Words of Wisdom

“Words without thoughts never to heaven go”
William Shakespeare- Hamlet, Act iii, Sc.3

As a writer, I have always loved this quote. The thought that there are words good enough to go to Heaven lifts my spirits somehow.


9 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Words are so powerful…they can move us in so many ways. Michael proved it today.

    Yes, words can have a power all their own. The trick I think, is in choosing the words that will connect with others.


  2. i used to do a quote of the week on my old blog. hey, need a blog friend? lets do the whole mutal link and read thing if ya want, ill read yours anytime i see a comment on mine from you.

    (found you via friends blogs)

    Hey DS! Sure, I always want blog friends. I’ll be by to visit soon, okay?


  3. Had the opportunity of attending a great worshop yesterday (did you know that it is Creativity week?) and one of the things that inspired me a lot was:
    “We are all experts, we are the experts in who we are and what we do.
    Imagine a world where we all would treat eachother as that, experts, and listen rather then shut eachother up. ”
    Since your title is ‘words of wisdom’, I thought I’d share.
    Happy Creativity week!

    No, I had no idea it was creativity week. What a cool idea. I like the expert concept – it’s nice. We should try that.


  4. That’s a great quote, WC. It is so important to think through what we say before we let it loose on the world.


    I love the quote. My take on it, is that there are words and then there are words. Ones that mean something. And should.


  5. You know what, words are powerful, but sometimes what isn’t said is just as powerful….
    Great quote!

    You’re right Kel, often times it is what isn’t said that has meaning.


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