Is Change Always a Good Thing?

You know, the election cycle is stepping up and even if you are trying to ignore it you’re getting wapped over the head with it on a daily basis, anyway. Unfortunately. I admit, I haven’t been paying close attention but one thing that I can’t seem to get away from is that favorite theme of politicians – change. All kinds of slogans come from this humble and common word, such as: A Time For Change – We Need a Change – A Change is Gonna Come – A Real Change.

Okay people, let’s get real. First of all, the concept of change has been used by politicians ever since Sam Clemens started writing editorials for the Mudville Gazette. Apparently, this word, change, has mystical and magical powers. A candidate utters it and suddenly whatever bullshit they happen to be pushing is instantly believed. Particularly if the audience is composed of young, impressionable adults whose whole lives are based on change, largely because their hormones haven’t stopped fluctuating and they haven’t yet entered the real world of bills, taxes and obligations. It is a luxury of the young to be idealistic without any reality thrown into the mix. Yes, change would appeal to this crowd to be sure.

But how about the rest of us? Do we really want change? And if so, what is it we want to change? We have 5% unemployment – which when Bill Clinton had close to that number he was said to be an economical genius – is it really unacceptable simply because a conservative is in the Oval Office? How about the fact that we haven’t had an attack on our country since September 11, 2001? Do we want that to change? Whether or not you agree with the war, are you really upset that we haven’t had a repeat, large or small, of 9/11? Okay, now what about the economy – the Dow Index has reached record highs – the likes of which we have never seen before, nor ever expected to see. Do we want it to go down to a nicer, lower number? How about tax revenues, they too have hit highest evers (because of the tax cuts), do we want less of that? We’ve de-burkah-ized millions of women and now those same women get to go to school, teach and even vote. Is that something we want to change?

Now, I know some of you are going to come back and yell at me about the price of gas and the real estate market. However, those things are changing all the time. And isn’t it change that we want? And also, sorry, but both of those are private industries – the housing market was poised to crash starting about three years ago – it simply finally caught up with itself. There was another about a decade back. It’s cyclic, as is the cost of oil. The fact that traders have managed to convince people that unrest in the Middle East equals a shortage of oil is actually laughable when you stop to consider that we get a mere 13% of our oil from that region of the planet. Our primary source of oil is Canada and Mexico, neither of which appear to be in a state of unrest, nor look to be developing nukes to blow us up. And too, my feeling is that likely the same people who are all freaked out about the price of gas are the same dodo’s who vote to add a tax to gasoline prices every time they want some public entitlement program. Those programs aren’t free and yes, you are paying for them and yes, likely you voted to pay for them, quite possibly because you didn’t bother to read the fine print on the proposition before you voted for it. Reading is a good thing. Know what I mean?

How about small changes? Say you have a favorite Trader Joe’s or drugstore that you like to go to. But every time you go in there, they have moved the eggs and coffee and forget about finding the toilet paper. Is it better that you had to spend an extra 15 minutes in that store because somebody changed the layout of the place? Or when your boss decides it’s time to change and downsizes his staff because the government has changed something, that makes a staff of 25 unaffordable for him? Is that good? Or when your spouse of 15 years decides that he/she might like a newer, prettier model. Do we like that change?

So, obviously change for its own sake isn’t necessarily a good thing, nor is it often even necessary. Sometimes, it’s downright destructive.

So, when I hear these candidates yammering on and on about change and how they are the merchants of change it gives me a shudder. An honest to God, clutch in my gut, because let’s face it, when was the last time a politician came up with a change you liked?

When they say change, I say: What change? How will you change? Why are you changing it? Why is it better than what we’ve already got? And the ever popular, What makes you think you’ll be able to change it?

What about you? Anybody out there know what all this changie-ness is all about? What are they a-gonna change and why? And can they actually do it?


11 thoughts on “Is Change Always a Good Thing?

  1. wow that post was a great one.I don’t mind when things change as long as they are not making it worse πŸ˜‰

    Unfortunately, often when a politician says change, things do get worse.


  2. I agree with you that change can certainly be for the worse. The word itself uttered in some hopeful’s speeches shouldn’t be what gets our attention (or our vote) but the words they issue directly AFTER that word may be interestingly insightful.

    Yeah Teens, I guess tht’s the point. People accept the word change to mean what they want it to mean – and often tend not to look any further. Then are sorely disappointed when it turns out differently than they expect. But even if you put politics aside – you see it in life in general too. Change for the sake of change. I know it’s easy to get bored and the quickest way to fix that boredom is to change something, but often it’s the last thing you should do.


  3. This is an excellent post WC. Change can be good in some cases. Life is all about change.

    I am going through some changes personally that I seemed to have no power over and I have not liked as it has been so painful.

    However, your post resonates with me as I am on the same page with you here. I am concerned that our country is so geared up for change that many will vote for someone that if they read the fine print, if they were informed, if they could see what possibly could come from it, they might actually vote differently.

    love this post..missed ya girl, I got a lot of catch up to do. Love the new look too! I am playing with mine..I just cant make up my mind…Imagine that! LOL!:)

    Hey Ange!
    How the heck are you and Happy New Year!

    I feel for you about the changes that you have no control over. That is the worst. To have to stand by as things happen to you without your being able to do anything about it. Sending some prayers your way, sweetie.

    I agree completely that the country is so geared up for change that they aren’t reading the fine print. It’s what they call in marketing a ‘hot button’ – it makes people jump on board with you. Like little mechanical monkeys, we’re all doing the change dance. I only hope that the change that comes isn’t our undoing.

    I’ve been woefully remiss in visiting myself. Have to do some of that myself this week. See you at your place soon.


  4. These are all good questions. I don’t know. I think you’re one of the first people in a long time to ask me what I’d like to change. Wow. Happy Wednesday.

    Happy Wednesday to you too, sweets. So…what would you change?


  5. Well, change, like life, just flippin happens. The key is being aware of what is going on and steering those inevitable changes in the direction you want them to go. Conscious living, yes? That’s what I got out of it anyhow….. πŸ˜€


    Hey hon,
    You know, I don’t have any problem with the change that comes from the natural progression of life – it’s the enforced change that drives me up a wall. Know what I mean?


  6. Hi WC,

    As you must know, change, as promised by the liberals, will be whatever each individual voter wants. It would seem that they have tapped into the same sort of magic that Santa Clause has access to. Ah, what a marvelous world it will be.

    the Grit

    Eureka Grit!
    You’ve put your finger on it, exactly! It’s the Santa Claus platform. Yep, I’ll be using that from now on. Thanks for the inspiration, yet again.


  7. Yeah thats true! How are you doing these days annie?

    I’m doing pretty well, hon. Thanks for asking. I”m about ready to get back to work – my vacation is quickly coming to its end and it’s been a good rest but I think I’m ready to get crazy again. πŸ˜‰


  8. The real-estate market is doing just fine here on the Great Plains; we never had preposterous price increases, so we’re not getting hit with sudden decreases. I know my modest little house would be worth five times as much were it on the coast – any coast, left, right or Gulf – but I’d have to be making nine times as much to be able to afford it at that price.

    Hey CG, you must live in one of those great outdoors kind of places. Here on the left coast, people are still paying about 400K for a two bedroom bungalo/shack. Go figure. 😦


  9. In that case, you don’t want to know what 359K will bring you here

    I already know what it can bring – I’m from the midwest. The only problem is you can’t bring L.A. with you. πŸ˜‰


  10. Hi WC,


    the Grit

    Oh come on now, are you really blushing? Cripes, first Hillary cries, now you’re blushing – wht the heck is the world coming to? πŸ˜†


  11. Hi WC,

    I’ve always been the blushing type. I can turn red as a beet at the drop of a compliment or, more frequently, the foe of a paw. Oh, and in that condition my ears give off waves of heat that can wither flowers at 10 feet and make toast at close range. What can I say, my formative years were most unusual.

    As to the world’s direction, the end in 2012, of course πŸ˜‰

    the Grit

    Wow Grit,
    You can toast bread with your ears? That’s amazing – you should enter America’s Got Talent. I mean who wouldn’t vote for you? πŸ˜‰


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