11 thoughts on “And You Think I Messed Up the Lyrics!

  1. O…M…G
    Thank god I’ve learned NOT to come visiting with a cuppa anywhere near me!
    Cheers, Kelly
    p.s hey!

    Hey Kel!!!
    How the heck are you? Haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays. Did you get the card? How is Zoe – feeling better?

    Was this vid a scream or what. I was literally belly laughing at this one.


  2. Yeah, gotta watch where I have my coffee when I visit WC. It has a tendency to spew…….
    This was way too fun.. I have a tendency to sometimes wear my food, but the monitor rejects my coffee, keyboard is the same way. I just can not get them to give me some respect.LOL!

    LOL Ange,
    I think I have the same affliction. This one really made me laugh. It was just too perfect.


  3. This isn’t great, it’s phenomenal.
    I’d love to know who wrote the arrangement.
    Damn, those guys can sing.
    Love it. Jealous you found it before me. :mrgreen:

    Hey Mikey!
    You know, I was just waiting for you to watch this one – I knew you’d love it. Just the perfection of the delivery alone was enough to give it mega kudos – they didn’t miss a beat – had the facial expressions down and they whole thing is just genius. It may be my all time non-traditional favorite Christmas musical rendition. Love it!


  4. Fantastic, just simply fantastic! I can’t wait to show the rest of the gang!


    LOL Jennifer,
    You have a big enough brood, that you could almost perform it. If only you could follow it, eh? Hope the kids like it.

    PS: Just got your wonderful card today – thanks so much, sweetie.


  5. I LOVE this so much!!! Can’t stop listening to it!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I know what you mean, Simonne – it’s addictive. And they are so cute in their tuxes, aren’t they? πŸ˜‰


  6. OH Annie!!

    How do you find it all? You are such a start for all the smiles you give me.Always apprieciated..Da girl is singing. I wanna be there with all singing,smiling chaos.:)

    A little secret here. I sometimes have days thinking I’m a DJ, a mixer, and I have been know to open 6 music files at once and play all the songs at the same time. Ha!! This clip kinda brought back that memery. Thank You.:)

    Smiles&Warmth for you today Miss Chic. OMG!! it’s the 22. Santa is just round the corner.

    Ho Ho Ho!!
    Di πŸ™‚

    Hey Di,
    I just loved this – I thought it was such a hoot. Soo perfectly done too. Yep, Santa is almost here.


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