I’ve Been Stumbled…

Recently, I noticed I was getting some enormous  hits on this post. One I did sometime back and actually was a recipe that my buddy Ger had passed on to me, that his sister invented.

I was intrigued by all the hits and discovered that there were some folks at StumbleUpon who have stumbled on to my blog – thanks to that post. How flattered was I? Very. But I really have to give a big Hat Tip to Ger for that – thanks Ger!

 They also seemed to like Really Stupid Shit the original and Really Stupid Shit Part Deux. I have to say food and stupid shit is sure popular.

That I have made it to the StumbleUpon universe and gotten on their radar is really rather exciting and really good for my stats. I wonder too, if that isn’t where some of my new readers/commenters have come from. If so, hey, thanks a bunch and welcome.

Don’t know if they will stick around or not, but I sure hope so. I ordered some extra RAM for my computer so I can download Foxfire and then I add the stumbleupon tool bar. Soon, I’ll be stumbling too.

Well, actually, I’ve sort of stumbled all my life, so this really dovetails nicely. So, to all you stumblers out there, welcome to the party and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Oh and btw, Ger has a hysterical product on his site which you can find here – it is sure to cwack you up.

Keep stumblin’!


12 thoughts on “I’ve Been Stumbled…

  1. Thanks for the plug chicken… Will have to point some more recipes out for the masses…I’ve got a couple up my sleeve.. one called black gold cake that has some kalhua in it or sometimes I use chamborde 😉

    Hey Ger,
    Happy to do it. I’m telling you dude, you should have Recipe Thursdays or something like that. You love food and have a bunch of great recipes – so why not? Think about it.



  2. Hilarious! – The mystery product I mean!
    Good one Annie! Surely a confirmation that you have to stay and the world needs you! Yay!

    Yes, the product is hilarious isn’t it? 😆


  3. Congrats on being stumbled! It’s also good to see that everyone likes shit so much.

    Yes, it is good that everyone likes shit so much, otherwise I’d have no readers. 😉


  4. Oh no, I meant everybody likes “really stupid shit.”
    I’m not calling your blog shit, ’cause otherwise you wouldn’t have been stumbled upon.

    Oh sweetie, I know that. I’m just playing with the words. 😉


  5. congrats! i’m not sure what stumbleupon is but it sounds great and since i’m small potatoes i can say i knew you when… 🙂

    Hey Reggie,
    Check it out. Follow the link and peruse their site – it’s fun and you can find amazing stuff.


  6. Hey Annie,

    Congratulations! Now I’ll have to post some recipies too 🙂

    I got stumbled upon too with a recent post about writing I did and I was very surprised since I’m not even a writer – but it did seem to appeal to many people I guess.

    Not sure how to keep the momentum up since I blog the way I do – all over the place on many subjects.

    Here’s to stumbling!

    Hey Roobs!
    It’s funny how things happen, isn’t it? You post something and then somebody takes a fancy to it and bam – hits come crawling out of the wall. Recipes, yes, I should post some more of those myself – they’re fun and you can never have too many of them. My friend Ger at Dawgbytes has some great recipes – I’ve been trying to convince him to post some on his site.


  7. Simonne has it right! Talk about asking and recieving. I’ve been meaning to sign up for stumbleUpon too. I am like you, I stumble already.

    I’ve been dying to sign up but my computer needed more memory cuz it’s so slow. I should get that tonight – then I download Foxfire (and kick IE to the curb) and then my friends we’ll be stumblin’

    Oh, you clumsy too? It’s genetic in my case 😆


  8. btw-
    remember about a year ago I was telling you to download Firefox? :8)

    Of course I remember – but don’t you remember I had memory shortages both on the computer and in my head? The memory arrived last night, should have it installed this weekend and then I’ll get to see what all the hoopla about Firefox really is. 😉


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