I Want a Do-Over!

This past week at work has been unbelievable. Besides the usual sniping, blind-siding employees  that seek to ruin my life – it seems the whole fricking universe wants to get into the act too.

Okay, Monday was okay and Tuesday started out okay but then – somebody asked me something which I needed to check on the Internet. Ooops. No internet. Crap. Have everybody check their computers to see if they are having the same problem. Yep. We’re all screwed for that. Oh well, life goes on.

A little while later, somebody said the fax wasn’t working. I noticed a message saying the cartridge was low, so I sent someone to go get a new one. Nope, that didn’t fix it. Hmmm.

I called the IT guy we use and told him the problems we were having. Naturally, he insisted in doing one of those ‘let me walk you through it’ things that never work. So, he said he’d come over. He arrived later and checked this and that and nope, we simply did not have an internet connection.Crap.

So then I spend an hour trying to figure out who the provider is because nobody knows. Since we have an Earthlink account which we pay every month, I assumed it was them. After an hour on the phone with them I realize that it probably isn’t them. Is the bookeeper any help? You know, the one who is in charge of such things as vendors – uh..duh…nope. I grab the phone bill and discover yes, my dear friends at AT&T provide the service. Okay, we go through the whole bullshit routine with them. You know the one, where the Tech guy on the other end of the line just knows it’s a user problem? Sweet. And he’s asking me which line it is – we have 15 lines mind you. And I’m thinking ‘how the hell should I know? they installed it, why can’t they just look it up on the computer?’

Finally the guy figures it out after forcing me to read a 20 page phone bill. Ah yes, it’s the fax line. So, let me get this straight – my dsl is on my fax line and so that then means they are both out, right? Crap! At least I have my backup fax line. Ah…no…that one is out too.

When can they come to fix it? Tonight at 7 p.m. What? We’ll all be gone by then you dope – this is a business, not my house, which should be pretty obvious since I have 15 phone lines, doncha think?

Okay, tomorrow between 9 & 1. It sucks but I can live with it. We just need to hang on until then. Oh by the way, the receptionist just told me the credit card machine doesn’t work either. Okay, call the company. Shit, you need an internet connection for that too? And guess what? Most of our transactions are on credit cards. So now the receptionist is writing down numbers and other pertinent info so she can run the charges the next day.

So, Wednesday I call up the company to get an update and make sure they are really coming. Guess what? The tech guy tells me that it’s actually a bigger problem and my repair ticket has been canceled because it’s actually a whole grid that is out and it will take days. Days! Probably not til Monday.

So, long story short – we spent the rest of the week without internet, faxes or a credit card machine. And I don’t even know if it’s going to be working when I get in this morning.

Oh yeah, and the doc told me she’s going on vacation in two weeks and we’ll just have to reschedule all the patients and make the associates take care of things.

Oh yeah, and the bookeeper actually twigged that if we don’t get things fixed we may not be able to do payroll on Tuesday.

Oh yeah, then there was this crazy patient who had filed some stupid ass complaint and so we had to run around trying to find stuff that we could fax…ah…er…send over to the board, so they would know she is just a nut job who threatened to off herself at the office a couple of months ago.

Oh yeah and the attorney who is (bumbling) handling a legal case of grand larceny for us – is calling me every two minutes from the police station to help him with stuff I gave him months ago.

Yep, a do-over. I deserve one and need one. Or at least have things back to normal. Wish me luck – I just know I’ll need it. Crap!


14 thoughts on “I Want a Do-Over!

  1. I could call in a couple of lameass bomb threats if that would help. 😉 Nah.
    IT guys are assclowns anyway. You’d get more done trying to figure it out yourself.
    Deep breath {shot of Jaeger} Deep breath {shot of Jaeger}
    There. Don’t you feel better now?
    Hang in there. Things <b>will</b> change.

    Hey Mikey,
    I think you’re right, things will change – the question is how much worse are they going to get? 😆


  2. Yes, a mulligan is in order. Luckily, it’s just work, right? Hang in there, or ask that girl who needs the vacations to help. Couldn’t she figure the grid problem out? She’s brilliant, right?
    I hope it gets better soon for you, WC, or at least the work day ends.

    Hey Puddlehead,
    You know, that’s a good idea. Since vacation girl is smarter than the whole rest of the universe, she should easily be able to solve all our woes. 😉


  3. Sounds like it would have been a good week for YOU to be on vacation! Some days (weeks, months) are just total write offs.
    Hang in there my friend!

    Hey You!
    WB to the blogosphere.

    You’re right, it would have been a great time for me to take a vacation. Maybe I will. 😉


  4. * HUGS * Aww. It sounds like you had a pretty rough week. I don’t know how to give you a do-over, but you should eat some vanilla ice cream and swedish fish. It makes things a lot happier. Trust me.
    heart. mckenzie.

    You know it’s remarkable Kenz, you always seem to solve your problems with ice cream and swedish fish. What is your secret? 😉


  5. Hope this week has started off better for ya, MsChick.
    I love how you ended the post with simply C-R-A-P!

    Hey Red,
    Yeah, crap just about says it. Good news, I hear I get to fire the little vacation girl. Of course, we’re calling it a reorganization. Wink, wink. 😆


  6. Hi WC,
    This is what sick days were invented for. Take three, and post me in the morning.
    the Grit

    Hi Dr. Grit,
    Are you sure I don’t need anti-biotics or anti-workotics or something? 😉


  7. Grand larceny. Uh, don’t you work for a doc’s office? Doesn’t fit together in my head. But then we all know how my head works, and not much fits together in it.

    Yeah, I do. If you want, email me and I’ll give you the gory details. Can’t really go into it here.


  8. good luck sweetie!

    Well, I survived – and we got one fax line back late today. I’m assured by the phone company that all the rest will be back tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 😉


  9. You really got put through the wringer last week. Things can only get better now – at least that’s what they always tell me. Hope it comes true for you.

    LOL – well, much as I’d like to believe in that sentiment, I may hold off taking it to the bank. 😉


  10. Damn, what a week. I agree DO OVER!!! you were robbed. Maybe this one will be better.

    LOL! Yah! I was robbed, I tell ya, robbed!!! There…I feel better now. Tanks.


  11. I’ve got a line that people tell me and I’ve been known to tell others that sounds good and is true but never fails to piss me off which goes like this:
    “This too shall pass…”
    /me ducks!

    Yep, me too. Give it out but when I get it, pisses me off. 😆 It’s an oldie but a goodie and I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks, dear.


  12. Holy c..p! Poor bugger! You smiling yet, girl?

    Hey Simonne, things are looking up. I hear that I may actually get to fire vacation girl. And we got one of our fax lines back yesterday. Fingers crossed, it’s all back today. Oy!


  13. Oh! maybe a good ‘firing’ is all you need!!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post 🙂

    LOL – maybe I do need to be fired – I might actually like that in this case. 😉
    You’re welcome about the comment – it was most excellent.


  14. Hey come over for a cuppa love. No stress, the coffee is always great and you can just forget all the crap…
    Well it sounded good anyway 🙂
    Hope it’s all sorted out soon
    Cheers, Kelly

    Yes, the phone company maganomously reinstated our service. Great guys, huh? Cripes.


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