Let’s All Do The Rant


When I was a kid and for much of my adult life, I was shy. I know, nobody ever believes me when I tell them this but it’s still true. In fact, when I was a kid I was just shy of being afraid of my shadow. I hardly ever spoke, certainly not to people outside of my family and my few little friends.

I don’t know why, my family wasn’t particularly quiet or reserved, we didn’t have butlers and grand aunts commanding particular modes of behavior. Perhaps I just preferred to sit back and listen. Make myself invisible and watch, like a spy on a secret mission.

I’m certain it is one of the things that sent me in the direction of writing. Because despite my lack of verbosity (is that a word?), I had thoughts…millions of them, ideas, images, dreams. Yes, they were all there and not being spoken. The blank page became my best confidant and may be still.

As I have lived life, had some experiences good and bad, grown more confident in who I am, all that good stuff, I’ve become much more verbal. Not much of a surprise, eh? And thanks to blogging, I have learned the fine art of ranting. Now, this is not to say that I didn’t rant before I became a blogger, sure I did. But I really didn’t have the technique and discipline down. I was all over the place. I was here and there and every fricking where. Also, my voice would rise higher and higher as I reached the all important point. To be honest, not too impressive.

But…in my little dive of a blog I’ve learned to keep my voice level, make my points, use humor and even anger (sometimes) and even edit to drive my rant home.

But I see other friends/bloggers who are in the place I used to be. Not wanting to say the wrong thing. Somehow tarnishing their image as the nice person or considerate person or the one everyone likes because they are just so very kind. The ones who are just dying to rant. Dying to scream at the top of their lungs. Let out all the complaints, real and imagined. Bitch, moan, harp, cry, whine and drama-queen, without fear of rejection or reprisal.

So, here’s your chance. Want to rant? Yeah? Go for it. Right here. Right now. Whatever is on your mind. I don’t care. I give this space to you, my friends and fellow bloggers. Let her rip. Have a ball. I promise you’ll feel much better afterwards.


7 thoughts on “Let’s All Do The Rant

  1. The one everyone likes? Hahah. I am not so sure it has anything to do with tarnishing, though I have no idea how to really explain it…
    Ranting. Rant. Oh the ranting!
    I’m sincere in the things I write, you know. And I don’t mean to be so damn dark and depressing, but sometimes it happens. And the ranting– the moaning and groaning– oh, it’s been written, just not published is all.
    But to rant– rant…oh, health. Don’t get me wrong. I’m starting to feel great, but I’m sick (no pun intended) and tired of being sick. I’m tired of blood test, of surgeries, of drugs, of trying to pick through my doctor’s accent. I’m tired of medical bills.
    I’m tired of trying to please people. I’m tired of people thinking I’m trying to please them. I’m tried of people assuming I’m unhappy when I’m not. I’m tired of feeling like my writing is going no where. I’m tired of feeling like nobody.
    Whew. Well there. I ranted.
    And a mighty fine rant it was, my dear. Feel better? πŸ˜‰


  2. “(is that a word?)”
    If it wasn’t, it is now!
    i like what you’ve said and will attempt to oblige. And my rant is about why i cannot rant on my blog.
    i am a wife. i am a mother. Daughter, sister, friend. Many things upset me but i have to be “responsible”. What that means is that i don’t feel the freedom to go off about certain things. Since people are able to search me out on the internet, i have to be careful of what i say.
    It’s like that in real life too.
    Also, i am compulsively impulsively opinionated. i rarely consider all sides when confronted with an idea/situation/circumstance until i’ve gone all crazy on it.
    Sometimes, i wish that i could say all that i want, but there’s too much at stake to do such a thing so i fold it up neat and pack it away in the acid of my stomach.
    ::end of rant::

    Oh I get that ‘having to be responsible’ thing. Far too well, I think. And burying it all in the acid in the stomach too. Yes, indeed – hard to get a little space to have a nice little tantrum. Well feel free here, any time. As long as your friends and family don’t know about me, we’re probably safe. πŸ˜‰


  3. I rant on my blog. I just don’t submit it for the world to see. Maybe I should. My outlet is to write it all out, as fast as my fingers can move, not even worrying about grammar and puntcuation or if my paragraphs make sense. Just write. Get it all out. Read. And delete. Most times I feel better afterwards. Sometimes I don’t. I suppose I shouldn’t delete though.
    I don’t have any rants right now. Not at the moment.
    I was a very social child, I talked to anyone and everyone. Now, I’m extremely introverted. I’m very reserved and quiet. I’m the type that doesn’t speak until spoken to, and some see that as being a snob, but I’m not.
    I’ll rant later.

    Maybe you shouldn’t delete it. May be something we’d all like to read.

    It’s funny how we can sometimes reverse our demeanor at different times in our lives, eh?


  4. Heheheh… that reminds me of when I was a little kid. The youngest of four. I can remember my family all being together and discussing something – everybody talking – and everybody ignoring me. I’d be getting really ticked off because I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Then, finally, mother would make everybody be quiet and say, “okay, now, let Lolly talk. Lolly, what do you want to say?” And I’d clam up. Forget. Whatever. I’m just no good under pressure!
    May I take a rain-check?

    Sure Lolly, you can have a raincheck any time. I know what you mean about what your mom did – mine used to do that with me too. It makes you feel even smaller, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰


  5. I like how you fixed my spelling mistake. I couldn’t figure out how to spell one word, and was too lazy to look it up :]

    Happy to oblige. LOL. It’s a free service I offer all of my readers. πŸ˜†


  6. Hi WC,
    You know this doesn’t apply to me πŸ˜‰ In real life, however, my wife does hover close by at parties, ever ready with an elbow to my ribs should the subjects of politics, religion, or… Well, actually I am mostly limited to discussing food and the weather. If we are not giving the party, I’m usually limited to discussing the weather.
    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Sounds like Missus Grit has a good handle on things. πŸ˜‰


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