Mucho Big Bummer

I’m a bummer

in my bummer machine

I make you sad

but keep it clean….

Have you ever noticed how the bummer posts rake in the stats? It just dawned on me the other day. The stats were just hobbling along then boom, a straight shoot for the stars. Curious me went looking for the reason why – sure enough, it was a bummer post.

I checked other peaks in the stats and yep, there they were – bummer posts.

It made me wonder why? Why is it that we are attracted to the bummer posts? Is it just human nature to feel sympathetic? Is it us commiserating with our own brand of bummerhood? Is it our compass? We look for the common denominator and the bummer is the one thing that we all have in common?

I have to wonder because it seems sure attract commentary. I’ve written all kinds of posts – some which I thought were hilarious but apparently I was the only one in the room laughing . Current events – nobody interested. Politics – soso. Controversy? My last controversial post was one of my worst stat days. Yet, when I’m bummed out and I write a post about it – the hits are lining up at the door.

Isn’t that weird? I just don’t know. How about you guys? Does this bear out with you too? I’m just wondering.


18 thoughts on “Mucho Big Bummer

  1. I never noticed, I don’t look at the stats. I just respond to comments (because YOU taught me that it’s the right thing to do, and you taught me how to do it “BOLD, INDENT”). “I’ve written all kinds of posts – some which I thought were hilarious but apparently I was the only one in the room laughing” – That made me laugh if it’s any consolation!

    Hey Bella,
    LOL – it would be cool if our blogs came with laugh meters, don’t you think? And we got a stat graph on that. Now that would be fun.


  2. I wrote a post about depression, and yeah, tons of hits! (relative to me – I don’t get that much traffic in general!) I think next most popular is one about screaming…

    For me, I really just get a steady stream with some spikes when I’ve been chatty on other people’s blogs. It does make sense that a post about depression would get a lot of hits – if you’re depressed or worried someone you love is, you’re probably going to google it!

    I also get people finding my blog by searching “cinnamon ants myth”. No, seriously. Try it! πŸ˜‰

    So, regarding your bummer posts, have you noticed what searches they use, what words you might have in the post? I think that when people are down, they’re likely to search around to see if others feel the same and what they’ve done to “fix” it.

    That’s my theory anyway…

    Hey Deb,
    Hi and welcome to the coffe klatch. πŸ˜‰
    You know it’s weird, my tags seem almost unrelated to the search terms. It may be the title that pulls more than the tags. Although I have noticed if I use no more than 5 tags (I used to use a lot more) that I get far less spam. I guess there’s a silver lining in there somewhere. πŸ˜†


  3. WC – Oh for sure on that one! The comments on my post about my depression finally ended with a contest to see who could ratchet up the comments the farthest. And, oh my God, you’re so right about posting what you think is the funniest shit you’ve ever produced getting little to no readage. I think bummer posts bring out the nurturing side of people and that’s a good thing. Plus it’s easier to write a compassionate comment on an emotional piece, as opposed to writing a sardonic and wry quip on a humerous one.

    Hey Karen,
    You’re right – it is easier to be nurturing and sympathetic. Harder, sometimes, to be a rimshot inspiring virtual comedian. Still…I want that laugh meter graph damn it! πŸ˜†


  4. Hi WC,

    We get the most traffic on posts that mention naked, nude, or sex. Other than that, funny and antiChrist posts rule. However, our all time best, by a lot, was a political bit bashing Nancy Pelosi. When I figure out the formula, I’ll drop you a note πŸ™‚

    the Grit

    Please do, Grit. I’ll be waiting by my email mailbox with baited breath. πŸ˜†


  5. Interesting. I think many people like to know that other people are having a bad day or struggling. They find some sort of perverse satisfaction, it helps to justify the way their life is going.
    I don’t think I have ever posted a “bummer post” so I don’t have a point of reference to compare to.

    Perhaps, in a general sense. Although, I don’t think my readers find comfort in my having a bad day. Your posts are thought provoking and inspriational – I think it may be a whole different animal.


  6. the most hits i ever got in one day was like 270 and it was when me and bob were having one of our wars.

    go figure.

    Interesting – maybe strife does attract readers?


  7. Nope. I don’t get much traffic anyhow. Except for when I talk about orgasms or such.

    You’re still pretty new to the blogging thang, yes? Give it time – it’ll change.


  8. I personally don’t check my stats, other than to see the search terms. If you become a slave to the stats, you become a slave to the man! Just blog because that’s what makes you happy. Raaadical.

    No, I wasn’t really worried about stats per se – just that I noticed a particular type of post drove the stats up. That is what I was pondering. πŸ˜‰


  9. Usually my posts that contain some weird sexual phrase get the biggest response. That and posts about midgets. I wonder what that fascination is about.

    I think the fascination is more about what you’re going to say about midgets than midgets themselves. πŸ˜‰


  10. I don’t know why people visit then slack off then some appear, then disappear – maybe it’s the quixotic nature of my blog? I’m just too unpredictable – I try to be positive and the stats slide so…. dunno.

    Maybe I should try crying more? πŸ™‚

    Oh Roobs,
    Don’t go stocking up on tissues yet. I like your positive posts – they are gooooood.


  11. Hi, WC πŸ™‚ I have recent experience with this. I was having a really horrible day, wrote about it, and received so many loving supportive comments (including yours..THANK YOU!)

    I like to think the stats went up because people really care about me…whereas on another day – when I’m just rambling or ranting or kidding around – they may not feel as compelled to add anything. I think when we feel connected to someone, we automatically want to comfort them if they are hurting. Or I do, anyway.

    It’s been my experience that the world of Blogging is filled with the most amazingly intelligent, loving and supportive people.

    Thanks again for your support today. I know that all the wonderful healing energy I received today had a huge impact on helping me to get back into a peaceful place.

    Hey Grace,
    I’m glad to hear that today is a better day for you. I feel your pain – no lie.

    You may be right about the comfort impulse – I’d like to think so.


  12. Yes, I noticed this phenomenon awhile ago with my own blog. I haven’t posted a “bummer post” in awhile, which is a good thing because it means I haven’t been down, but on the other side of things, my stats have taken a severe nosedive.

    C.S. Lewis once said “We read to know we are not alone,” and I think in many ways it sums it up.

    We all expect other people to be able to relate to the walking on air, zippity-do-da days we all have from time to time, but it’s the darker days that people aren’t nearly as apt to shout about from the rooftops, so it can be encouraging to hear someone else voicing the complaints, fears, pain, or frustration we know so well. We all enjoy a happy day, but it’s nice to know you’re not the only one who sometimes has to deal with the rain.

    On a different note, how’s your search for an agent coming along? I haven’t nagged you for awhile.


    Yes, rain is a bummer.

    The agent search – well tht’s a bummer post in the making. No luck. But lots of rejection. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.


  13. I’ve noticed a similar thing, not so much on my blog but in my journal on deviantART…people are always so up for reading and commenting on ranty stuff, so much more so than happy stuff.

    Yeah, it makes you wonder if that’s really the bond that holds us together?


  14. I pay no attention whatsoever to my stats (I’m not sure I have any.)
    But here’s to the Bummer posts!

    Here here. πŸ™‚


  15. My biggest winner is one that gets triggered when people google ‘heart’.
    Truthfully, I just love that idea. And although what they are generally looking for is an image of a heart that isn’t mine, some stay to read the poem.
    Yes, I guess I could have more productive titles, but that’s not what SP is about. And I guess based on your post, I better keep the bummer words out of my titles….

    Hey Spaz
    Yes, you’ve mentioned this. Sounds like you stumbled onto a golden search term. As to keeping bummer words out of post titles, based on my very tiny ‘study’ that is the very thing that brings them to the site. Go figure.


  16. WC, I’ve given up trying to figure out why I do half the things that I do, let along try to figure out others’ motivivations. I’ve posted some things that I thought were pretty good, and…..nothing. Then I toss a piece of inanity and the blog stat meter makes that satisfying little spike northward. Who knows?


    Hey Smith,
    Actually, I wasn’t really trying to figure out other’s motivations or why the stats go up or down – it was just a curious observation to me that I wanted to mention. It’s really not the stats angle so much as that these types of posts illicit more response and I was pondering why. Know what I mean?


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