So Many Obsessions, so Little Time


I’ve been tagged by Interstellar Lass to do a post about obsessions. Now this is intriguing because I’m not sure I have any obsessions. I can hear laughing out there…but seriously, I’m really not sure I do.

Well, maybe a couple.

I think we can all agree I’m obsessed with blogging. Who’d a thunk it? Last summer when my buddy, Michael asked me to fill in on  his blog while he was on vacation, I thought, Jeez, blogging? Plus the whole thing made me nervous because it seemed so cliquey. As though it was his private club and I’d be crashing. I didn’t think his fellow club members would be interested in anything I had to say or wanted to write about it.

But he was so persuasive and is a good friend, so I decided I’d give it a try. It was only for a week after all and you can pretty much do anything for a week without gagging. Right? So, off I went. My first post was entitled Cream Boogers. To say I was surprised by the response puts it mildly. Like Sally I thought they like me, they really like me! Then I was hooked.

The week ended quickly and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Within a week I had my own blog. And so it began. I learned about hits and stats and stat counters, and links and photobucket and blogrolls and the whole enchilada. I was a blogger from that day forward. And though I bellyache about it sometimes, I doubt I could ever stop blogging.

I’m also obsessed with chocolate. So much so that I will not be able to get the image of a snickers out of my mind (I’m talking days) until I actually get one. Or whatever chocolate obsession is popular with me that week. I can always find a reason to have chocolate. Always.

Books, love books. Not because I’m a writer, though that doesn’t hurt – but because I love climbing into other worlds and leaving my world behind. I love fiction more than nonfiction, but I’m also nutso about the self-help books, the starting your own business books, marketing books and books about art and artists. I always have at least 30 books in the cue that I simply must read. As well as favorite books I want to reread and try to force on others (can you say, Atlas Shrugged?). My local library has a fantastic second hand book store and sell 5 paperbacks for a dollar and hardbacks for 50 cents to 2 bucks. I’ve even found some rare books there. Who needs Barnes and Noble’s?

Talking. Now, I’m not sure talking really classifies as an obsession since we all have to talk. But I don’t mean chit-chat kind of talking. I mean those deep, philosophical, swift exchanging of ideas that matter. The kind of talking that keeps you at Starbuck’s or on the phone til all hours because you just can’t stop, because really it’s the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off kind of talking. Oh yeah, I can talk until my vocal chords shrivel up.

And last but not least, writing. I have written in one form or another since I could write. As far back as I can remember I have written stories. I have been fascinated with the human condition and putting that fascination into the form of stories or poems. Writing to me has been my mother confessor, my friend, my touchstone, my comfort, my refuge, my joy and my heartbreak. It has always been the way I have processed anything. It is the conduit that has connected or disconnected me from the world. I honestly think that if I ever stopped writing I would die. The body might stick around for a bit but my soul would be as dead as a doornail. It is what and who I am, for better or for worse.

Alrighty then, I think that is more than enough obsessions for one post, probably for the decade. And now, you probably know way more about me than you care to know.

How about you? What are your obsessions? Anybody out there who wants to be tagged, consider yourself tagged. Or just share your obsessions here. You know me, love the chatty comments. Go crazy.


PS: How’s that, Lass?

20 thoughts on “So Many Obsessions, so Little Time

  1. I think too much. Don’t know if that’s an obsession, an addiction, an affliction, a habit, or a sickness. But there it is. It’s why I must write…still, that generates more thinking…for God’s sake, someone make it stop!

    Cream boogers? Do tell.

    Blogging Love,


    Hi Jim,
    I understand the problem with the thinking – especially when you are trying to sleep or your friends or family members are trying to get your attention. But that is indeed the plight of the writer.

    Cream Boogers, yes – you can find it here

    Blogging love back,

    PS: I’ll be by to visit soon.


  2. First of all-must say…..GREAT TITLE-That was totally original (LOVED IT!!)

    2nd: You? Obsessed? Uh…..duhhhhhhh

    3rd: I have way to many obsessions to list….hehehe

    4th: l/y FC

    Thanks! I’m glad you like the title. In fact, I have a thing about titles. I have actually taken more time coming up with titles than actually writing the piece. It has to be just right. LOL – hmmm this may be another obsession rearing its ugly head.



  3. Moe’s Obsessions:


    I originally started journaling when I was eleven, and I filled a whole stack of paper journals over the years. When I got my own computer, I stared journaling in Word document. Because it wasn’t really a diary with hidden secrets or confessions, just my thoughts, it later translated fine into blogging — my current obsession. I love the whole aspect of blogging. The writing itself, reading other people’s blogs, and comments. I don’t think I could ever go back to a little paper journal no one else would ever read.

    2-Asking Questions

    Some people monopolize conversations by talking, but I like to monopolize them by asking questions. Maybe I should get a job where I could interview people. I thrown around the idea of journalism some.


    I love books. I enjoy reading, owning books and decorating with them, and spending long amounts of time in places with wall-to-wall books.


    You summed this up nicely.


    There’s something wonderful about learning something for the first time.

    5-Brushing my teeth.

    I have some obsessive compulsive tenancies, and it comes out in the number of times I brush my teeth. Others wash their hands constantly, I brush my teeth.

    6-The Beatles.

    My favorite band.

    7-Alice in Wonderland.

    Specifically, the Cheshire Cat.


    I also like flip-flops and skate shoes, even though I don’t skate.

    I had to laugh about the brushing the teeth thing. The other stuff I could totally relate to but the teeth brushing was not part of my universe. Cute.


  4. 🙂 Those are all great obsessions. I forgot talking. I could talk a blue streak. We need to close down Starbucks one of these days. With a full supply of Snickers for you and Hershey’s Special Dark for me.

    LOL Lass, they’d probably haul our asses into jail. A couple of chicks blabbering and jonesing on chocolate and talk. These are scarey things to the uninformed. 😉 I think it’d be a hoot to do a Starbuck’s night with you.


  5. Thanks for sharing WC (and for the LoG, stop the trying to be me, I am beginning to get annoyed with this stolen identity thriller! 😉 ).

    Rather then babble, here’s a quote on obsession:
    “Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion.” (Paul Carvel)

    Have a great weekend WC.

    Great quote. And I’m sorry I’m being you – I had no idea. 😆


  6. hey chickie!

    i’ll give you a few obsessions i have:

    1. the color pink- no matter what it is, in my opinion it is better if it is pink. Most of my clothes are pink. i’ve already decided my new bathroom will be pink. i just LOVE that color!

    2. music- everything is better with a soundtrack, an my life is no different. So many types of music, so many artists. Music is constantly changing and evolving and i just love it!

    3. flowers- i LOVE flowers! all different kinds, all different smells. I’m one of those girls who sees flowers and just has to go and smell them, everytime!

    that’s about it for my obsessions. hope you enjoyed!

    Hey Cutie, the pink thing explained so much. LOL. I love pink too but my favorite is green.


  7. Chocolate….with you on that. Especially on the days I wish I had never quit smoking.

    Books….there too. Except that to be completely honest, the only things I read are novels that require very little in the way of thinking. Summarize: chick lit. *gasp*

    Writing….yup. The end.

    OMG. I’m you. Except with little kids. And really bad hair since I rarely have the time in the day to actually finish drying it.

    LOL Jess, you have to stop being me. Maybe I better send you one of those Kate Spade bags. 😆
    What kind of chocolate?


  8. Nice post, WC! Since you inquired, here’s some of mine:

    1. Food- I am a very slight person. I don’t pack much extra weight, though I lack muscle. Strange as it is, I enjoy eating a lot. Especially if I’m out to dinner. My food is the first to be wolfed down, and I always finish off the bits that others of the dining group didn’t eat. Yet I never gain an ounce unless I also grow vertically. It’ll probably catch up with me some day, though.

    2. Computers- I love learning about how they work, and how to manipulate them to my advantage. I’ve taught myself several programming languages, and I am looking in to PHP or Perl/MySQL. Heck, you don’t care what those are.

    3. Blogging. In my first year of blogging, I had about 300 posts, and most were done twice per day.

    4. YouTube. Pretty self-explanatory.

    You know DT, I can picture you wolfing down your Carl’s Jr’s, whilst working on your computer, posting your blog and checking out youtube. It’s totally you. 😉


  9. Oh, and in case this isn’t clear, I have one more to add to this list:

    5. Kurt Vonnegut. I love his work and I am looking in to reading all of it, once my library gets off their asses and buys more books by him.

    Well darlin’ that goes without saying. Try this link – you can get some pretty awesome deals on his stuff.


    PS: Thanks for the memories Mr. V. You came, you saw, you spoke. The world will miss you and so will I.


  10. Hi WC! Loved your post as always. I’m trying to catch up with them all since I have been home.
    Okay I can totally relate to most of what you have said but here goes:
    1. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate need I say more? 🙂
    2. Talking/Blogging I talk to anyone and everyone it’s a fault I have (at least Dennis thinks so!) really I love people and I love to talk and ask questions and here what people have to say and YES I LISTEN too! ;}
    3. watching old movies I love the classics and watching a good old movies generally puts me in a good mood if I depressed
    4. the color purple I just love purple it makes me happy – weird huh?
    5. Toby Stephens just love that man 🙂

    and last by not least my biggest obsession is finding someone who will not only listen to me about mental health problems/illness but someone who can help me to help my kids and really make a difference for all those who suffer from depression, bi-polar disorder or whatever the diagnosis this is my I have written to so many people big names like Oprah, Ellen, Hillary Clinton, Edward “Ted” Kennedy I never ever received any replies from the above not even a letter from a secretary to say we received your letter and so on and so forth. Mental health disorders run through Dennis family and effect everyone, as you know my 2 oldest suffer from depression, bi-polar disorder and schizo-affective disorder. I can go on and on I just wish that all my talking/blogging would lead to a big “break” or lead for my kids, someone with some power to help. No celebrity wants to be the spokesperson for any mental health disorder but someone should step up to the plate
    Sorry for the ranting!!! Take care WC
    Kathy aka “Buggsie” 🙂

    Hey Buggsie!
    Glad to hear you’re home. I wasn’t surprised by any of your obsessions – guess great minds obsess alike, eh? 😉 But I was surprised that Jane Eyre wasn’t on the list – or does Toby cover that too. Hehe.

    In terms of getting the help for your kids – keep at it. I have other friends who are dealing with other physical/mental problems of family members and they have had some successes. But I think too, just having the forum to vent about it has helped them. Have you contacted Safe Harbor? They may be able to direct you to someone who could help.

    Unfortunately, I think that celebrities, for all their yammering about such things, don’t really want to be bothered unless your story aligns with a particular agenda they have that will fit into a one hour format. I know that is a cynical point of view and I could be wrong but that is my take on it. There is a congressman out of Texas, I think – his last name is Paul, sorry I can’t remember his first name, but I believe he is quite passionate about children and mental health issues. Maybe you could check out his website.

    Anyway, darlin – it’s good to see you – don’t be a stranger.


  11. Lindt truffles. And Snickers. If I’m really desperate I’ll go for a plain Hershey’s bar with almonds, but I really prefer the truffles. Yum. I so need help.

    You do, but then ifyou got help where would I get my daily guffaw? You cwack me up.


  12. I’ll be expecting my new Kate Spade bag in the mail. Send it Priority mail, please.

    Oh, I sent it days ago…didn’t you get it? Hmmm…now where is that tracking number? 😆


  13. I like getting a rise out of people. It is an obsession.

    Wow, you learn something new about people every day. I never would have guessed, hon – you’re such a pussycat. 😉


  14. Um lets see…firstly, theres coffee. Then theres the website and playing around with that, although I seem to have curbed that a little of late…oh of course there is also coffee! And sleep ins. I’m obsessed with them. I dont get enough of those, hence my next obsession – COFFEE!

    And then there is coffee, oh and let’s not forget coffee, and lastly one must include coffee. Does that just about cover it? 😆


  15. Current obsessions:

    1) Belgian chocolate
    2) Books, used bookstores, new bookstores, antique books, bookshelves, bookends, notebooks (um, I think there’s a theme here) 😉
    3) Garage sales and thrift stores
    4) Battenburg lace
    5) Researching whatever my current realm of interest might be.
    6) Coffee (preferably Starbucks but Dancing Goats has good stuff too)
    7) And I seem to be developing a new obsession … finding secondhand treaures and then seeing how much they’re worth on the collector’s market. For example, a china platter that I bought for $5.99 ended up being over one hundred years old and worth $100+. Awesome. And a clothes hamper I found for $1 is a vintage 1950’s thing worth about $78. For an old, butt ugly clothes hamper. LOL! Love it. 🙂


    Oh yeah! Bargain shopping/thrift stores/antique stores, finding cool junk. Love that! Lately, I’ve been finding designer handbags at thrift stores – it’s my year. Hope it never ends.


  16. OH I forgot some:

    8) Old movies
    9) Musicals
    10) Shakespeare’s comedies
    11) Youth ministry
    12) Victoriana
    13) Children’s books (forgot that one earlier … it should’ve been under the book theme)
    14) Hm. Can’t think of number 14. But I didn’t want to end it at 13 obsessions (bad luck and all, you know).

    ~Debi again

    No, we must never end on 13 – lol. What is Victoriana? I’ve never heard of that?


  17. I really don’t have many. But Chocolate is at the top of the list for sure. Dark is good. Starbucks’ Mocha Frappucino is very good. I usually just make my own – I mix sugar with Hershey’s cocoa with Folger’s instant coffee and powdered non-fat milk and add water and ice. Yummy! Picks me right up!

    Then I do love scouring the used book store frequently.
    The only other things I really have to have are music and the outdoors (gardening, walking.)

    Blogging is quite fun of course. It’s strange to me how you can feel a connection for people just from their blogs. You know, some you do, and some you don’t.

    I know, who can live without chocolate? Actually all my siblings are/were allergic to it. Imagine my delight every easter? hehe.

    I think you’re right – you do connect with some people/bloggers right away and others not so much. It’s great to have friends you’ve never met. A unique benefit of the internet and blogging.


  18. Victoriana = Victorian-style decorative stuff and junk. 🙂


    I had no idea. Actually, I’ve always fantacized about snagging an old Victorian, 3-story and rennovating it back to it’s original splendor (with the addition of modern appliances of course). There is something so elegant about those old homes. It seems the perfect place to write, to me.


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