Mystery Melon Theatre

Okay, so I think I have a handle on the type of melon I’m growing now. I’m pretty sure it’s a cantaloupe. In the last couple of days it’s developed netting over the skin and it sure does look like a cantaloupe.

It’s about 3.5 inches in diameter and it’s heavy – can’t really say how much it weighs maybe 2-3 lbs? I post the pictures for your perusal and theories. Wow, isn’t this exciting?

On the second shot you can almost see the second melon – just below and to the left that is also rapidly growing into an adult melon. Cripes, wouldn’t it be funny if it was just a mutant cucumber or something?

I’ve cut the foilage back an awful lot (maybe too much) and I’m a little worried that it will wither and die because I shouldn’t do that but I can’t let it take over the whole garden, so I’m taking my chances. I’ve also trained it to start climbing the bungee cords that are attached to the wall, so maybe I’ll get a sort of lantern effect with little melon globes climbing upwards. Though I don’t know…do melons get traumatized if they can’t lay on the ground and they are swinging from a bungee cord in mid-air instead? Crap I may have to pay for therapy for these puppies.

Again this thing is growing in leaps and bounds, it has just about doubled in size since last week, so it could be a VW Bug by next week. And yeah, I’ve kept the vines away from my window, lest it creep into my bedroom whilst I sleep.


14 thoughts on “Mystery Melon Theatre

  1. Wow! How exciting. I would imagine different types of melons have different types of feelings. :). Your training seems like it has paid off. I imagined some sort of ‘gimp’ melon dangling from the bungee cord mid-air. Ha!Tells you where my head’s at. Well done WC. Lets celebrate Melon Growth today.

    Di πŸ™‚

    Yes, we can make our symbol a little yellow flower and promote melon awareness. We’ll have big fundraising events and buy them their own island where they can live and spread without the constraints of bungee cords and tomato cages. hehe


  2. WC, I get the strong impression that you’re giving these melons a degree of consciousness, what with ‘training’, and worrying about them getting in the bedroom. Then you ask this:

    ‘…do melons get traumatized if they can’t lay on the ground and they are swinging from a bungee cord in mid-air instead? ‘

    Now how would you feel?

    I’d probably feel a little whoozy if I was strung up, but then I don’t have the same growth pattern as a melon – I don’t think. As to giving the melons a degree of consciousness, you know I read an article a few years back at experiments conducted on vegetables (although I’m not sure if melons were included in the test group) and in fact, they do respond to stimuli such as heat, cold and cutting – the researchers seemed to believe they felt pain and possibly fear. It could be – after all, vegetables are alive until you eat them – which always puzzled me about the Vegans since they seem not to want to use any live thing for food, why then would they eat vegetables and fruits? Because they haven’t a face? Something to ponder I guess.


  3. Hi WC,

    You better keep a spray bottle of RoundUp handy, just in case πŸ˜‰

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    I was thinking a bottle of holy water wouldn’t hoit, either. πŸ˜‰


  4. i was thinking, Little Shop of Horrors.

    “Feed me, Annie!”

    So…do you think it is saying Feed me Annie (as in I’m their lunch)? Or Annie, feed me? LOL.

    PS: If they start uprooting themselves and break into song and dance in mid-afternoon, I’m calling animal control. πŸ˜†


  5. Just don’t get too close, Chica!
    It does look like cantelope. i love the color and odor of cantelope but cannot eat it. The texture to me is so gross. i do, however, eat cantelope jelly bellies. πŸ™‚

    Hmmm…how about cantaloupe ices? Ever tried those? Oh my gosh – the flavor is incredible. So…won’t be fed exing any of these babies to you then? Too bad.


  6. Might be a new paperweight?

    Hell, I don’t like any kinds of melon anyway….and believe it or not, I’m from the south!

    Enjoyed the site.

    Hey Slick,
    I guess a lot of people don’t like melon, but that’s okay cuz that means there is more for me. πŸ˜‰

    Love the name of your site, btw, hysterical.


  7. Ooh! That is tooo neat.

    Hey Red,
    Yeah – but I was really hoping they was watermelons. 😦 Although, then they’d really need room, huh? So, hopefully they’ll actually get to the eating stage – that would be very exciting.


  8. I’m pretty sure they would prefer laying on the ground Annie. Do you think they might get too heavy to hang around?

    Speaking from a vegan point of view since I’m a vegan, the reason I don’t eat meat (including fish) , is because of the factory farming, the slaughter, the pesticides and the horrible things they do to animals…and to the earth to feed these animals.

    Don’t anyone get down on me for being vegan. I’ve been a vegan since 1995 and I know I’ll never eat meat again and I’m very thankful of this.

    Peace, love and understanding to all and wishing you all melons in your lives.

    Hey Roobs!
    You’re probably right, but I can’t sacrifice the rest of the garden to the melon monster. I may see if roomie can built a little set of platform steps for them to rest on if need be.

    Thanks for giving me the lowdown on the Vegan t hing – I guess I misunderstood it then. But I’m confused on the ‘and to the earth to feed the animals’ what do they do to the earth to feed the animals?

    I’m not getting down on you honest.



  9. Ruby
    I’d never get down on someone for being a Vegan…I have good friends who are RAW vegans…the world’s best and most wonderful people and I love them to pieces…and yet, it is very hard to eat out with them. LOL…


  10. WC,

    There are many places to find out about why folks are vegan but concerning your question, I found this link that puts it in VERY simplified terms. It’s a quick read.

    I’d like to include more and might on my blog one of these days, but don’t wanna flood your blog with facts and stuff folks might not be interested in. It’s not amusing.

    Peace, love and understanding.

    Hey Roobs,
    Thanks for the link – I’ll check it when I’ve got a chance.



  11. wow!! i’m leaving my crazy squash foliage (that still looks suspiciously like what you’ve got going on) that is threatening to take over my garden … when i come back in three weeks, my yard might be a over run πŸ˜‰

    am so impressed with your melons !!

    Hey, if you’ve got the room, let them go wild. You could come home to a bunch of mystery melons. We could have a mystery melon contest and see who wins. That would be fun, huh?


  12. Hey, WC!

    I’m just catching up on all my readings, and I should tell you that if the melon climbs in your window to get you, throw salt at it. Lots of salt. Melons of all kinds, especially the flesheating kind, are allergic to salt. I can only hope I’m not too late with this information…

    Otay then, salt and holy water by the bed – that should protect me. πŸ˜‰


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