Cat Boogers and Heaters

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my behemoth of a cat, affectionately known as Boodie. She is a funny animal, both in looks and manner and lately (for reasons known only to God) I’ve been watching her – observing her.

One of the weird things that I’ve noticed about Boodie is that she has a tendency to get boogers. Now, I haven’t had that many cats in my life because I’m partial to dogs, but I’ve had a few and I’ve never had one who got boogers. I mean the real deal. Like she’ll jump up on my bed to come and get some affection and there it is – a big, black, giant booger hanging out of her nose. For a cat who mostly sleeps and eats and rarely ventures outside my room, I find this fascinating. What could she possibly be doing that causes giant clods of gunk to crawl up her nose and gross me out? I started to think that maybe she was using her cat box as a sort of soccer field – or perhaps she doesn’t understand that the stuff in there isn’t recyclable? I have tried to teach her to use a hankie but she prefers that I dig it out with a Qtip as she sits in my lap.

Aside from her eating and napping she has one other love – my portable heater. It’s one of those types that looks like an old fashioned radiator, that you plug into the wall. The heating mechanism heats up oil or something in the coils and it is energy saving and quite green, according to the box it came in.

Boodie is utterly in love with this heater. Whenever I can’t find her, I’ve only to look in the direction of the heater and there she is. She loves it so much that she works to get most or all of her front paws under it and her face smooshed up against it. Why it doesn’t turn her in to an appetizer, I’ve no idea, but she basically owns the damn thing and she’d carry it around as a pocket book if she could. Or, possibly she’d drag it into the cat box with her, while she is playing turd soccer and farming (still don’t know which).

Also, she will not eat anything except dry food. She hates tuna, chicken, fish or any human food, will not go near a cat treat or a scratching post (she prefers my leather chair for that) – though she will on occasion go after the dog’s dry food if she feels I’ve shorted her food supplies.

And the damn cat doesn’t meow like any other self respecting cat. Nope. She chirps – like a bird. Again, a first for me – never knew a cat could warble until I met this one. She when she wants something she sings for it. Cute, eh?

And then, why is it, that as soon as I sit down to pee, the cat chirp- chirps and sticks her butt up in the air in order to be scratched? Is it merely that I’ve sat down and she knows I won’t move for a little while or is there some connection between humans relieving themselves and butt scratches? Yet another mystery I will never solve.

Anyway, as you can see, I haven’t much going on in my brain tonight, or I would be regaling you with much more interesting blog fodder. Sorry – it’s a brain fart.


10 thoughts on “Cat Boogers and Heaters

  1. LOL. I think the cats know when they have a “captive” audience. My cats come to me when I am on the throne as well. As far as the cat boogers – some cats are prone to respiratory infections – it’s probably not hurting her to be soaking in all that heat but they love that whether they are sick or not. At least all the ones I have had did. I’ve had cats all my life – they each have their own personalities and they are capable of making many different sounds with their voices. But some chirp and some mew and some barely make a peep. Siamese are known for their big voices and are very chatty – I’ve never had one of those yet but would love to have one someday! I like the social ones. πŸ™‚ Okay, now I’m starting to sound like the crazy old cat lady.

    Hey Teeni,
    A friend of mine mentioned respiratory infections but aside from the gunk in her nose I don’t see any sign of that. LOL – yep you do sound like a crazy cat lady but hey if it was good enough for Katherine Hepburn it’s good enough for us, right? πŸ˜‰


  2. Boogers huh? And black ones at that? Fascinating. You dont have black ones, do ya? And what gets me .. is that she allows you to get them out with a Qtip? I can’t get my child to sit down long enough to Qtip the boogies outta her nose, let alone a cat! You go with your bad self!

    Yep they are black, which makes me think she’s playing soccer in the cat box. She doesn’t like the Qtip routine but she will tolerate it. But you gotta get them whilst they’re sleepy. πŸ˜‰


  3. Wow, what a picture! Boodie’s almost looking right down the camera lens. Whenever I used to try that somehow my cat would always be biting an area at an inopportune time… either that or scratching me to pieces. πŸ˜‰

    I think the booger thing is normal, though. I remember hearing something about it that it relates to the amount of dirt and dust in the air… mucous is supposed to kill dust as you inhale so you can breathe the air more clearly, so I guess if there’s more dust around (changing seasons?) that might be why you’re noticing it with Boodie more.

    I’ve never heard of a chirping cat, though. That’s a new one. You brought back some nice memories of my cat when I was younger too. Poppins. She was absolutely bonkers; she’d chase her tail for hours, and used to love climbing into the fireplace though we never used it. Sometimes animals take on their owners traits, so maybe that’s why she was a bit eccentric! πŸ™‚

    Hey CJ,
    Your dust theory may have merit, it’s very dusty out here in the southwest.

    Eccentrice, eh? LOL. You may be right. πŸ˜‰


  4. awww, she sounds so cute! i’ve become quite in love with my baby kitty, she actually hears me make kissy noises and puts her nose up so i can kiss her. i didn’t think i’d like her so much but she’s pretty damn sweet!

    no boogers yet though, i’ll keep my eye out LOL

    Hey Reggie,
    How cute that your kitty does that with her nose. Love it.


  5. Truth be told, when you consider some of the truly ghastly stuff on the Web, cat snot isn’t all that heinous.

    (Did I actually just say “cat snot”?)

    Yep, you did just say cat snot. πŸ˜‰


  6. I bet it’s ectoplasm. Just a hunch. You should call the ghostbusters.

    Cool, so we now have a superhero feline – booger girl! tada! πŸ˜‰


  7. It’s so strange to read this post! I realize it’s really old (thanks a lot, interwebz) but it’s as if i’m reading about my own cat. Only, mine’s a boy and 9 or 10 months old.

    First, Finnegan (I tried to give him the yuppiest name possible since he seemed so proper when i met him at the shelter) is also a tuxedo, like your Boodie. The first or second night after adopting him, I looked at my boyfriend and asked- “What’s wrong with his nose? Why is it black on the one side?” Well, boogers. That’s why. Regularly! I attribute it to the fact that i have all hardwood floors, and there aren’t enough swiffer sweepers in the world to keep up with the dust produced by California. (dust and spiders- that’s all there is out here!)

    Finnegan also doesn’t meow. He just makes pathetic little squeaky, sometimes cooing noises. It’s been a couple of months now, and I’ve yet to really get a ‘big boy meow’ out of him. The most recent discovery (alarm?) is his complete and total lack of interest in tuna. every cat I’ve ever had has gone bananas as soon as the can opener appeared- yet he just turns up his tail and walks away from a bowl full of delicious tuna water. Same thing goes for canned food. Cat treats are just a toy you can eat to him, they’re nothing special or anything to get excited over, and catnip is a bore. It’s just kibble and water- and they water had better be fresh, or I will be alerted to its unsatisfactory state. Also- a butt on a toilet seat- THAT is cause for a tail-shaking, squeak-filled purrfest.

    Where our cats differ is the space heater. Finnegan has a deep distrust of my heater (the forced-air kind, not like your radiator) and likes to creep up on it when the heater least expects it. He never does anything, but there is a lot of inspection, and if his toys go anywhere near it, well, I have to go retrieve them.

    I think he’s more dog than cat- he LOVES to play fetch, comes when he’s called, and constantly wants to lick your hands/face.

    Anyway, much like your post, I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing this- I just thought it was kind of hilarious.

    Good Night!

    Hi Sara & welcome,
    Your comment made me chuckle because your little boy Finnegan sounds like he could be Boodie’s long-lost cousin or something. Yeah, and Boodie does that tail-shaking thing too. How funny.

    Although since I wrote this post Boodie has undergone a few changes. I find that now she will eat a little wet food. I give her a tablespoon of wet on top of her dry a couple of times a week and she will eat treats too – although they have to go in her dish as though it is regular food. I think she started getting jealous of the dog and her ‘cookies’ and ‘bones’ and thought she should look into it.

    She still isn’t much of a toy kitty but she does love to chase the lazer light- something about that little red dot racing across the floor that intrigues her and she shows mild interest in a mouse on a stick that I found in the dollar store.

    I can see why Finnegan might not trust your heater, considering it has the ability to make noise at him, he probably wants to make sure it’s sleeping before approach. LOL

    Also Boodies ‘booger’ problem has gotten better – possibly because she has gotten older or she is now eating a bit of wet food and getting more protein – dunno.

    So maybe this is just a teen-cat situation and your Finnegan will come around too? Hard to say.

    Thanks for your great comments, I really enjoyed them.

    Writer Chick


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