So, yesterday started out as a usual Saturday. Errands. Take the car in for an oil change and smog check. Peruse the local bargain shops for bargains. Go home, write, blog, answer emails. You know the drill…

Nothing was really happening, mind wise, couldn’t think of anything to post, tried several ideas and they all sucked. Then just as I was starting to get a good idea, my phone rang. Ah, good it’s the doc, she wants to talk shop. On my day off? Damn! Okay. So we talk and talk and talk and talk. Finally, the conversation comes to an end. Phew – still have some of the afternoon left. But…I have to call Zelda to ask her about something. And we talk and talk and talk.

Back to the post. I started writing it out by hand until I was on a roll and then it was time to fire up the computer and get going. No problem, right?

Okay, so now loading wordpress is taking forever. When I log in it just pops me back to the homepage. I try again. Same thing. Again, same thing. Again (am I a glutton for rejection, ah, yes) same thing. Shit!

I click on my homepage. Nope, that just doesn’t even want to load. Gmail? Maybe, let’s try. Well Google was willing to come up and I even managed to log in but it refused to give me my mail. Tell me something, what is it about a computer connection not cooperating that will make a person sit there for hours and hours and continue to try? I mean, I’m a relatively intelligent person…according to the experts I have a pretty high IQ – yet when it is obvious the ISP is messed up – their servers are down or they are screwing with you somehow – I just keep rebooting and trying again.

I guess it’s like when you tell someone, no – they are just compelled to get you to say, yes. Is that it? It sure must be something like that because I just couldn’t let it go. I had visions of never blogging again because I couldn’t get a connection. I blamed my computer, although Roomie and Zelda were both having the same problems. I checked the news to see if some hideous world event had happened that would cause enormous traffic on the Net.

I turned it off, finally realizing that it wasn’t going to work itself out, at least for the time being. I watched a movie with Roomie, had some dinner, played with the dog. And yet…at 11:30 I just had to check it again. What am I, so sort of masochist? Apparently so, as sadly I discovered it was still a no-go. Hell, I even dreamed about trying and trying and trying.

Some may say I have a problem and they’d be right. Like millions of others I am totally and utterly addicted to the Internet. It is a co-dependency unlike any other because there is no reason on Earth that humans should be so dependent on a thing, an electronic siren that tempts with more time-wasting features ever known to man. Nor should they wear their grumpy pants when it won’t cooperate. And yet….

Happily, my addiction is cooperating today (for now) – the grumpy pants are off and the happy feet are doing their thing. Okay, okay, I know…can anybody say, Get a life?


7 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. I’m guilty of doing the same thing when my computer won’t play nice.

    LOL, Red – it’s as though we believe that if we are just a bit nicer or meaner…the dang thing will cooperate.


  2. Hi WC,

    My theory is that we are addicted to the rapidly cycling electromagnetic fields generated by the computer’s internals. I keep meaning to wean myself off this by moving the box further away a little more every day, but that means I’ll have to get a larger desk, which is enough of an excuse to keep putting it off.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Oy! First the microwave, now this? You are probably right – it’s probably some electromagnetic vortex pulling us in deeper and deeper until all our brains have been sucked dry. After which, we will all want to become politicians. 😉


  3. I spent the day cleaning up after people, and when I attempted to blog, spilled coke on the board. So now “r” sticks. Blogging today took way too much time, all because of a sticky ‘r’. It’s ok, though, because I have snickers. I give up, today.

    Dang, I hate it when that happens. Thank God, you had the Snickers – otherwise the devastation would be too much to bear. 😉 Actually, you’re kind of lucky – whenever I spill anything on the keyboard it warrants a trip to the computer store to buy another one. Try isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip to get it off – works like a dream.


  4. I didn’t comment on this yesterday when I was here simply because for about 2 hours on Sunday arvo I was sitting there doing exactly what you said….

    Drat, I’ve been found out! LOL. What the heck is an arvo, anyway?


  5. Wow. I saw the picture and thought either you’re having a bad day or Tim Burton took over your blog.
    I think some days just belong in the shitter.
    I learned that long ago with a name like Murphy.
    btw- love the dress.

    😆 I love the idea of Tim Burton pinch-hitting for me on the blog – do you think he’d consider it? The picture is repulsive, fascinating and sort of cool too and appealed to my twisted sense of humor. The dress is sweet, isn’t it?


  6. I LOVE that picture. For some reason. I don’t know. I just feel like i understand it.

    I know – there is a certain truth to it or something. It certainly captured my mood the other day. I know, scary, huh? 😉


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