The Gee-Golly Finale


Okay, so now the new American Idol is the screechy girl. Too bad, I was pulling for beat-box boy. At least he was interesting. She’ll become a compliant little diva and probably sell out concerts for little girls who dream of being the next big voice on Idol too. Providing it’s still around by then.

 I have to say this finale, left me a bit cold. They seemed more interested in pimping their causes and showcasing other artists than what I thought the show was supposed to be about. We actually barely saw the contestants and when we did, they were usually singing back up or something. They actually gave a solo spot to Sanjaya, so he could assault us, yet again with his inept and off key stylings of a rock song. I don’t think I can ever listen to it again without cringing. In fact, I’ve forgotten what it was I was so traumatized by his shredding of it.

The best part of it (and honestly, the only reason I watched) was Taylor and his jacket. At least the guy has a pulse and tried to get people up on their feet. Is it me, or was the audience just made up of celebrities, their relatives and relatives of the American Idol folks?

And the report card section with old Clive was more like a public bashing then what I think it was supposed to be. Why didn’t he just say, “All hail the bald bag of angst and the country Barbie Doll,” and leave it at that? And I’m just curious but how is it a Barbie Doll (clutching the mike stand for dear life, lest she fall off the stage) can sell 6 million fricking albums? I don’t get it. And who told her she could sing, “I’ll Stand By You” with any authority? Some songs can not be countrified and that’s one of them.

One more thing – Greenday (is that their name?) might want to g**gle Bob Dylan, he did it first and oh so much better. What passes as deep and profound songs these days don’t reach me – I mean, what does a kid with too much eyeliner and bad hair know about the working class? Over my head to be sure.

So congrats to Screechy Girl – you’ll be an American Idol diva in no time with a nice, generic diva album that little girls will buy in the millions. I have a feeling though, that Beat-Box Boy will do better – at least I’ll be buying his album – gotta love the dark horse and somebody who just does their own thing.

I shudder to think what next year’s Idol will produce. The recent compulsion to do spin off after spin off of the show tells me that the magic is starting to tarnish. Maybe we’ll luck out and “So You Think You Can Dance” will take center stage. Could happen.

What’s your take?


12 thoughts on “The Gee-Golly Finale

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. This season was such a disappointment. I watched all but the last 5 episodes including the last show. I was so disenchanted when Sanjaya was hanging on that I could no longer tune in. I was hoping Blake would win because he is DIFFERENT and talented – I believe he will have a career. When I saw the re-play of the season finally with Paula carrying on when Jordin was singing I wanted to puke! Really, they need to “up” her dosage! She’s a nut job! One last note; Melinda Doolittle had a great voice, but she had no neck! Maybe that’s why her voice projected w/ such intensity – the sound came straight out of her voice box forgoing the upper part of the neck and shooting straight out her mouth? No neck, that was not a good look. I couldn’t in good conscience vote for her. 🙂

    Hey Bella!
    Ditto on the Sanjay stuff. That kid is a joke and everyone seems to know but him. In a way, it’s sad.

    You know, the thing about Melinda – true very short neck but you can’t hold that against her. My feeling was that if a diva (big voice) was going to win it should have been Melinda. She was the most talented and delivered every week. But she didn’t fit into the image stuff. The good news though, is that girl definitely has a career ahead of her – she’ll be cutting some great albums and I’ll be buying them. Jordin just wasn’t as good as her – she was sort of like Melinda lite, you know? But she’s young and she’s cute and cries on cue – so there you have it – welcome to show business.


  2. hee hee! I watched about 10 minutes of the show. Sanjaya is SOOOO bad..I didn’t see him sing, but the wife told me the gory details.
    I had to vote for him. I voted and voted and voted and voted and…oh…he wasn’t on the list? Well, i voted for him anyway. (*you* try typing S-A-N-J-A-Y-A ..on your phone, it’s a real pain in the @#$)
    We, the american people, DESERVE Sanjaya. 🙂
    WC – I have to defend Green Day. I’m a big fan. I know, most can’t understand the words. But did you see Dylan sing about two years ago?
    Nobody could understand that him as well! ha! Hey, Green day has some very interesting and poinant lyrics, even if you can’t understand them. They are daring you to look past the makeup of their punk roots.
    Bella, you crack me up. Yeah, that neck dealeo-thingy was the deal breaker. She was the best I heard though, or maybe it was that other black girl…i forget.

    Gee Phil,
    You seem to have a little bit of the devil in you – voting for Sanjaya – tsk tsk.

    As to Dylan – yeah, he’s past his prime but that wasn’t my inference. The man has 30 years of work – his songs have been covered by everybody and his brother and they are timeless. He isn’t a great performer, I agree. As to Greenday – they don’t impress me, (poignant or not) it isn’t that I don’t understand them – I guess it’s more that I don’t believe them. To me, there’s a difference.

    Thanks for the comments.


  3. PS. The ‘really stupid shit’ tag is FUUUNNNY.
    Isn’t it fun just to goof off once in a while on the blog??
    yes…it is.

    Yeah, sometimes there just is no other category that fits as well. 😉


  4. i didn’t watch it much this year.
    And the other times i did watch, i usually waited until there were like six contestants left.
    Something about pop just doesn’t send me.
    Fantasia’s season though! That was a good show.

    I missed the Fantasia season – too bad, I heard she was awesome. This year just wasn’t good. They let the bad singers go on too long and some of the good singers were voted off. I know the ‘fans’ are the ones who keep them in or send them packing but the show definitely manipulates things so that the fans get what they give them, if that makes any sense.

    Anyway, I’m happy as a clam because So You Think You Can Dance is on again. I love that show. I always wanted to be a dancer so I can watch that stuff for hours. And when the dancers are bad, they usually don’t stay long – I don’t know why, maybe it’s more obvious or something?


  5. I hardly watched AI this year. It lost it’s flavor, I think. I was so bored. And I am thoroughly disappointed with who won. I think she has a great voice, but I didn’t want her to win.

    Yeah, same here. I wonder why that is? She kind of reminded me of Katherine McPhee – don’t know why about that either. Duh, I’m an idiot. 😯


  6. I have to admit I voted Tuesday Night but not for the one you wanted WC. I felt Idol is all about the person with the most vocal talent and between the two she was better vocally. They will both do well in th future, Blake entertained but his vocal ability was what decided it and the last song they both had to sing showed and maybe was the cause of the outcome

    That’s cool, Ger. We all have our favorites. Personally, I think it’s the whole package. If it was strictly vocal ability then Melinda should have won – she had them all beat in that regard. And the last song (oh so sappy) was clearly written with a dreamy eyed girl in mind. I wonder how she would have done if they’d written a song more conducive to beat boxing and stuff like that there. I’ll bet there’d be a bagillion complaints – still when it’s the other way around nobody says squat. He’ll do well, so I’m not worried – I just don’t go in much for the generic pretty girl with the big voice. Kelly Clarkson took that title, ever since it’s been imitation to me.


  7. When Jordan sang that last song, I knew she’d won it. The fact that the song was written for her was so obvious. Who else would be caught dead singing some over the top this is my moment song besides the likes of her or Celine Dion. It wasn’t really fair, but meh, who cares right? Blake will do just fine I think. But I agree with the Green Day cover of Dylan. I still feel the same way every time I hear the Dixie Chicks do “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. Oh, the horror.

    Yeah, what you said. 🙂


  8. oooohhhhh ANNIE! i am so glad you posted this! i thought the finale was ok, i liked most of the performances but yes, it did lack the “lets focus on our contestants, shall we” quality. and the funnier part is that i actually asked myself “wow, there are so many celebrities, how do regular people get to go?” LOL
    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about So You Think You Can Dance!!! i loved the show last season and i loved Travis and Benji (Tranji, if you will). it’s a great show and one of my faves! i’m so glad it’s back!

    Sorry Reggie, I know you were pulling for Jordin – but I just didn’t go for her. I was hoping for a Gina/Blake finale. Now that would have been interesting.

    Oh yeah, Benji was my guy last year. I just loved him.

    This year should be fun now that they’re in their groove – I’m interested in seeing what they do.


  9. “Too bad, I was pulling for beat-box boy.”
    Yeah, me too. The winner (jordin) reminded me too much of Kelly on Grey’s Anatomy, not that that’s bad or anything……..Next Stop Lauderdale

    Hey Steve!
    Yeah, I really liked Blake. He was kind of like Taylor Lite or something. I guess I tend to go for the dark horse who is quirky and different. Both of them really put a smile on my face. To me, that’s a good thing.


  10. Hi WC,
    The continued popularity of this tripe keeps Simon Cowell on my potential antiChrist list.
    the Grit

    Ahhhh…Simon Cowell, the originator of firm man-boobs. Yep, I think he does belong on that list. 😉


  11. Green Day was much better when they sang songs with true meaning like laying around on the couch and jacking off.

    Yep, I’m a firm believer in the idea that people should stick with what they’re good at. 😆


  12. I didnt watch the finale, except for the final 5 minutes, just to see who won, and yes, the gal that I was rooting for did win.
    I’m not a big AI fan. I dont watch it every time it comes on, and if it never came on again I’d be okay with that too.

    I’m getting to that point. I’ve only watched it last year and this year – but last year was much better.


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