Cry Me a River

Crying isn’t always a bad thing – sometimes it’s good to cry. It’s a natural release from stress, emotion, what have  you. Sometimes, I’m even in the mood to cry and I can’t, so I have to find things that will make me cry. It’s not so much the crying I enjoy as the way I feel afterwards when it’s over. I feel refreshed in a way. So, just in case you need some tricks on what may make you cry when you can’t and  you want to try these:

1. Hallmark commercials: Now, there is nothing in advertising that will get the old tear ducts flowing more than a good, old fashioned Hallmark commercial – especially the ones they do around Christmas. Whoa, gimme a whole box of kleenix cuz the dams are about to burst.

2. Onions: I love onions, there is just nothing better to add zip and flavor to a meal like onions. I put them in just about anything I cook – which could explain why I’m not a good cookie maker – love them, love them, love them. But I have never found a way to escape the tears when I’m chopping those babies up. Hell, I even cry when I’m chopping scallions, scallots and garlic. I’ve learned to live with the fact that I’m a weepy cook.

3. The Star Spangled Banner: Or any patriotic song for that matter. In fact, I probably cry more on the 4th of July than I do on Christmas. I don’t know why. It’s just those patriotic songs choke me up. It makes me think of all the people who fought for this country and continue to do so, despite what others may think. I love my country (for all its flaws and more) and nothing chokes me up more than the songs that pay homage to it.

4. September 11, 2001: It’s been years and I still can feel the tears well at the mention of it. Any images, references, footage, commentaries, movies, television shows, anything about it, still breaks my heart and I mourn all that we lost that day. As an American it was the worst day of my life.

5. Terms of Endearment (or any overly sentimental movie): Especially the scene where she is talking to her sons and telling them what is going to happen when she is gone. The older one is being terrible to her and she tells him she loves him and that she knows he loves her even though he’s pissed at her. At the end, she says to the little one, ‘I think that went well, don’t  you?’ It just rips me up.

 6. Missing my dad and my brother: For me, they left this earthly existence too soon and I doubt I will ever stop missing them.

7. Taxes: Most especially when I look at the ‘net pay’ section of my pay stub every payday. Cripes, isn’t that why we all came over here in the first place?

8. Injustice: I don’t mean the little things where someone feels slighted or takes offense – unfortunately, that is just part of life and  you have to deal. I mean the senseless stuff – the shootings at schools, people who are hit and run, the person who is harmed or maligned for who or what they are, or worse. All the senseless, evil things that we do to one another and without cause.

9. Reunions with old friends: Life is nothing but change. People change, things change, situations change and you have to roll with the changes. But the worst thing for me is when friends move away and you can’t see them everyday like you’re used to. You’re no longer a part of their daily life or you theirs. But the reunions are so great, tears of joy, completely.

10. The price of gas: Okay, it doesn’t really make me cry but close. It seems lately that no matter how much money I pour into the gas tank I can’t ever quite fill it up. And man does it burn fast. Is it me or does gas burn faster when it’s more expensive? I’m sure I’m imagining it but it seems to me when gas was a buck fifty a gallon it lasted a lot longer. Go figure.

11. Then there are the smaller things that don’t always  make me cry but work sometimes, like: killer farts, laughing too hard and too long, stubbing my toe, Christmas songs, puppy dogs & kittens and Sanjaya singing.

 How about you? What makes your tear ducts fill up?

15 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. It has been said that if you hold a matchstick between your teeth *I use a toothpick* while cutting onions, it won’t make you cry. It sometimes works. I think it depends on the onion though, moreso than the wooden pick.
    Not too many “things” make me cry, but one thing that instantly came to mind, and it always starts the waterworks, is the song Bridge Over Troubled Water. And it doesn’t matter who’s version it is, the lyrics is what gets me. It’s my alltime favorite, favoriteeeest! song.

    Hmm, never tried the toothpick trick. I have tried the potato and the bread trick and it sort of works but it’s weird having a hunk of bread or raw potato in your mouth while you’re chopping veggies.

    Bridge Over Troubled Water is one of the best songs ever written. They sure don’t write them like that much these days. Too bad too.


  2. Some music will make me cry. Depending on the song. The Grey Room by Damien Rice for example. I don’t know what it is about that song– but it just…hits me or something.
    September 11, 2001 still makes me cry, too.

    Hey Kenz,
    I think music has tremendous sway over the human heart. It has such power, to make us laugh, cry, feel joy, celebrate, commiserate, jump up and down and lie down and sleep. There aren’t many other things in this world with that kind of power.


  3. I knew there was something I had to tell you!
    Yesterday morning as I am being driven to the Train Station by dear hubby I hear a radio announcement:
    “And for all of you who miss American Idol there is good news: Sanjaya is coming to town!”
    Now if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t even know who the guy is. Guess he was so bad that you guys just sent him North! Thanks a lot!
    Ok back to the post (interesting choice of subject). Glad to report that unlike politics I can line up with pretty much all of it. Differences:
    a) I didn’t know Hallmark until 7 years ago
    b) Love onions, but have lost close to all my fingers as tears blur my vision so I don’t like crying that way.
    c)anthems especially around achievements like the Olympics, knowing that you’re not only the world’s best but also representing your country
    d) I swear the only reason my husband lets me watch tearjerker movies is because he gets a huge kick out of me sniffling along. Ah, I am sure he’s just jealous that he can’t cry on command like that, he probably even married me because of my ability in that department. I look cute with make up down my cheeks.
    e) I cry a lot, but the good thing is I cry mostly because of being positively over emotional or passionate rather then sad (injustice will do it though).
    Last time I cried was yesterday watching Rocky Balboa. Twice (crying not watching the movie). The movie wasn’t as bad as expected, and I absolutely loved that father-son speech…. sniffles.
    And beauty makes me cry, like reading beautiful poems, especially when I know the writers….

    Oh my God, I made you Sanjaya-aware. I’m so sorry. Hope he had a bad turn-out. Yoiks.

    It’s kind of cute that your hubby likes to watch you cry – you probably are a pretty crier. Some women are – I’m not among them, so I cry without others present. Yes, beauty makes me cry too – tears of joy though.


  4. Like most men, I only cry when watching ‘Rudy’. Then it is not only acceptable it is compulsory.

    Oh, I love that movie! Yes, it’s great when the little guy gets to realize his dreams. What about Brian’s song? I saw that when I was a little. What a movie. Love those male bounding, tear jerkers. 😉


  5. I dont cry while watching Rudy, but I do get all goosepimply at the end, just like Karate Kid. I’ve watched both movies numerous times and I still have the same reaction as if I’ve never seen either.

    Hey Red,
    I think all good movies are like that. Every time you watch them it’s like the first time. I sometimes think I intentionally forget plot points in movies, just so I can be surprised all over again.


  6. Hey, WC. Sup? Seriously, the last time I had an all out cry was 12/04 – sad, right? My dad passed away. It’s very hard for me to cry due to the depression meds I take. My mom and I joke that I need to cut an onion to get a good cry. I miss that. Sounds weird, but I do. UNLESS I have PMS, then if I’m lucky I can squeak out a few tears and usually cry on my way to work if I see an ambulance pass by, or see an old person walking down the road all hunched over from Osteoporosis. PMS is the key for me. I never ever could have imagined there was an upside to PMS – my God, WC, you’ve made me realize that there IS a single, good thing about PMS (for me). Man, you’re good!

    Hey Bella,
    Maybe those meds are too strong? I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t cry. LOL – so we found the silver lining in PMS – eureka! What a pair we are, eh? 😆


  7. Usually my bank account balance can bring me to my knees.
    Sometimes an emotionally broken daughter.
    I find that many things can trigger eye-dew around Christmas time which is understandable.
    This is a very thought provoking post, Annie.

    Yep, those bank accounts are merciless, huh? A house full of women? Yeah, there has to be some serious teary moments there. 😉 You’re an old softie…like me. 😉


  8. It takes a lot to make me cry outside, outloud, usually some physical injury. Sometimes, i cry when i see someone else cry. That’ why i cried when i was saying goodbye to friends and family before our big move to Oregon- because they were crying. i was sad but i just didn’t feel the burn ’til then. Once i was away from them, i couldn’t cry, even though i missed them awful already.
    i do feel sad a lot really, but it doesn’t manifest itself in tears. My eyes, they’re barren wastelands practically.
    i don’t know why. And when i do cry, i always feel stupid after. Except on September 12th. On the 11th, when it happened, i was just too shocked to cry but the following day, the silence got to me. And then that night, my youth group cried and mourned and i did with them. That’s the only time i didn’t feel dumb for crying.

    Hey Christine,
    You know, I understand that feeling dumb about crying. I wonder if it has anything to do with the type of parents who raised us? My parent’s generation were quite stoic and took it on the chin a lot – only cry babies cried. Maybe that’s the stigma?

    I was pretty shocked myself on Sept 11th – and I think it took a lot of people a while for it to really sink in. The denial at first, for all of us, I think, was monumental.


  9. Whenever I cry, people seem to run in the OPPOSITE direction. Must keep smile permanently pasted on face at all times 🙂
    Speaking of crying, though, seriously, I talked Ellen Gavin of Brava into donating her space last night for big get-together of Asian community to support House Resolution 121 (censuring Japan for its use of “comfort women” during WW II). She donated the theatre, which seats 350, for FREE. AND, this is really sad: NO ONE SHOWED UP.
    Cry * cry * cry

    It’s true, a lot of people can’t deal with the less than perfect stuff, huh?

    Sorry about your no-show. Perhaps you didn’t have enough lead time to promote it and get people to come.



  10. I thought there was no way anything on your list could make me sad until I got to September 11th. That was one of the saddest days we will ever know.

    Well Courney, admittedly most of the list was for laughs – but I think most of us who saw what we saw that day were forever changed by it. As hokey as that sounds – it was a defining moment for most Americans. And a sad one.


  11. There was a song on the radio lately that tore me to the core. A country song called Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll. Look it up, but have a few tissues handy.
    Also, lately, just about any little thing. Stress levels are high, and so the tear ducts are a bit more active.

    Hey Lass,
    Sorry things are rough lately for you. I know you’ve had a lot of change in your life lately and that can be exhausting. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.


  12. one that that is failproof at making me cry is Extreme Makeover home edition! man, i just turn it on and i’m crying before i have even seen them so anything yet!
    anything my kids do, i cry over their games, concerts, sports, and especially when they make me presents or buy me or make me nice cards. that’s what it’s all about!

    Oh yeah, I cry over those Home Makeover shows too. And kids have such a way of wiggling into your heart. 😉


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