Hey Everybody,

Sorry I haven’t been around much – though you all know my plight by now. The synopsis is coming along – but slowly. I think I may actually meet my deadline. I’m about 2/3 of the way through.

Of course, I have no idea what my writer friend will say once she’s read it, so I’m in no way out of the woods yet.

After the synopsis, I have a few stories I want to prep for submission as well. Don’t know how long that will take or how much work it will end up being – but it won’t be nearly as painful as the synopsis I don’t think. So…posting may be light for a little while.

I have asked a couple of fellow bloggers to do guest posts and they may well do so, so you may have something to read soon. Hopefully, I’ll squeeze out some posts myself. Fingers crossed.

I know you all know how important this stuff is to me and I thank you for your support in this. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

Have to get back to work now – will check in again soon, I hope.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the great comments of the last few days (which I finally managed to respond to).


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yo WC! Best of luck to you on your writings! You are hooked up on my google reader so when you decide to blog about something; I’ll be back, as usual. It’s become a habit of mine to visit you. Your site to me is like a good magazine subscription, I LOVE IT! Peace Out!

    Hey Bella,
    Wow, what a nice thing to say. I’ve got my own version of Cosmo…or maybe it’s Mad Magazine, eh? 😆


  2. You go girl!. Will start putting away more money for my book buying budget!
    And don’t you dare answer this comment until you’ve finished what your friend is expecting from you. ….

    Hehe…and what are you going to do to me if I do answer it before I’m done. nananananananah. 😆


  3. I tell you what, writing a prospectus for my thesis was terrible. I feel what you’re saying. I suavely tricked my friend into talking about my work, its themes, its anxieties, etc, over a couple pints and made mental notes about what sounded good. You could always drop a James Joyce on them, too, say, “If I could’ve paraphrased Ulysses, I wouldn’t have had to write it.” I’m sure editors love that sort of ego.
    Love the site, though, and will check back regularly. Good luck with the submissions…The Ledge Magazine has a pretty nice fiction contest that reads in July, I think.

    Hey Puddlehead,
    Thanks for dropping by my little dive. What a brilliant idea – wish I’d have thought of it. I just ended up slogging through it. It’s done. At least until I get the critique back. 😯

    Thanks for the lead – I checked out The Ledge and will submit to them.

    Hope you will be back.



  4. Nice work, Annie. It’s done…I can attest to that. Two days ahead of deadline, nonetheless. Very impressive!
    Now for the critique (or not so much, as what I’ve see thus far lends itself to interest in the novel rather than a critical eye).

    Music to my ears, Jess. Thanks!

    Oh well, so much for this weekend. Man, it’s hard sitting at a puter all day.


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