Is Reflection a Bad Thing?


Lately it seems I’ve been stumbling upon various posts that complain about the introspective (selfish?) nature of bloggers. Too self involved, too much ME and not enough THEM or IT (I guess?).

It made me wonder because recently I’ve been writing some ‘think’ pieces. Have I been just thinking out loud, instead of writing? Thoughts that shouldn’t be spoken or written but kept to myself? Maybe I’ve just been bumming y’all out without realizing it. Cringe. And hey, maybe that’s something bloggers shouldn’t do. Or maybe it’s just something I shouldn’t do?

Is it arrogant to think that anyone out there is interested in my inner thoughts? Could be they’re ‘inner’ for a reason. Hmmm.

But if that’s the case, doesn’t that violate that old writer’s chestnut about writing what one knows? The goal of writing in part is to write it real and to be true and honest in what we write. If that’s the case, then how can we write without looking inward and reporting what we find there?

Is reflection part of that or is it just pure indulgence? I really don’t know – so please feel free to jump in and offer your opinions about it.

We all have our reasons for blogging – we all write for a reason, but isn’t it a universal truth that writers (or any artist for that matter) write because they feel they have a voice and want it to be heard. That they have something to say? I mean, somebody has to say something, don’t they? Even writers/bloggers who write as though they are above it all – aren’t they really just espousing their opinions too? Aren’t they writing from the core they call self?

 I don’t know – it could be there are those of you out there who can write from the ‘outside’ as observers. Maybe that’s the way it ought to be. But in my mind, if you’re writing from the ‘outside’ as an observer then aren’t you just recording what you see and hear? And if so, are you the origin or just the conduit through which the reporting of facts and events come?

Me? I write from the inside out. It’s my way and always will be. Call it indulgent, call it self-absorbed, call it egotistical – call it whatever you like. For me, it’s the only way to go.

What about you? From the outside or the inside? Is reflection actually a thing that is better left unsaid and in your head?


13 thoughts on “Is Reflection a Bad Thing?

  1. Nice picture WC is that a self image 😉

    Yup, that’s definitely me, when I’m in my monkey-business place.


  2. Ok, where are these blooming posts that have nothing better to do then criticize or state unproductive opinions (ooops, guilty as charged 😉 )?
    Seems you’re really wondering about this quite a bit, WC. You tell them girl! Honestly….. since when is having a brain that actually does what it’s supposed to a bad thing? Gosh, this could really get me passionately heated! Really.

    Anyway, as for me, I think I have answered the whole blogging question like this:
    I feel the need to write, always have and always will. The only reason I can logically think about why that is, is because there has to be someone, sometime who will need to read it. Yes, I can write my journals and burry them behind the books in my bookshelf. But then who bakes a cake just to store it away in the pan drawer?

    Hey Spaz,
    Yes, I have been wondering about this quite a bit. LOL – I can see you are passionately heated about this. 😉

    I feel the need to write, always have and always will. The only reason I can logically think about why that is, is because there has to be someone, sometime who will need to read it. Wonderfully put. And I am right in there with you. Good or bad, we are what we are. Aren’t we?

    And yeah, who bakes a cake and then hides it in the sock drawer. 😆


  3. I don’t understand why anybody would ever want to write about what they see, hear, and observe unless it was of some interest to them and struck some sort of chord. Writing about what you see is just a description = boring. Writing about what you think, on the other hand, is something other people can either relate to or not relate to. Either way, it is not egotistical to write about your own thoughts. You’re not demanding that people read them; you’re just stating them as a way to figure it out. Just guessing.

    Hey Catchy,
    Very good points and good observation. We aren’t demanding that others read them – but they can if they want. And absolutely, one of the ways I do figure things out is by writing about them. And also, isn’t it good to start dialogues about things? I love to do that. Even if people don’t agree with me, I love examining things from different points of view. How can one do that if one doesn’t express their own point of view first?


  4. people that say bloggers are selfish or egotistical? do they think they have discovered the holy grail or something? i mean DUUUH! it’s my blog, of course i’m gonna write about me and my life and things i like and dislike and my views and opinions. how stupid. of course we WANT people to read but its not like we’re out there campaigning (hey! read my blog because…)

    for the last time to the anti-bloggers. DON’T READ THEM THEN!!! gosh, it’s almost too simple

    LOL great post WC

    Girl, you cwack me up. Nothing like cutting through the crap and saying it llike it is. That’s why I love you, Reggie.


  5. I find it very frustrating when I’m trying to talk with a friend and they won’t share anything deeper than the dry facts of their week. It makes me feel like I get to know them as well as their day planner does.

    It is nice to know some of the facts about their lives, but I want to know who they are, what they think and how they feel. I want to get inside their brain and see how it operates. I want to know more than just what they ate at McDonalds yesterday and wether they watch “Lost” or “Gray’s Anatomy.”

    I tend to gravitate towards blogs (like yours, WC) that are reflective, because I get to see how someone else views life and the world around them, not just what they ate for breakfast. Just like when I’m talking with someone over coffee I want to get to know the real person, and the same applies with bloggers.

    I’d much rather have someone tell me less about a specific incident, and more how it touched them and what it made them think and feel.

    Bloggers are self absorbed, welcome to the human race, but at the same time we can only see through our own pair of eyes anyway. The only way we’re able to see farther is when other people share what they see with us.

    Keep on thinking and reflecting, WC. 🙂

    What a great way of looking at it, Kelsey. I’m like that too. I love to learn what makes people tick. I think it is part of having that whole human bonding experience with others. And really, when you get right down to the brass tacks of things, isn’t that the most gratifying experience a person can have? Connecting with other human beings? Don’t we have to reach in before we can reach out? I think we do. But then, I’m just a self-absorbed writer/blogger.

    Thanks for your very thoughtful response Kelsey, you never cease to amaze me with your insights.


  6. Hi WC,

    While I hate to expose myself as shallow, I blog so I can brag at parties.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit…the only problem with your comment is that I’ve read your blog. It’s littered with your thoughts. LOL. Funny, whacky, outrageous but your thoughts nonetheless. Sorry, no shallow there.


  7. I think introspection in text is one of the reasons blogs have become so popular, particularly with people who wrestle words for fun and profit. What better way to find out more about yourself and your process than writing it down, sharing, and reading about others’ processes?

    Absolutely. Maybe it’s just a case of some bloggers are writers and by nature writers are introspective and some bloggers aren’t? Or aren’t so much?

    Thanks for coming by, hope to see you again.


  8. I go by the philosophy of the great neo-thinker, Uncle Ted. When in doubt, I whip it out.

    It has always worked for me. So just keep whipping it out. It is working for you as well.

    I’m not sure I have an it to whip out – but I’ll work on that. 😉


  9. Take it from me, anyone can write up some journalistic type article about the effects of radiation from microwaves (well, maybe not anyone, but any writer). I regurgitate facts and blah, blah, blah every week. Nothing that really shows any of my personality (some people are very happy about that, esp. my editor 🙂 ),

    I think that is what blogging is for, esp for the writer. We have to make room for the fiction to flow. Since we never stop thinking about what’s going on in our daily lives, playing around with words, playing around with ideas, dealing with global events, etc., where else would we put it? Blogs give us total freedom. It’s ours, no one else gets to determine what we put it in.

    Consider it an unleashing of the clutter so to speak. And some pretty damn good clutter at that (I’m talking about your blog WC, 🙂 ), the critics should be so lucky to have such profound thoughts, esp. those that any ‘Writer Chick’ takes time to put out into cyberspace.

    Anabel, I love the ‘unleashing of the clutter’ concept. It works for me quite well. And yeah the fiction flowing thing too. Great insights. And thanks for the compliments. You’re sweet. 😉


    PS: I edited out a comment where Anabel made fun of herself cuz I think she’s great and don’t want anyone to do that, not even her.


  10. The only bad reflection is that of a 74 year old lady who got rather drunk last night and forgot to remove her makeup before going to bed….
    As for what is right and wrong in blogging? If you want it on your blog, it’s right, if you don’t, then it’s wrong and anyone who criticises you for YOUR stuff be damned.

    LOL – that is funny.

    Kel, if the world ever goes to hell I want you at my back. Love your fighting spirit.


  11. I think blogging is the technical evolution of people like me who wanted to be like Anne Frank and imagined their diaries would be read by the whole world. Well, not like her with the concentration camp and all…uh, well, not very PC, but you know what I mean. I always wrote in my journal like someone would read it someday. Of course I blog. My thoughts would eat me inside out if I didn’t let them out to breathe. It lets my friends hear my rants on their own time, too.

    Hi Blogmom, and welcome to my little coop. You know, you make an interesting point about the journal aspect of blogging. I have tried my hand at journaling and I’m lousy at it. In fact, I usually toss them after a while – the rereading is painful and I sound like a nutjob muttering to herself. Yet, blogging I manage to pull off. I wonder why??? Maybe I had the wrong idea when I did the private journals as I never thought anyone would read them. 😉



  12. I think that writing, like all arts, begins with introspection. It can seem and BE self-serving at times. There is nothing wrong with that. If there is too much of it going on at a blog and your readers don’t like it, then they simply won’t read it. But, in my opinion, humans are curious by nature, and based on the great lengths that the paparazzi will go to in order to get a photo of the celebrity of the day in order to satisfy that curiosity, I’d have to say that most of us like a little glimpse into other people’s minds/worlds (maybe not to the extreme that the paparazzi will stoop to), but you know what I mean. And I have to say there are a lot of great blogs out there filled with such writing. They aren’t all necessarily rants and can be/are very entertaining and thought provoking. I think we’d lose some great ideas if people didn’t let them out once in a while. Think of the great art that wouldn’t exist had Monet kept it all bottled up inside. 😉 Well, you asked for opinions so there ya go! Another of my long, rambling, comments that is almost as long as the post itself. LOL

    I think you’re right, Teens, sometimes a little introspection produces some good thoughts. Some of the most amazing art pieces came from introverts. On the other hand, there can be a bit too much of it as well. Guess it’s a balance thing.


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