We All Need


Kim over at Good at Getting Better did this little ditty and I thought I’d give it a try myself. You go to g**gle and type in “(your name) needs” then list the top ten needs. Mine were pretty funny and frighteningly accurate. So what does Annie need?

Analysis. Annie needs to be rescued by the armed forces (displaying male power), the entire rescue mission having been set in motion by the preeminent father figure [This one is an obvious no brainer. Any of my readers could have come up with this]

Companionship. Volunteers are taking her out of the kennel each day, but this in no way replaces the companionship Annie needs. Annie needs a home. …[Yes, I am so lonely and I had no idea that others knew I lived in a kennel]
The Four Word Film Review. Annie Hall (1977). 77 reviews. Film rated 4.4 / 5 (Chick rating: 4.3 / 5) (Guy rating: 4.5 / 5 …. Manhattan Pygmalion needs eggs. … Annie needs a Woody. …[Not clear on this one, do I need a film review or a woody?]
A foster home. Please Save Annie!!! Needs a FOSTER home!!!!This is Annie, a mountain cur (?) puppy who desperately needs someone to love her unconditionally, spend time with her training, and can teach her not to be …[Yes, please save me!]
Coffee. Why Annie needs her Coffee~’Why Annie needs her Coffee~ Hi everybody, We were out of our favorite coffee this morning, which made me remember this story. [I always need coffee – jeesh, this is too easy]

A new door. She keeps her door unlocked, slightly ajar. If Annie needs someone, or if someone needs her, she cannot open the door. No one robs Annie. … [You better believe no one robs Annie – or that Annie has anything to rob]
Insight. Finally, the court concluded that the grandparents are “good people,” but their lack of insight into Annie’s developmental needs, the grandfather’s …[Can’t argue with this one – and really it is all about my developmental needs]
A real home. little annie needs a real home [And big Annie could use a real home too]

To Grow up. Another Police Rampage in DC”Annie” needs to grow up and take her politically correct “liberalism” over to Daily Kos where it belongs, with the other “liberals” who want to impose …[Who said I was a liberal????]

To Get Dressed. AJ gets dressed and insists Annie needs to get dressed too. Then the three of us hop in the car where we either go out to the library, or if it’s a M, …[Crap, is there a hidden webcam on this thing?]

Okay, so apparently that is what I need. I would add to the list, fame, fortune and several published novels, but G**gle clearly doesn’t know me that well.

What do you need?


19 thoughts on “We All Need

  1. I need to shower petition, get help, and learn to search. Hmmm. What is a shower petition?
    Anyway, that’s a cool project.

    Hey Puddlehead,
    A shower petition? Hmm…interesting – maybe they mean you need to be showered with petitions? 😉


  2. Sam needs…
    1 .. a doggie bag.
    2 .. you to speak Korean.
    3 .. you to play polka.
    4 .. that extra shoveful.
    5 .. watching, too.
    6 .. an angel.
    7 .. self restoration.
    8 .. to polish his image.
    9 .. Napster.
    10 .. 15 women in stilettos.

    Very nice. I especiallyliked number 10 😆


  3. According to Google, I need…
    1. Time to pick past foibles (?)
    2. Time to fix army football program
    3. To learn how to do research
    4. A haircut
    5. some educating, at least about decency, and perhaps about copyright law
    6. A fro pick
    7. needs more time to rectify sins of the past staff (this was part of a similar list of 10 “google need” things. Werid.)
    8. to do a LEGION series
    9. to go back to school
    10. an assistant for transitioning to his new assignment.
    You’re right. Scary accurate.

    I wonder how they knew you needed a haircut. LOL. You’d think they could see you. 😉


  4. I think you saw my post regarding this issue, right? Mine was scarily accurate….but then I had my explanations for it, as always…. 😉 .

    Aw Spaz,
    Nope I missed that one. I’ll have to go look. Yes, we always have an answer, that is why we are writers. See how that works? 😉


  5. how awesome! WC, i have an extra room until that foster home thing works out… and Sam? 15 women? WOOO girl! DT, i knew you needed to go back to school, i just didnt realize how soon.
    let’s see what Reggie needs:
    1. an n/w connection
    2. an assistant
    3. better handling of attribute class evolution (well DUH!)
    4. a statue
    5. major orthopedic surgery
    6. a new home (already?)
    7. a new set of hands
    8. the SEX
    9. to protect the Rock more!
    10. a nickname (LMAO)
    God, that was so accurate and freaking hilarious!

    Hey Reggie,
    I’ll take you up on that room – do you take green stamps?

    Your list is hilarious. A statue? What, so the birds can poop on it in your backyard or something? Major orthopedic surgery and a new set of hands. LMAO. Those are funny.


  6. holy crap, i had a comment here, where did it go?
    anyways i need
    1. a n/w connection
    2. an assistant
    3. better handling of attribute class evolution
    4. a statue
    5. major orthopedic surgery
    6. a new home (already?)
    7. a new set of hands (damn!)
    8. the SEX
    9. to protect the Rock more!
    10. a nickname
    LMAO that was fun!

    Sorry, had to fish the original out of the spam box. Been a while since they nabbed one of my buddies. 😉


  7. Why Annie Needs Her Coffee… LOL, isn’t that a topic we writers need?
    I LOVE Trader Joe’s! I tried their “Mellow & Smooth” one and I just wasn’t impressed… but maybe the hazelnut will make it’s way into my basket on my next trip. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

    yeah do try the Hazelnut, I think it might be just what you’re looking for. They also used to have a cinnamon/chocolate that was nice – subtle but nice.


  8. This is so funny. i need:
    -something more than just fast sex and a roll in the hay
    -to know where my inventory is located at all times.
    -only to cough and sneeze and then she could have a brain
    -to go to sleep, thinking about chocolate instead
    -to stop looking at clothes
    -constant attention
    -to develop a clear position on social security reform
    -to see her doctors
    -a grateful attitude to life and her present circumstances
    -a personal assistant twice a day, in the morning to help her get out of bed and ready for the day and in the evening.
    i agree with all of these.

    Wow, yours are great too. I love ‘to know where your inventory is located at all times’ ‘to stop looking at clothes’ and ‘a personal assistant twice a day’ Those are hilarious.


  9. Mine stated that I need to sell video’s of my exploits. That sounds like a good idea. And good luck on getting woody.

    Ohmigod, Evyl – Google is positively psychic.


  10. I’m surprised it didn’t find something about kicking some serious ass in the office.
    What I do know is that Annie does definitely not need insight.
    You already have more than enough.
    Share, baby. 😉

    LOL – well it seems some serious ass is going to be kicked. They finally agreed, we’re going to let vacation girl go next week. She came in all happy today to inform me that she rescheduled things so she can be gone while the doc is on vacation. How ironic since that will be just about the time she’ll be finding herself without a job. Secretly, I feel a little bad though. Guilty even.

    Share? Share what? My insight? LOL – what do you need insight on, oh wise one? 😉


  11. Hmmm. Mine are shockingly accurate as well:
    1) Lass needs urgent eye surgery
    2) “There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer…” Don’t you wish you ended up with $15 million worth of jewelry to auction off when the relationship …”
    3) Super poor lass needs a favour – – Dublin travel / travel partners
    4) Barefoot Lass needs your help! With the high cost of keeping this site going and all of the hours spent updating (adding my reader’s hints & tips) and …
    5) What rural lass needs to do Blogs about dating, drivers license, relationships, taxi, Happiness. boyfriend doesn’t have a license, and I need help.
    6) Poppypie sheff lass needs decent conversation
    7) A young Lass Needs a handsome man
    8) Young lass needs a bedsit
    9) hyper lass needs calming down,, on a high 247 can you keep up
    10) I be thinkin’ th’lass needs a bigger cup size, there. But th’contraption be doin’ well t’create a cleavage out of not much. …
    I confess I cheated a bit because there were some that sounded exactly the same. Glad I made it to the last one though. ROFLMAO

    These lists are hysterical, aren’t they? I mean, who’d a thunk that they’d be so right on?


  12. You have no idea how much I needed this laugh today girl. Good to be back.
    I’m telling you I’ve missed you guys.
    This was hysterical.

    Yeah, we got some amazingly funny lists on this one. Glad you did it, otherwise I’d never have thought of it.


  13. LMAO!! The first one was post doing this exact thing! Does this mean I need to do it?!
    Apparently I also need my brother backstage, a friend who cares, a little guidance and to STOP. So I will. Cos google said so 🙂
    Cheers, Kelly

    Wow, I had no idea you had a brother. Google sure does know all, eh? 😉


  14. Diane needs to know how to do this seemingly simple task. 🙂 DO I just put in google “diane needs”. Well thats what I have done and It comes up with a ton of Diane’s and all their needs. How do I find out what this Diane needs?
    Di 🙂

    Hi Di,
    Yep, you did it right. And it was just a little jokey kind of meme. Nothing serious. Just something silly and fun to occupy bored minds. You know?


  15. Debi needs …
    … a haircut
    … some info on HRT patches
    … a little vacation to work on her mothering skills
    … her head examined
    … to choose between genetic freaks or Jack Bauer
    … group guidance
    … information for the newsletter
    … to raise at least £2500
    … to leave
    … help in several areas
    … to know if she has to pick you up or if you have a ride
    … some help with a history project
    … to go slap a choke hold on his ass
    … a blog
    … a prayer
    … to go inside and eat a few more debbies snacks
    … to learn how to spell
    … a hug
    … more cars
    … her sleep
    … your blood
    … to get her act together
    I sound like a hopeless menpausual vampire freak with bad hair in need of lots of therapy and (another?!) blog. 😉

    LOL Debi,
    That was one funny list. I especially liked: to go slap a choke hold on his ass Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like you. 😆


  16. You probably noticed that I left the “slap a choke hold on his ass” one off of the list I put on my blog. I didn’t want to scare my readers. Guess I didn’t care if I scared yours! LOL! 😉

    LOL – yes, I noticed that. Heck, you couldn’t scare my readers – I can’t even scare them. 😆


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