well, another week of freeky-boyaya. Go figure.

  7. Tonights vote was just another travesty in this ,hopefully, final season of American Idol. Sanjaya and his supporters are successfully draining every last shred of credibility from the show.

    Ab-so-frickin-lutely! It’s turned into a joke. What is the matter with the producers? They need to put the fix in if he really is getting that many votes. VFTW is finally getting what they’ve wanted for years apparently.

  8. Um, if everyone hates that toothy indian mohawk retard, then why do you continue to watch the show? Just stop complaining and start stopping viewership of AI.

    Well, um…cuz I like a couple of the others. And really, complaining is kind of fun. :lol:

  9. Please stop the horror first William Hung and now Sanjaya maybe he has some Ricky Martin in his bag of tricks ;)

    Yeah, I was thinking about William Huang the other day – pretty much the same deal. It’s turning the show into a joke.

    PS: Bring back Gina and get rid of the stupid sanjaya

  10. I’m a little behind but I wanted to comment on the whole “Besame Mucho”, come on. That performance was enough to make Andrea Bocelli’s ears fall off, seeing as how he can’t see and all (his ears being a dominant sense). Geez, what a joke. He was practically porn starring himself in the camera. I couldn’t believe Gina went.

    I’m so glad there is at least one other person who sees this the same way. I was mortified by what he did to that song. He’s one of the top 7? Are you kidding? I’m still mourning Gina. :(

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