An Undeniable Force


Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever, is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. [Philippians 4:8].

I have always believed in the lesson of Easter. The ascension of good over evil, light over darkness. To reflect on the idea that there was someone so purely good that he would die for the transgressions of the rest of humanity is staggering. Even if you don’t prescribe to Christainity or believe in any aspect of it, the story of Christ must give one pause.

I know that it is cool and hip to bash Christianity and in fact, organized religion in general these days. That depicting Christ as a criminal, a pervert or even a monster is what passes as art or edgy dialogue – but I reject that as having any validity. To disagree with something does not mean to denigrate it.

The lessons and teachings of Christ are valuable, in fact, most of the moral and belief systems in the world follow the architecture of those lessons. Ponder that for a moment.

Though I was raised as a Catholic (strong Christian attitudes there) I don’t identify myself as a Catholic. The reasons for this are not important to anyone but myself. Nonetheless, I don’t reject Christ as a saviour. Even if he was merely a man, the effect he had and continues to have on the world is worthy of respect and awe. And I can think of few who have had a comparable impact on the world, perhaps no one has.

Even if he was only a symbol of peace on Earth, that symbol brought mankind out of darkness and gave the light of hope. How could this be a bad thing? What could be a better gift to your fellows?

When I was a little girl, I always loved the stories of Jesus and his teachings – they made me feel that there was true goodness in the world. Something the world needed desperately and still does.

So over this weekend, while I am enjoying myself with food and celebration – chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, I will reflect on how this incredible man changed the world.

Happy Easter everybody.


6 thoughts on “An Undeniable Force

  1. I agree with Amum; beautiful post for a very special Sunday morning.
    Happy Easter…

    Hope your Easter is filled with peace and love. I know there’ll be food. 😉


  2. Spoken beautifully, in the spirit of what Easter is about. The message of love and peace is a common thread throughout many religions, so no matter what your religion, the message holds true. Thanks for your reflections Annie.

    ~ PG

    Yes, love and peace is a common message – one we’d all do well to pay more attention to. Happy Easter, PG.


  3. Happy Easter, WC . 🙂 The Spirit of renewal and life ever lasting… does it matter how we celebrate it? I dont think so. Reverance for life is what its about in every faith of the world. However we celebrate, its the core of the matter that counts, and your lovely post speaks to that eloquently. Hope yours is wonderful, loving and peaceful!

    Hey Bird! Long time no chirp. How the heck are you?

    You are right, reverance for life is the core of the matter. Happy Easter, dear.


  4. Yeah I agree with you 100 %. It is a bit disheartening for me at times that Christians seem to be an easy target. We are all stereotyped into one category when in fact we are all individuals ourselves with our own personal journey with spirituality. I just love the posts I read about the people who used to be Christians who now hate those who are still Christians. It’s a bit hypocritical in itself. I was just thinking this weekend that people perhaps should stop being so afraid to stand up for their beliefs-whether they are politically correct or not. But that’s me. Definitely something I need to work on. Okay shutting up. Anabel

    Hey Anabel…
    in fact we are all individuals ourselves with our own personal journey with spirituality
    That says in a nutshell how I feel about religion. Unless someone is truly doing harm to others and using their religion to justify that, there should be no targeting of anyone. And I think that people who attack what they themselves used to be may be trying to justify their own stuff and distract others from something they aren’t willing to admit or own up to.

    That being said – Christ did change the world and continues to do so. Whether you acknowledge or reject religion, his impact on the world is still an undeniable fact.



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