Mad As Hell

I’ve had it. I’m done. I’m done with petty people and their petty games. I am done with nasty sniping remarks that cut you to the quick. With small minded, insipid, incompetent boobs who think they can run the world when they can’t even run a vcr. I’m done with know it alls who think they have the answer to it all. With people who take credit for the hard work of others and then stab them in the back for being kind to them. I’m done with idiots who don’t have two IQs to put together and if they did would start a forest fire that they would blame on their next door neighbor.

I’m done with jobs that kick you in the teeth whilst embracing all your hard work as their own. With morons who question everyone but themselves. With accusers who never look at or own up to their misdeeds. With slackers and shits. Bitter bitches and lazy asses. Pigs who wouldn’t see their own dirt if they were sleeping in it. Control freaks. Big babies. Natter baskets. Gossip whores. And small minded fucks who should be shot for wasting space on the planet.

Sick of being the nice guy. Of being considerate. Of doing unto others. Of caring when no one else gives a flying fuck. Of trying to do the right thing. Of busting my butt for people who would throw water on me if my hair was on fire. Of saying please and thank you and would you mind? Of thinking that the nice guy can ever win. Of being ignored, disrespected, mistreated, maligned, lied about, analysed, cut up into little pieces and thrown about the room for fun. Of being a pasty and an idiot. Of believing in the basic goodness of others. And telling myself they don’t mean it when they say and do things that make your head explode. Being the doormat, the problem solver, the shit handler, the dumpee of all the dumpable crap that can be found. Of being the giant brain for people too stupid to find their asses with both hands. Of it all. Sick. To. Death. I. Am. Done!!

So…how was your day?


22 thoughts on “Mad As Hell

  1. Look on the bright side: what incredible motivation to whip your resume into shape!

    Absolutely – in fact, I’m putting out the word now. Cripes, what a life. πŸ˜‰


  2. Wow.
    Bad day? Or ten?
    Hope things get better. If you need an ear (eyeball) let me know.
    Here if you need me, chick.

    Aw, thanks sweetie. I do miss our gabfests, but I know you’re busy. Let me know the next time you touch down on the planet. πŸ˜‰


  3. Wow WC! Feeling you real strongly right about now! People are what they are and you have hit the nail on the head …..

    You need to be where you will be appreciated, where you will shine and light up the room again!

    This is about you and what you can do for you. Leave them be, you can and will find better.

    Feel better!!!!! Best Wishes!

    Hey Lucid,
    Thanks – it was a ripper of a day to be sure. I’m making my move soon. Very soon.


  4. Hi WC,

    If you’re preparing for a shooting spree, I would suggest inviting all of the people who have ticked you off to lunch. Once they are in your car, which should be in a quite area of a parking garage, make an excuse to get the 12 guage pump shotgun out of the trunk, close the lid and fire through the back window. The phrase shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind. You should have plenty of time to reload before heading back to the office to look up anyone who was so rude as to turn down your invitation.

    In case you aren’t ticked off enough to actually waste your corporate enemies, leaving a check list, written in crayon, on your desk describing what steps are necessary preparation for the above, may well change the attitude of the people you work with. It might also get you a week or two in a nice restful mental institute, but no plan is perfect.

    Assuming that you have calmed down, I’ve always found that shared suffering makes things easier, so here is my best corporate horror story.

    At one point I worked in the software development department of a Fortune 500 company. Our work group had just released a major new software product to 1200 stores, when I noticed a flaw that would eventually crash all of the store computers, costing the firm tens of millions of dollars in sells and requiring an emergency all night effort by one and all in our section to fix. I mentioned it to my boss, who, not really being smart enough to understand the problem or its potential devastating effect, told me to look into it some more and get back to her. Thus, in my spare time between working on several other projects, I not only came up with a fix, but figured out a method to automate sending large amounts of whatever computer data we needed to send to all or any subset of our stores. In another week or three I wrote, on my lunch hours, the code to implement this concept. After that was done, I presented my work to my boss, who was pleased enough to pass it to her boss with her name on it. After defending my idea to her boss and his boss, the process was given the go for testing. Since everything happened automatically at midnight, adjusted for local time zones, and since I’m not really much of a night person, one of my coworkers volunteered to watch the test runs. The first one crashed, with no damage. My boss, who stayed up to watch it, panicked and tried to call me at home, but my wife refused to wake me up as the bitch wouldn’t admit that it was an emergency. So, for my effort, instead of a bonus and high praise, I was officially written up and eventually fired. I take great pleasure in the fact that their stock has been in a state of decay since I left.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    No, I draw the line at spewing words – guns are more than I can handle.

    As to your story, that really bites. But I can’t say I’m surprised. One of the worst things you can do in this world is offer a viable solution to people who want to hang onto their power. Oh yeah, they’ll practically kill you for that.


  5. Holy crap, Chica. i’ve one word for you: voodoo.

    Ooooh, do you know any? I think I can get some hair and nail clippings. πŸ˜†


  6. I am sorry things are a mess for you, hon.


    Hey Sweetie,
    No worries – I’ve survived worse. And sometimes having a good screaming fit is good for the soul and provides perspective. πŸ˜‰
    Be well.


  7. Go get em girl. I felt like this a little while ago if you remember…so I can totally understand. Do you feel better for having vented?
    Cheers, Kelly

    Oh yeah! It was goooood! Now all I need is a smoke and scotch on the rocks to complete the euphoria.


  8. i’m not a gossip whore, just a plain regular ole’ whore. i’m cool right?

    Oh Reggie,
    You are always cool – no worries. πŸ˜‰


  9. Loved the comments! But I hate to see you so torn-up WC. Tell me this was just an exercise in writing emotion or something like that. Yes?

    Hey Lolly,
    Nope, it was a real life reaction. But it’s better than it was. I just needed to scream really loud. Sorry if I scared anybody. πŸ˜‰


  10. Woah.. remind me NEVER to leave you with the drinks bill…

    .. and I have this feeling you can say all of that with one look.

    Hey Paul,
    I’d be okay buying the drinks – I might mutter or moan but not go nuclear. This was a might more rough.

    Not sure I can say it all with one look, but I can raise a mean eyebrow. πŸ˜‰


  11. Mmm .. I loves margaritas. Line ’em up!
    MsChick, I love how you said ‘fuck’ two times. I dont see it enough from you, and I kinda like it when you write it. And umm, what are natter baskets?
    I do hope your Thursday is better!

    I know, ain’t margaritas the best ever? I think they must be a gift from the heavens. πŸ˜‰

    The fword is like herbs and spices – too much and you ruin the dish, not enough and there is no flavor. πŸ˜†


  12. Spasmically was right. You did have a bad day! Take a breath, a walk, a drink, a bath and a nap. If you don’t feel better afterwards… well, I’m out of ideas!

    Hey Tutty,
    No worries – I’m fine. I occasionally need to blow a gasket – I have, it’s better now. Thanks.


  13. Who has done this to you!!! Point ‘um out and I’ll take care of the rest. NOBODY puts baby in a corner!

    Oh Bella, how I wish I could sic you on this beotch. That would be a sight to see. But yeah, not a good idea to put me in a corner, nope, not at all. πŸ˜‰


  14. Good morning WC,
    it’s no longer yesterday but it’s today.
    Sending you my best morning wishes in hopes of you having an awesome day!

    And it seems to me, regarding your work, it’s about time to bring out Rule#7:

    ‘I don’t give a fuck’.
    (Beware, this rule is only to be used in very dire circumstances and as a last resort to stay sane! Side-effects may include targeted bitchiness, getting punched in the face or punching someone in the face, not returning to work after the lunch break, dust allergies due to untouched paperwork, a new sense of reality and other unpleasant discomforts. Tell your doctor if you experience increased smile, laughing and joking urges. Rule #7 should not be applied over a longer period of time and in some rare cases may lead to addiction.

    Morning Spaz!
    How ironic, I stumbled upon this rule just last night. I have moved it up in status to #1 – yes, it is highly addictive and I hope there is no cure. πŸ˜‰


  15. oh how i loathe those loathsome days ~ luckily its been a while … sending you love and hope that today is a better day …

    Hey Daisies,
    Thanks for the good thoughts. I think they helped. πŸ˜‰


  16. Whoa! Vent on girl! Have to think you feel a little bit better after having spewed all that out. Helluva day I’d say. Haven’t had one of those in awhile and luckily having things go that bad all at once is uncommonly rare. So now that you got that over with, look forward to a long stretch of better days.

    ~ PG

    Hey PG,
    Yeah it wasn’t a great day – but the vent was a long time coming. Where it goes from here I dunno. Guess we’ll see.


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