Hope Your Weekend…

is going better than this little guy’s.  Sorry, I just can’t stop laughing. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s out there. Hope you are all treated like queens and at least get some flowers and breakfast in bed.


2 thoughts on “Hope Your Weekend…

  1. oh that is just cool as! I reckon Zoe would react like that in a situation like that….
    p.s Weekend was a good one! How was yours?

    Aw, I don’t want to even imagine that happening to little Zoe. Perish the thought.

    Weekend was okay – too short, but okay.


  2. It’s too bad you didn’t post the picture taken right after this happened.
    I think it showed the little kid biting the head off the pigeon. 😉

    Really? Dang, sorry I missed that one. I don’t know why but this one just spoke to me. I couldn’t stop laughing.


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