Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy…

For as long as I can remember one of my favorite songs was Summertime. Whether it was Lena Horne or Otis Redding, or anyone else who could belt one out, singing it. I think it’s one of the best songs ever written because it so thoroughly expresses the feeling of summertime. The hot days and mean summer sun – the fragrant balmy nights – the lazy, languid movements of sun-kissed skin. Oh yeah.

It’s been very hot in my little burg and though it drives most people inside to find the solace of air conditioning and bad television – it makes me smile. It makes me think of my dad and watermelon and eating giant beefsteak tomatoes on the front porch. Swatting away the flies and trying to catch the juice before it drips down your chin and onto your nice white tee shirt.

Of dangling toes in the cool comfort of a country lake. The symphony of butterflies, birds and bees that hover and dart in the garden, serenading and gliding – a cacaphony of color and songs piercing the cloudless blue sky. Of softie ice cream cones in the darkened livingroom, the fan rattling and television down low. Of sitting in the window when I should have been sleeping and listening to the crickets as they sing out the stars scattered across a darkening sky.

Of picnics and parties. Rollercoasters and cotton candy, apples dipped in sweet, chewy caramel and a sheen of oily sweat that never goes away until the weather breaks. The air so heavy with water that refuses to turn to rain.

Of my new keds, red and unblemished. Scraped elbows and new adventures along the railroad track, discovering rocks and trash that were treasures to us. Iced tea sweating and leaving a ring on the table, putting it to my forehead and how cool it felt there. Streaks of blonde hair glistening the mousey brown of winter.

It makes me think of all these things and more. I guess you could say I am a child of summer. I need the sunshine to live. I never want it to end.


12 thoughts on “Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy…

  1. I hear you on the sunshine and summer. I grew up on a small lake (or large pond – depends on when in history you talk from, which it was considered) so my summers were spent outside. We didn’t have air conditioning, never needed it beyond maybe 2 days a year (which obviously we survived just fine).

    Hi Deb,
    I guess everyone sees their childhood simpler than the current day. And much as air conditioning has its good points, I can do without it too for the most part. I am kind of partial to real air.

    Must have been great to grow up in a lake neighborhood. We always wished for rain and flooded streets. Whilst the parents were bailing out the basements, we were swimming in the streets. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hmmmm….. There was nothing like the summers in my childhood. My thing was Mr. Softy. When my friends and I heard the loud song coming from the most famous ice cream truck in my neighborhood we all went running. Yummy!!!

    Carefree, moon shine, friends and fun!

    Oh yes Lucid,
    Mr. Softy! My absolute favorite. My dad would buy us chocolate ice cream cones that we would savor late at night in the cool dark of the livingroom, our only light, the television.


  3. People think I’m crazy when I say I love Summer, but you’re so right, it’s the memories that a season (or a song) brings that makes it special. Lazy days on the beach, fresh fruit and strawberries, a kiss stolen under the sun… I love Summer in the City, it gives me that same feeling. And Soak up the Sun. πŸ™‚

    Hey CJ,
    Oh yes, summer in the city, in the country, on the water – wherever. There is nothing like it.


  4. Ah, summer. The grey, drizzly days, the leaves straining in the gales. Birds shrieking as they fly for shelter, the bees popping out of nests, saying: ‘the honey’s diluted again, honey.’
    Ah, beautiful summer …
    You can tell I’m from the UK.
    I need inspiration – not precipitation.
    By the way, WC, you put it beautifully.

    Oh Anthony,
    You must come to California and experience summer. No grey and rainy days. Just sunshine, lots of it, bright colors, blinding sun, butterflies and ice cream. The best.


  5. how all-american! i could picture all those things and even could taste the caramel apple… ahh good times! i loved my keds too! i always got the white ones though.

    Hey Reggie,
    your folks ever drag you to cedar park? It was my first roller coaster ride and I was hooked after that.


  6. I want to play too!
    Bomb pops and chlorinated water and tree forts. A red transistor radio turned to the top 40 AM radio station (only AM, no such thing as FM) , pressed to my ear, memorizing all the words to all the songs. Bikes and go carts and skates with keys. Hulu hoops with ball bearings in them that make a sound when you hula!

    Hey bring your gear and we’ll have a ball. I was so bad at the hoola hoop and the skating that I stuck with running through the sprinklers and eating ice cream. Worked out well for me, I must say. πŸ˜‰


  7. Hi WC,

    I had it even better in my youth. There was a clear water stream that flowed through the middle of our small Southern town, down which all sorts of magical things made their way, everything from crayfish to snakes to the odd bit of clothing. The best part was that, when your position of bank observer became too hot, a good roll in the water was most refreshing.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Oooh nice…having a pool right outside your office – now that’s what I call easy livin’ πŸ™‚


  8. Mm .. summertime. It’s lovely. It’d be even better if we could get rid of this damn humidity!

    Ditto. It’s been wicked humid around here too. Feels like I’m melting. πŸ˜‰


  9. This was a real nice saunter down a road we “big kids” rarely go down.
    I thank you for that trip.
    I’ve always loved Joe Sample’s version of Summertime. Chet Baker’s is pretty cool too.
    Didn’t you post that?
    A great tune?
    You betcha. Love it

    Happy to oblige.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Joe Sample’s version of Summertime – must check that out.

    I think I did post a Chet Baker vid but I don’t think it was Summertime though.


  10. hey WC! Cedar Point is a yearly staple to many michiganders, myself included. i took my kids last summer and about a month ago. my bff and i are planning a trip in Sept for the adults to go!

    Hey Reggie,
    Wow, I wish I could go with – what a hoot that would be. Have a great time.


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