I Think I’ve Peaked – or is it Piqued?


When I started this little blogging thang, I had nary a thought to how long I’d do it for, nor even if it was for me. Michael (my blogging mentor) has encouraged me over these past few months and if I last, August will be my first year blogoversary.

 But I’m honestly wondering if I haven’t run out of gas just short of that milestone. It seems lately, I don’t have a whole lot to say and what I do say is of little consequence. Cripes you could pick up most of my yak from Entertainment Tonight without having to read at all. And the stats show it. They’s a just going, down, down, down.

It’s produced an odd melancholy in me and I honestly don’t know what to do. The thought of not hanging with my blogger buds really bums me out – though the angst of ‘what now?’ being nowhere in my life has a certain appeal.

Am I just going through the terrible two’s of blogging? Is it a phase? Is it seasonal? Is it the tags I’m using or not using? Should I submit my blog to yet another blog directory? Has the popularity of blog readers become such that people no longer need to drop by because they can read from a remote view? My breath, my deodorant, my fat ass? There and many other questions go unanswered – mostly because I don’t think anyone has the answers.

But I’ll tell you, it’s disheartening when you get more hits from the spam bots than from the readers.

And please, make no mistake, this isn’t a pity post, that seeks to illicit sympathy and atta girls. I know you guys love me and I love you. It’s more me – thinking out loud – trying to figure it out.

If anyone has any inside information or understands this more than me, please feel free to speak up. I’m just flummoxed. I’ve no idea.

I really do think that maybe the Writer Chick brand has run its course.

35 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Peaked – or is it Piqued?

  1. I wonder the same thing. I don’t think you’ve peaked. I think you have A LOT going on right now. One thing I know is that when I came out of the trenches in the real writing world so to speak, I needed to be coddled a bit. That’s was what was great about being on wordpress. I think we have a little group going here that is supportive in its own way. So I know for sure you’d miss it. And we’d miss you. As far as the stats, I think everyone is summering and vacationing right now. I think once the kids are back in school, and the fall sets in, people will be inside more and back on their computers. Or at least I hope so. 🙂
    This feeling, while valid, will pass. In the meantime maybe have a Twix, I just ate two. (Bad girl 🙂 ) kim

    Hey Kim,
    Yeah them Twix is sho good eatin’ 😉 Not sure it’s going to do much for my thinking process though.



  2. I agree with Kim re the support angle (Kim, THANK YOU for the comment you just left me – I still have the tissues stuffed up my nose!), it’s so helpful. But the time spent blogging seems a lot to me just to keep that blogging flow happening, and maintaining ideas is a hard one I think, and I’ve only been bloggin a few months! So WC, I think you need to do what feels right for you right now. For what it’s worth, I love coming here and chilling out for a bit. I’d hate to see you go! Don’t go!!

    Hey Simonne,
    I think you’re right, much of the time it is just keeping the flow going. I’m glad you love coming here to chill – makes me feel like I have a little coffee house going on.


  3. Ok my dear, let me get a few things straight:
    1. Don’t you dare go anywhere, you owe me at least 27 drinks!
    2. The moment you don’t have anything to say or that is of little consequence, Dubblya will be voted Amerca’s next top model.
    3. Look outside, we have all those rainy and cold days we have no choice but to sit in doors that no moment of summer should be wasted. (Ok, for those fortunate people who live in constantly warm and sunny places, this might not apply). I know I am not around as much, but I live in Igloo country!
    4. I’ve plateaued as well, and quite frankly it’s just that one post that keeps getting hundreds of hits a day because anybody who googles ‘heart’ seems to land on my website. But since we aren’t making money off this thing, why do we care about the numbers? (In some moments I confuse the numbers with my value as a writer or a at worst moments my persona – but you’d be yelling at me and cancelling those 27 drinks on me, if I ever mentioned that to you out loud). What we should care about is that we have gotten to know some really cool people, you better be honored to have me show up here as much as I have!
    3a. Please add a ‘ 😉 ‘ to above.
    4. I do sometimes ask myself if I use this whole blogging experience as a comfort place where I can write without any risks and yet get nice feedback at times. It has allowed me to get some (at times major) satisfaction out of it but bottom line, I haven’t gone out there and used all this time writing towards a writing career for example. Not that I have made this a concrete goal of mine, however I know it would be a dream come true. Guess what I am trying to say is that, I feel that you might be at times struggling with that same thought.
    5. Your feelings don’t come from nowhere. Maybe you’re ready for a change. Go with it and trust that we’ll find what we love in you wherever you go.
    6. Give yourself permission to slow down. After all, this is supposed to be fun, not something that we need to show up to, like work. Spend some time doing something else. Leave the blogger demons grumbling….. they’re stupid anyway (and if they get too loud, hire Red for a ninja drop kick).
    7. You might seriously want to think about serving drinks. Afterall people usually show up when there’s free food and drinks. Trouble is, you might have a hard time getting rid of them….. and reading your lines does make thirsty 😉 .
    8. …. I know there are more but now my butt hurts from sitting too long. And I know you don’t want to be responsible for that, do you? 😉
    Take care Annie, and we love you.

    Hey Spaz,
    I owe you 27 beers? I must have lost every debate we’ve had in that case. 😉 Dubya as a top model is a funny thing to think about – though I don’t think he has the bone structure for it. Your #4 gave me pause – I do have concerns about that – I worry I will/am get too comfortable here and will let it be my writing pacifier. I have tried to slow down some, but I think I’m too compulsive to do that – in the 339 days I’ve been a blogger I’ve written 323 posts…

    I am immensely honored that you visit, as well as everyone else who does – it’s not about that – but you know that anyway.

    Love you too, my friend.



  4. I’ve been digging around for a link about tails on the bar graph or the lul in blog reading right now.
    I wish I was out on vacation or having company. I have my other goals on my mind too….. Hmmm you’ve got me thinking. I look forward to seeing what direction you go and hope you stay around to get to know.

    Hey Cali,
    What are tails in the bar graph? And if you find anything like that, let me know. It sounds fascinating.

    I too, look forward in seeing what direction I go. 😉


  5. A little bit of a bloggers block I’m reading here. I don’t know Jack shit about blogs really, but I know this is the one I come to and hey!! On a very selfish level if you stop blogging who would come to my blog. Your my only visitor. :). I don’t know about stats and stuff, I write my own comments to my posts. I’ve got an ‘All Me’ blog. 🙂

    My suggestion is just let it pass.

    sending you flowing vibes Di

    Hey Di,
    You cwack me up – an “All Me Blog” that’s hysterical. Maybe someone should start a blog by that title. 😉


  6. Your breath or your fat ass? *snort* Good one MsChick.
    No, you shouldn’t stop. No way jose. No sireee bob, you should not stop. Maybe just a break, but I don’t see any change in your blogging. I still love coming every day, you’re the first one I see each time I come to WP. But that’s also because you’re first on my blogroller, and I scan it from the bottom up. Anyhow!
    As Pretty said, you inspire. Me.

    Hey Red,
    Aw, that’s sweet. Though I’m a little worried at the prospect of inspiring anyone – never thought of myself as a role model. In fact, that’s a pretty scary thought. 😆


  7. Don’t stop. My stats are never good, and I haven’t stopped. I just don’t care, anymore. LoL Don’t let it get you down. It isn’t worth it. You have plenty of people who love you and would be disappointed to see you stop.


    LOL – this coming from the girl who has deleted two blogs so far? I love you too, honey.


  8. i really do hope this is just a wondering out loud thing because, Chica, i enjoy your blog immensely, as do others. (see above.)

    krkbarker makes a very good point about folks just not being online because they’re on vacation or spending more time outdoors, having limited time on the compooper because they are sharing it with kids and all that.

    It can be disheartening. Maybe the excitement is wearing thin because it’s not so new after a year. All i know is that i will miss your blog very much if you were to quit it. Of course, i could e-mail you, still… Don’t give up, Chica!


    Hey Christine,
    I don’t really think of it as giving up. I”m just trying to write a new configuration, so to speak. It’s true that the recent push for publication has changed the dynamics for me and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Maybe it will calm down – but then, maybe it won’t. I just don’t know. Maybe my problem is that I want it all, want to be able to do everything all the time and I just haven’t figured out how to clone myself yet?

    You better email me – or I’ll have to come out to the country and smack you with a wet noodle. 😉


  9. Hi WC,

    I suspect the drop in traffic is just because it’s summer. People take a lot of vacations this time of year. Plus, they’re also spending more time outdoors. ++, school is out, so more time is spent minding the kids. We were getting between 100 and 150 visits a day last month, which has dropped to around 70. On the other hand, our advertising click through rate has improved slightly. We’ve also started to get a few hits from Yahoo.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    So it seems the consensus is that summer is a slow season for blogging, then. You may be right. May was a good month for me and thing have been dropping off steadily since then. Damn, I wish I didn’t care about stats. 😯


  10. It’s summer and people are on vacations! i was gone a week in June with no internet access. And I’ll be gone again with too much to do to sit and read blogs!

    Yep, summer seems to be a happening time, Lolly.


  11. Don’t look at your stats! you get comments, don’t cha?

    Sorry, not built that way – the stats are everywhere. They’re coming to take me away, haha haha hee hee..



  12. Oh, and I wanted to say, I’ve been on that boardwalk in your picture above! On Ocracoke Island off the coast of North Carolina, they have a little nature walk that goes through a marsh area like that.

    Really? I have no idea where it is – I just liked the picture. It reminded me of one I knew as a kid.


  13. WC: I had a double personal whammy hit me in late May and it slowed me way down on blogposting. I’ve noticed other people bailed on their sites, a couple even deleting them.

    I opted not to take that route — but to just let the muse dictate how often I posted.

    Sometimes the spirit wills it, other times not — but the nice thing about fertile grounds is that somtimes, if you let them lie fallow, good things pop up.

    Hey Ben!
    Not sure I’m good about letting the muse dictate but it’s a thought.

    I liked your analogy: but the nice thing about fertile grounds is that somtimes, if you let them lie fallow, good things pop up.



  14. Dude. Me too.
    It’s okay, though. Do you still like it? Enjoy putting out the posts?
    If so, keep it up, chick.
    I like seeing your brain in action.

    that’s the problem, the brain doesn’t seem to be in action at all. i’m reminded of the song, ‘your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime’ Yep, that says it. 😉


  15. I don’t have a whole lot to say and what I do say is of little consequence.

    Wrongo on both counts

    Cripes you could pick up most of my yak from Entertainment Tonight

    Yep I could, but I don’t. ET ain’t WC.

    Am I just going through etc etc etc

    Yep probably are.

    But I’ll tell you, it’s disheartening when you get more hits from the spam bots than from the readers.

    Itz themz lazee hazee daze of zummer.

    It’s more me – thinking out loud – trying to figure it out.

    OOOOOH NOOOOO how many times have I told you that taking a trip in your own head, alone is not a good thing to do. 😉

    The last time I tried to figure things out, the Master let me figure the “thing” out. I was more confused than before I started. I have since learned to be contented in all things.

    I’m just flummoxed. I’ve no idea.

    That my dear is not always a bad place to be. Looking at the comment count at this moment it seems you are surrounded and blessed.

    I really do think that maybe the Writer Chick brand has run its course.

    Really? Ok. That is for you decide.

    When I am faced with those questions you pose I wonder to myself what is it that I am really trying to accomplish with whatever it is I’m doing.

    I thought I worked for money. Nope. I worked because of the opportunities I had to see the things across this country that I have seen. the friends that I made.

    I thought I played to relax. Nope I played to to strengthen the bonds of the friendships I made.

    I thought I blogged to send some message to the masses. Nope I blog for me.

    When I become despondent over something that I can remember enjoying I look at what my motivation for doing that thing.

    It’s sorta like getting a chiropractic mental attitude adjustment. I just re-focus on the blessings that reveal themselves and find that they are actually greater than what I thought I wanted.

    Here is a gift.

    Luv Ya

    Hey Squawky,
    You’re right, I am blessed. And I will take your advice and see what I can see.

    Luv ya,


  16. Apparently you have written the same sorts of thoughts that we all have had or even voiced at times and as I think you have told me, we do it for us. I’ve been trying to avoid looking at the stats since I know folks find and read my blog via other means and sometimes looking at the stats brings me down a bit.

    There are quite a few who read my blog who never comment (including my own family members) and it’s just something I’ve come to accept.

    We care about you Annie and I would hate to see you go.

    I have feelings of not wanting to write at times and taken time off like recently and have had a hard time getting back with it. Sometimes it’s easier for me to comment on other folks blogs than to write on my own for various reasons.

    It’s okay to take time away, to get on with the business of living life. Being a writer, maybe you’re feeling you need to be writing more for yourself and in a not so public arena? I don’t know – I can only imagine.

    Lastly, I’ll say once again, we care. Do what you need to do for you and the hell with trying to be there for us and to entertain us. We’ll muddle through.

    Peace, love and understanding~

    Hey Roobs,
    Thanks for understanding and I can see by what you’ve written that you do understand. I care about you guys too. Hence this saga of a post and the comments. I think the trouble is I don’t know what is right for me right now – which is probably why I’m struggling.



  17. I know what you mean, Annie. I’ve been feeling like this lately, too.

    I’m still several months shy of my first blogoversary with WordPress, but even so, lately I haven’t felt motivated enough to post much, and most things I have slapped on there haven’t required much thought. I think it’s due to the fact that I’m finally in the homestretch of a writing project (that’s code for “book”) I’ve been working on for the past year, so it’s been using up all of the time and energy I’d previously devoted to the upkeep of my blog. Even though I’m not as far along as you are with your novel, I’d imagine it’s a similar predicament. It’s hard to give as much to your blog, no matter how much you love it, when you’re plate is full with something else.

    Don’t worry if you don’t feel up to posting as much as you did before. Once you’re not as busy with your book, I’m sure you’ll just be brimming over with snazzy ideas, and I can’t wait to read all of them. 🙂


    Hey Kelsey,
    I didn’t know you were writing a book. That’s fantastic! I want to hear all about it.

    I would love to be brimming with snazzy ideas – where can I get some of those? 😉


  18. Oh, man.
    This is gonna be one hell of a phone call.
    This blog has run its course?
    I’d never smack you in the head but good God, you have too much to say to the world, Annie.
    And it’s good stuff from a brain that is seemingly more intact than most politicians of the day (including our president).
    I will (possibly) hop on a plane and beat you silly the next time I see a post like this. 😉
    You have so much more to say about this crazy world we live in and I’ll be pissed if I don’t hear it.
    Don’t make me come out there.

    your (almost) bro,

    Hey Mikey,
    Don’t get on that plane – no need for violence 😆

    It’s funny that you seem so certain that I have so much more to say – I crave that certainty right now – and it ain’t showing itself at all. I feel so in flux – like a plane flying over an endless body of water with no landing strip in sight. Everything seems a little ‘off’ do you know what I mean? Like I’m in a permanent hover mode – I just don’t know why.

    It’s me, living in the Twilight Zone. I got a new job but it’s not quite right – I got a new car but it’s not quite the car for me – I just got a haircut and apparently the haircutter was smoking dope because it sure isn’t what I asked for. Seems to be the story of my life right now. I know there’s a lesson or a lightbulb moment in there somewhere, but where it is and when it’s coming, I’ve no idea. 😦



  19. And you have ten times more visitors than me.
    In blogging terms, you’ve surpassed me.
    And you’ve blogged for 1/2 the time I’ve blogged.
    Maybe I should be giving up the ghost.
    Sheesh . . .

    Now I’m thinking you’re smoking dope. 😆 Ten times the visitors? No way would I ever believe that. Surpass you, not possible.


  20. ummm…look at all these comments, where the hell are you?

    I was comatose, I’d spent the day tearing the house and garden apart and then putting it back together. Seems there was a lot going on over here.


  21. I guess what I meant about the muse was that sometimes a post hits me like the V-8 forehead slap — of course!

    It’s just there and it’s more of an effort not to plug it in.

    Other times, it’s all forced. But we feel the need to keep up a schedule or routine.

    The inspiration will return. Life just keeps happening. As a writer, have faith that your best post, your wildest idea, the funniest story, the most outrageous coincidence you’ll experience hasn’t happened to you yet.

    And you w0uldn’t want to have lost your forum when it does, would you?

    I mean, personally, even if I don’t post for a week or two, I like knowing the blog is there when four funny, weird or wacky things happen to me in two days.

    Have faith. The most amazing, exasperating, and ridiculous things ever to happen to you are probably yet to come. *Grins*

    Hi Ben,
    You must be one of those motivational speaker guys. 😉 I love the idea that the most amazing, exasperating, ridiculous things the ever happened to me haven’t happened yet. It gives me something to look forward to – and maybe you’re right. 😆


  22. i just don’t want you to leave me. : (

    Oh dear one, never fear, it wouldn’t happen. We be chica’s ‘n’ shit. 😉


  23. I’m with the guy from smoke and mirrors we need to get you back and going by means of force if we have too. I have violence (I take that back I loved the Sopranos) and would hate to see this end like that debacle…maybe a vacation and a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia will get you out of the funk 😉 If not it couldn’t hurt

    LOL Ger,
    When in doubt, go for the comfort food. You may be right – couldn’t hoit – much. 😉


  24. He did not know how well he sang….it just made him whole.

    It was a wonderful song – thanks for sending it my way.


  25. Hi Rodg,
    This was such an intriguing comment, I had to answer you in sections. In ital, below:

    Writer Babe !! I understand the blues …work work work …just to keep even on the daily “hits in” parade! Don’t despair !! My name is Rodger and everyone calls me Rodg! I usually don’t write anything to any bloggers but since you were having a pity party I thought I would weigh in on how one of your blogs made my day better and clarified somethings on a major political issue ….that blog was the one you did on illegal immigrantion into our country from people living south of California, Arizona and New Mexico (don’t want to be insensitive and non accepting you know) I read your blog which did about as good a job on putting a few important things into perspective …I liked it so much that I reposted it with a link back to your blog on a few other forums

    I like the new moniker – writer babe – that’s cool. I’m glad you joined the party, did you bring the party favors and hats like you were supposed to? Are you sure it was me who wrote this post you refer to? I don’t recall writing a post specifically about illegal immigration though I know it’s come up in discussions on this blog.

    …maybe its time to get out there on that limb again and take a position and share your perspective on some important issues of the day and put that high octane brain to use ala Ann Coulter. I am not saying to become Ann Coulter on all of her views ..but to let it hang out there a little more like she does …matbe be more anncoulteresque or anncoulterish love her or hate her I have never seen her get beaten in a verbal joust by anyone take something that affects us all and tell us what you think and why

    Ann Coultor is indeed a pistal and you’re right, no one can out verbiage she who will not be silenced. Though I’d be a poor excuse for a Coultor impersonator. The problem for me, with politics right now, is that 1) it’s boring me to tears currently and 2) I’ve been out of the loop for the most part and 3) I’m saving myself for the 2008 presidential race which really hasn’t gotten spicy yet. And if it stays as bland and boring as it is now, I may even pass on it.

    …not that I didn’t enjoy ready the 8 or 9 things I didn’t know about writer babe (as you are known to me) think of how much more entertaining it would be to read or write if there were some zingers at ridiculous bigots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson right after the Imus thing would have made us all feel ….poor Imus …meeting with al sharpton and asking for his forgiveness for sounding like a racist ? WTF was that …that was someone in an Imus costume and mask …stuff like that

    Indeed, I did do a post lampooning same among others called PC Nation – perhaps that is the post you were referring to earlier?

    ..I found your blog by mistake and kept it as a favorite ..read it once or twice a week and enjoy your writing – you’re experiencing burnout because you are thinking that you’re writing to write because you should or have to or whatever …I am a webmaster and create some of the porn sites 50% of the population visits each day and I get burnt out too …whats the cure ? Make it fun again for youself by making it more meaningful to us who aren’t ready (by a long shot) to give up on reading your stuff even if you are feeling ready to give up on writing it …

    I have to say that I am flattered and a bit surprised by your readership and I thank you for being such an enthusiastic reader. And making things fun would be a good idea – how to do that though…????

    I personally think you should start remiding the world that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the integrity or respectability or anything else that qualifies her to be President …are our memories really that short? She is guilty of actually committing the crimes that we impeached Nixon for simply talking about committing …subbourning perjury, obstruction of Justice , lying, stealing, cheating, she and her husband committed more felonies while in office than the whole state of Wyoming did that same year ….get mad about something …go after someone …go after that sickening blow pig Michael Moore who calls himself a Documentary Filmer …thats crap and only about 1/2 of us even know it …thats my two bit love from Portland Oregon …Rodg from the Lodge

    Ah yes, Hillary. You have to love her for all her insanity and power grabbing. But there are whole sites dedicated to her pro and con – I hate to give her more press, if you know what I mean? From the sounds of it though, you have a handle on her and maybe you should start another blog that discusses the very things you are suggesting? Michael Moore did enter my radar and I may do a rant about him though. Thank you again, for such rousing and interesting comments, I thoroughly enjoyed them.



  26. I think the problem with many bloggers is that they think they’re bloggers and not writers. Bloggers just seem fill a post each day. Writers tend to read and research.
    Even if you do so, the dictatorial computer keeps pulling you to its keyboard, instead of letting you sit in the armchair and read a book.
    Writing and reading go hand in hand. And it is through reading that the mind is exercised, and ideas flow.
    My diagnosis is book starvation. Have a go, and see the ideas flow once more.

    Hey Anthony,
    Welcome to the party. 😉 I think you have a point about filling the page – though I know I’m a writer who happens to blog, not a blogger who happens to write. Though I think most bloggers are writers looking for an audience.

    I think though that your diagnosis is off a bit. I read quite a bit and always try to read as much as possible. I don’t know if I could manage reading more but there is certain reading i’ve been avoiding because it twists my guts too much right now. Maybe I need to force-feed myself some of that. It’s possible. 🙂



  27. Nope, you definitely haven’t peaked. Although, I’m in my terrible twos myself, and yes, I have blogged a little less, but I’m sure you won’t, because you’re awesome.

    Ah, the prodigal son returns – or has he? Thanks, dear. Now you, get back to work. 😉


  28. As a gardener myself I feel for the comment of Ben that “the nice thing about fertile grounds is that sometimes, if you let them lie fallow, good things pop up.”
    In real life aka your next post you are surprised that you are growing melons or something that definitely looks like melons.

    So who knows what will happen to the blog. Wait and see. Or in other words: change is eternal, it happens all the time, the only thing that is always present. Your garden changes, your mood changes and the blog changes with you. I am looking forward to that. 🙂

    Hmmm, my blog as a garden, that’s an idea. Maybe my brain will grow some unexpected thing too. I could look forward to that myself. 😉


  29. I love your blog Annie. I always come away a little more enlightened and always learn a new take on things. I think you are brilliant! Just write for yourself and that’s all that matters. Half my shit probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but it does to me, and that’s all that matters – ME ME ME! A little self centered? Nah! BAHAHAHHAH! Have fun and be YOU ‘cuz that’s what keeps me coming back again, and again, and again!

    Aw, thanks Bella, that’s so sweet ofyou to say that I don’t even have a jokey comeback. 🙂


  30. Annie – don’t stop! It’s just a summer thing. I quit looking at my stats (well, I still look at them, but not every day because then I start obsessing and damn it, Bella’s right, it’s really all about me, me, me anyway so who cares what the frickin’ stats say???) You’re one of my regular reads so damn it, you can’t quit. Besides, I’ve just got to know what the hell you’re growing in that garden of yours.

    Well OB, I wouldn’t want to deny you the joy of discovery on the great summer melon mystery – so otay, I’ll stay. It’ll be hard not to watch stats though. 😉


  31. You know what? I know what you mean. I’ve been feeling the same way myself. But I think there’s an ebb and flow to this blogging stuff. Sometimes we’re in “the zone” and it flows … other times, other areas of life are flowing. For example, I’ve had the stomach flu and a bad cold the past two weeks. The blog hasn’t been flowing but other things in my life have been … I’ll spare you the gory details. 😉

    Seriously, though, other things flow. For example, I rediscovered my camera. Which has been just way too fun. But I really REALLY don’t want my blog to become just a forum for posting my latest kids, cats and sunset photos.

    So what do I write about when I’m sick? Snot? Decongestants? Imodium? Nah. I just don’t write. And then I feel guilty for not writing. But then I think, “Ah, nobody’s reading anyway. The stats are down.”

    Well, I’m really not sure I’m even making sense this late at night (1:30am) … but I really want you to know that you’re not alone in the wondering about the future of your whole blog thingy.

    Heading to bed now. LOL!


    Oh, poor girl. Nothing worse than a summer cold. Yuck. I know what you mean about the camera, I’ve discovered mine too and I’d like nothing more than to snap pictures all day, even if they aren’t that good. Feel better.


  32. it’s like i told m, maybe you just need to recharge your batteries. take a couple weeks off, do some fun stuff, then you’ll have plenty to blog about when you get back!
    i know you would never leave for good, but sometimes you need new material thats all. don’t feel bad. get out there and play! oh, but be back when the street lights come on.

    Yeah, a recharging is in order – I’m working on it. It looks like I’ll have to do another round with the agent packages – the rejections just keep rolling it. Oy! Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed…shoot yourself. 😆


  33. i’m here late and don’t have the energy to read all the comments so i may be contradicting, repeating, whatever … but on the 28th of this month, i’ll be hitting the four !!! year mark of my blog and i do know that there are ups and downs and times when i want to tear the whole thing down, quit, know that i have nothing to say and wonder why the heck i even do it … and yet … here i am … still

    the beautiful thing is there is no stress. readers come and go and sometimes come again, blogs change evolve and become something different or they stay the same ~ its all good 🙂

    and everytime i say that’s it, i’m taking a break ~ i seem to have more to say than ever before, lol …

    follow your bloggy heart 🙂 xox

    Hey Daisies,
    Good information and good advice, thanks. It does seem to be an ever-changing forum. I’m playing around with ideas – hopefully I’ll come up with something that works. Thanks.


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