One of the things that made this Christmas so wonderful for me was that I received a dvd of one of my all time favorite movies, To Kill a Mockingbird. Though admittedly, I hadn’t seen it for many, many years, it always remained in my heart as a story that was timeless and whose lessons could never die.

Last night, I popped it into the dvd player and sat back to re-experience this wonderful story. I’m sure most of you have seen it or have read the book – and I’m not going to detail the plot here but I wanted to just reiterate what really good fiction does.

Quite simply, it speaks to life. It is real. It immerses you in its world and does not release you until the story is told and sometimes holds you long after the story is done. The characters somehow endear themselves to you and become part of your lexicon and soul’s self. At least for me, that is what this story does.

Scout, who is the narrator and from whose point of view the story is told – is the classic tomboy, free thinking, irrepressible and an unassuming hero who sees the world through a special and wonderful way. Her brother, Jem, is Scout’s confidant, protector and best friend. Atticus, Scout’s father, is her hero, a constant source of suprise and wonder to her. None of these characters make any attempt to be anything other than what they are – they just are. They all make you believe that being who you are is the best thing you could be and that living a life of value and community means something.

You cannot read this story and walk away unchanged. You cannot see this movie and feel the same as you did before you watched it. Personally, I wouldn’t want to. Secretly, I always wanted to be Scout. To have her courage and pluck – her own world view. And maybe in some small way I have – I hope so.

Good fiction, owns you – and really it shouldn’t be any other way.


3 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. I have read the book but not seen the movie.I may have to get that 🙂

    Oh Kaylee,
    Do check out the movie – it’s really wonderful. I’m sure you’ll love it.


  2. I loved the book and love reading it again every so often. It’s a treat every time although I already know the story. But the characters are interesting, the plot is great. It’s just a wonderful piece. I haven’t actually watched the movie. One of these days I’d like to sit and watch a bunch of classics like this. Maybe I’ll play a little movie marathon of my own soon.

    Hey Teens,
    I’m a classic movie junkie – I just watched the Fountainhead tonight – gosh what an awesome film.


  3. I will admit that this is a story that I am not familiar with, although it is on my list of “to-reads”. However, I was struck by your last sentence “Good fiction, owns you – and really it shouldn’t be any other way.” You linked to a Christmas story last week by Sarah, and that’s how I felt by her story. For the time it took me to read to the end, she owned me, heart and soul. Good fiction for sure!


    Hey Jennifer,
    You know, I’m not sure everyone feels that way – but I sure do. I want the story to own me, I want it to completely capture me and take me along for the ride. When it doesn’t, it’s really a disappointment, you know?

    I’m sure Sarah will be happy to know she captured you. 😉


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