8 Things About Me


Marion has tagged me to write 8 random facts about me – I could swear Kim had already done this, but what the heck, I’m game. I’m not much into tagging these days – but feel free to do the meme if it grabs  you.

 1. I am a political junkie, currently on hiatus and saving myself for the 2008 presidential race.

2. I was born on St. Patty’s Day and am half Irish. My Great, Great Uncle was Father Flanigan of Boy’s Town fame (they made a movie of it with Spencer Tracy – not my birthday but Boy’s Town).

3. Of the five children in my family only I have my mother’s green eyes – the rest of my siblings have blue eyes. Beyond that, I look like no one in my family and Mom used to tell me I was the Milkman’s gift to the family tree. (She was joking)

4. I have an IQ of 137 – which apparently makes me smart. But if I’m so smart, why have I done so many stupid things?

5. I can raise my left eyebrow at will – I had no idea this was an actual talent until Pretty wrote a post about her boyfriend being excited that on occasion his eyebrow raises of its own accord.

6. I compulsively give everyone I meet and know a nickname. I don’t mean to do it, it just comes out of my mouth and it sticks (at least in my mind) and I can’t seem to call that person anything else. My favorite nickname was “Rodg” but it never stuck, the other nicknames I’ve been given are, “Killer, Toughie, Neener, Neetz, Neato.” Is it any wonder that I started forcing people to call me Annie?

7. I was hit in three motor vehicle accidents in the same year. In each case, it wasn’t my fault but that was little consolation to my cars. The most ironic of these was the last one, in which a doped up delivery guy hit my junker with his delivery van, while I was on my way to make the final payment of the the car that was totaled in my first accident. Is it any wonder that I hate to drive and refuse to go on the freeways?

8. I wrote a song called “The Loose Woman Blues” when I was 14. I happened to be on a Janis Joplin jag at the time. No, I don’t remember the lyrics and no, I don’t remember the melody – the only thing that survived in my brain was the title.

Okay, those are 8 really irrelevant facts about me.

How’s about you?


PS: Oh yeah, here’s a #9 – Bella thinks I’m a

Thanks Bella!

12 thoughts on “8 Things About Me

  1. “The Loose Woman Blues” 😆
    I knew you had a bit of the soul in you.
    A Joplin freak, eh?
    I liked her too.
    Sang her ass off but gone too soon.
    And Father Flanigan? Hmm . . . 😉

    Hey Mikey,
    Yeah, I guess when you grow up in Motown aka, the Motor City, aka Detroit, it’s a law that you have to have a bit of soul in you. 😉

    Someday I’ll tell you what my Grandma told me about ol’ Father Flanigan. 😉


  2. i love giving out nicknames. It my thing i do, Chica.

    1. When i drink milk, it must be in a glass cup with 3 ice cubes. Only three. Not two, not one. 3.

    2. When washing dishes, they must be stacked a certain after i’ve washed them in a certain order: silverware, plates, bowls, cups, coffee cups, pots, pans.

    3. i can’t stand using bookmarks. i like to leave myself on a book by dog-earing pages.

    4. i have to listen to music when i cook. i have a specific playlist called “cooking” on my computer and i blast it. (sorry neighbors. 😦 )

    5. i wear sweaters. If it’s hot outside, i’ve got a sweater on. i have a favorite sweater for when i am writing, another for coffee and smoking, and still another for lounging on the couch with R and watching tv.

    6. i hate shopping for clothes or shoes. With a passion. But i love grocery shopping.

    7. My fingers are double jointed.

    8. i mostly type with three fingers, about 50 wpm. Index and middle on my right, middle on my left. Also, i hate typing.

    Hey Christine,
    I love the dish stacking one and the soundtrack for cooking. Gee that even sounds like an album title. 😉 And I’m filled with admiration for a writer who types with three fingers – wow, I can barely do it with 10.


  3. MOE!!!!! I’ve never known anyone else who can’t touch frozen stuff before….I’m the same way!! When I buy ice cream, I have to hold it by the very upper rim of the top, and I have a small dixie cup in my freezer to get ice out of the ice bin.
    Weird. Can you bite popsicles? Because if I try, I feel kinda queasy.
    Sorry Annie….I know it’s your blog and all, therefore your comments, but Moe is as weird as I am so I had to go there. 🙂


  4. Oh, and I can do the eyebrow thing too. My left. It was great when I was a teacher, all I had to do was raise the brow and it got really quiet.

    Too bad it doesn’t work with my kids. They just laugh at me.

    I’m not surprised your kids are onto you with the eyebrow – but I would think a teacher would have to be able to do the eyebrow thing to be effective. 😉


  5. Hi WC,

    I wrote a blues song for my wife as a birthday present, The I Can’t Get Enough Of Loving You Blues. It came within a hair of being professionally recorded. Of course, when I switched computers, the file was lost! Typical. However, it was to the basic blues beat, as in:

    When Writer Chick writes,
    boom boom, boom boom
    You know I gotta read.
    boom boom, boom boom
    When she won’t tell me,
    boom boom, boom boom
    then I’ve gotta plead.
    boom boom, boom boom

    You take that away,
    boom boom, boom boom
    and the day’s looking sad.
    boom boom, boom boom
    Without her opinion,
    boom boom, boom boom
    how can I tell good from bad?
    boom boom, boom boom

    And like that. It’s a most infectious musical style, and, even though it has a very simple structure, isn’t all that simple to do properly.

    Being a bit simple myself, it suits me 🙂

    the Grit

    That was great, Grit! A little blue ZZ Top style never goes out of style. Though, I have to tell you, if you’re relying on me to tell you good from bad, you could be asking for a whole heap of trouble. 😉


  6. I am so incredibly UNpolitical. Suppose I can read a bit here and learn a few things.
    I raise my left brow quite often, not knowing most of the time, and in most pictures I actually have to THINK about NOT raising it. I can’t raise the right one though.
    Gimme a nickname. I want a WriterChick-given nick. Umm . . please.

    Give it time Red, give it time. I didn’t get into it until later in my life. Then, I couldn’t get enough. 😉

    You already got a good nickname Red – I can’t think of one for you – but I’ll give it some thought



  7. Well I finally got onto your blog. I only read a little, but can tell that I do enjoy your writing.

    It was so nice running into you a few weeks ago at the doctors office.

    You can lift one eyebrow at wiil, can’t you?


    Hi Christine!
    You actually came by. Wow, thanks. Yep, I can raise my eyebrow at will.

    It was great to see you too. I’m on my way over to your site now.



  8. “4. I have an IQ of 137 – which apparently makes me smart. But if I’m so smart, why have I done so many stupid things?” Stupid is as Stupid does…………no just joking 🙂 …… steve

    You’re right, Steve – stupid is as stupid does – now what the heck does that actually mean anyway? 😉


  9. i’ll do a post about 8 things, it will give me something to post about that is happy for once LOL you don’t mind me being a thief do you?

    Nah, I don’t mind. It was supposed to be a meme thingie – so yeah, go for it. In fact, I saw your – cute.


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