Simple…isn’t it a great word? It sort of bounces off the tongue and flits across the room, landing like a raindrop in a pond. Plop.

But life is anything but simple, isn’t it? Or is it? You’re born. You live. You die. End of story. The only two certainties: death and taxes. Right? Pocada pocada and away we go…

I’ve been thinking about how simple life was when I was a child. I woke in the morning, had a bite to eat. Got dressed, washed my face and hands and off to school. Where I learned a little bit and then came home. Had some cookies and watched cartoons – fought with my brothers and sister. Dinner. Bath. A little tv and then to bed. Simple.

I never thought about the bills or the price of gas. World affairs or politics. Celebrities or assholes (well maybe the bully down the street). My job or rotating the tires. Nope, not even one brain cell was devoted to that.

My brain power was devoted to pressing questions like: Why don’t cats like to wear doll’s clothes? How can I get that way up there booger out of my nose?  Do bees make their kids go to bed early? Yep, all the really pressing issues of the day. Well….at least my day.

And I dreamed…about the future. About being a ballerina, a teacher, a singer, a painter (now how did I end up a writer?) and even a fireman (firelady?). I imagined the pretty dresses I would wear and what I would name my babies. About becoming that mysterious and fascinating character: an adult.

Funny how when the dream becomes the reality it just ain’t that simple any more. Is it? Go figure.


11 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Yes, simple isn’t the word that I would use today to describe life either….. after all, I visit your blog to find you already having thought up another good post for the day meanwhile I don’t have the strength to push down the letters on my keyboard today,…. no pressure there.
    But – there are these moments where life does seem so simple, so logical, so magical. You know the ones I mean? They don’t happen as often as they used to as a child, but then I wonder sometimes whether I recognised the depths of those moments back then. What do you think?

    Hey Spaz,
    Yes, I know the moments you mean. I have them occasionally too – and I wish I had a lot more of them – but then maybe they wouldn’t be so precious if I did. A quandry. And you may be right, as children, we can’t or don’t appreciate the beauty of the simplicity of our lives – we want that juicy complicated adult stuff. Perhaps we should be adults during our childhoods and children during our adulthoods – might be just the ticket. 😉


  2. I always wanted a career in railroad vagabonding as the way to go. That, or 2nd base for The Brewers. But I met some railroaders a few years ago, and they were psychotic. Seriously. And I never could hit the curve. Still waiting for the big career, though, and as you aptly put it, becoming the strangest of all creatures, an adult. Might as well try to become a unicorn.

    But Puddlehead I thought you were a unicorn. 😉

    I understand the romantic notion of wanting to be a railroad vagabond – even the name is somewhat romantic – but the reality is, they are homeless, railroad travelers, who would probably kill you for your shoes. Sad, really.


  3. i do miss very much the simplicity of childhood. mine wasn’t great but it was easier than being an adult most days.
    i would love to have my worst problem of the day be my hair like in high school. Saving all my money for a pair of jeans, not the mortgage. Getting rides to school instead of giving them. Ah, the good ole days. but, having my own kids has helped me to have some of the simplicity,even if it’s vicarious. i love watching them and their “issues” of the day.

    Hey Reggie,
    Yes, you’re lucky that you have the kiddies to live through vicariously. I believe it is one of the joys of motherhood. I envy you that. And wouldn’t it be nice if our biggest problem were getting our hair just right? LOL – I wish.


  4. Let’s bring the magic back!
    i always wrote stories but i also wanted to be a singer, a drummer, an actress and a painter so…
    i sing in the mirror with my hairbrush/microphone. Reneé and Caitlyn are my backup singers- when they’re home. *wink*
    i drum on the couch, the counter, my thigh, when a song with a good beat comes on. Somedays, i pick an accent and speak with it all day. A couple of days ago i was from Alabama. It drove everyone nuts but they said it was pretty convincing.
    It’s sad that being an adult is so boring, and it is, but we were doing adult-type things when we were kids. Think homework, paying for lunch, performing well at kickball or four square at recess, chores for allowance. We just had a different frame of mind while approaching these things.
    Bring the magic back!

    Hey Christine.
    Otay! Sounds good. I’ll be happy to be your back-up, backup singer – when your regular girls are busy. Yep, drumming on any surface enables you to enjoy the song even more, doesn’t it?

    Love the accent idea. I do that sometimes – and you do get the funny looks doncha? Especially where I work, I never met so many humorless people in one place before. Jeez. Bring back the magic is right!


  5. I still wander the house in my fairy wings on occasion! 🙂

    I want some faery wings of my own. Where did you get yours? I really really need a pair. 😉


  6. Any chance there were challenges that were daunting for you as a kid but which you take for granted now? Stuff that stressed you at the time but which wouldn’t worry you now?
    p.s. I was outa commission for a bit. How’s that synopsis?

    Hey Ben,
    I wondered where you got yourself to. Hope you’re okay?

    Daunting for me as a kid? Interesting question. Yes, I was painfully shy. I know, no one believes me when I tell them this, but it is true. I was very shy around people, very shy. Now, though I feel the shyness, I’m able to push through it and no one is the wiser. So I suppose the answer is yes.

    Synopsis appears to be done. I’ve let it simmer on the back burner and will eyeball it again tomorrow – but I think it’s soup. Next…finding a list of agents. Feel free to nag me about that too. 😉


  7. I’ve always felt it was the accumulated baggage that weighs simplicity down.
    Years go by, stuff piles up: emotions, bills, broken dreams, family issues, world affairs so on and so on.
    It’s not so much that we lose the simple as much as we lose the innocence.
    I agree with all here. Great post.

    Hey Mikey,
    I see your point. I guess the baggage is the adult thing, yes? Although, some people get the baggage earlier in life and that’s tough. But I don’t know if it’s innocence – I know plenty of adults who are happy and their lives seem simple. Maybe it ties in with the ability to either handle the baggage, ignore the baggage, not accumulate the baggage that is key? Maybe it’s being able to see the good and let the bad kill itself off. I dunno…just rambling here.


  8. There’s a beautiful fairy shop in Fremantle (gorgeous harbour town where the hippies hang out in Perth) near me.
    I think I’m going to make some wee wings for my bridesmaid’s daughter to wear when she’s the flower girl at my wedding 🙂

    Oh how sweet. And congrats on getting married – I didn’t know.


  9. Oo, just read that your synopsis is done, that’s awesome – congrats 🙂

    Thanks! Now, I need nagging about researching agents. Oh bother, it’s so boring. Sigh…


  10. Life’s confusing, hectic, trying, but rarely just simple. In my own life, part of this is too often due to overcomplicating things and trying to handle all the worry and stress of today, tomorrow, and three weeks from now all at the same time. Even when I do remember to take life one step at a time, though, it’s still never as simple as childhood.
    I love it when I have a Saturday — sort of like today — where I don’t have any major plans, and the plans I do have are straightforward and don’t require a lot of thought or speculating. I’ll be able to sit with a book for a little while, breath, and enjoy the beautiful simplicity of the moment.
    And congratulations on finishing your synopsis. When did you originally begin work on your book, WC? Is it a novel?

    Ah…lazy Saturdays, with no rushing or worrying. My favorite.

    Yep it’s a novel – murder mystery. I don’t remember when I started originally…too long ago. 😉


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