Ah, the Primaries – Coming to a Town Near You

Okay, this post won’t mean much to you if you don’t reside in California – but for those of you who do, I thought I’d give you my take on what’s on the ballot for we who live in the land of nuts and twigs. πŸ˜‰

I don’t know about you guys but I tend to be pretty suspicious of the propositions they place on the ballot, particularly when there are other more important things like picking candidates. But this year’s props are particularly smelly to me and I just had to weigh in on them.

In a nutshell I am voting no on all of them. The particulars below:

Proposition S
Is essentially a scam to reinstate a previous illegal tax hike from 2003, which was thrown out by the Supreme court. Right now the tax does not exist. If you vote yes, you will enact the tax. They present it as though it is a tax cut but what that really means is that they are deciding to add only $9 onto your telephone bill rather than $10. Oh and as an added bonus, this prop will also tax internet use. Yay!

Proposition 91
It attempts to make a new law of one that already exists and protects our transportation funding taxes. There is probably some loophole that enables the policitians to get their hands on it – so vote no.

Proposition 92
It is essentially locking California into committed spending with no way to pay for it and will require a tax hike of some sort to fund it. It also provides more funding to public colleges so that college students pay less for courses, which mean our taxes are paying the part they aren’t paying. Not to mention the fact that they will create a new formula which will require a new infrastructure to administer it. Which of course means somebody has to pay for it and it will be you and me, make no mistake.

Proposition 93

This is another scam dressed in what appears to be restricting career politicians from holding office for years and years. It offers a max of 12 years of service, HOWEVER, that 12 years doesn’t include time served. So, let’s say politician X has already served for 12 years, enacting this law would enable him to serve an ADDITIONAL 12 years. You see, it’s a scam to enable termed out politicians more time on the public payroll. And they thought we weren’t paying attention. Tisk, tisk.

Propositions 94, 95, 96 & 97

On the face of it, these seem like good ideas. I mean what better way to asuage our white guilt than to let the Indian tribes increase their revenues, right? And all that revenue means more revenue for the state in the form of taxes, right? Not really. First of all, it cherry picks only 4 tribes – the largest and most prosperous – the other tribes are left out in the cold on these. Also, the revenue projections are greatly inflated and there are loopholes in the language that would allow these particular tribes to get out of paying much of this supposed revenue for the state.

As to a candidate?????

I have to honestly say, I’ve yet to really pick a candidate. There are a couple I am leaning toward but I’m still not decided. For me, so far, there is no clear choice. Which doesn’t thrill me, but there you have it. So, for now, Writer Chick endorses no particular candidate. Shocked? Me too.


6 thoughts on “Ah, the Primaries – Coming to a Town Near You

  1. I don’t have a firm fix either on who gets my vote..kinda sad.
    Good post as always :)LOL!

    Hey Ange!
    Don’t you hate election cycles like this? When you don’t feel like there is any clear choice? Bummer in a mucho big way, eh?


  2. Indian casinos (native ‘merican, sorry i forget to be pc) are just a scam. We got ’em. The natives get pushed out of the jobs, business leaders move in to “handle” them and then hold local governments hostage. Give us tax breaks or we’re going to pull out. And only a few natives on the tribal councils actually benefit. And, of course there is the rise in crime associated with the casinos. Great for tourists, casinos are hell on the locals.

    Yeah, it is hell on the locals – and if these props go thru, their area will considerably increase. Oy!


  3. i’m no longer an official Californian, although the heart of a true Cali gal beats irregularly and hard with in me here in the tree-ly state of Oregon, or as the oregonians like to call it- God’s Country- heehee. (Here, i am a Californicator. Cool right?)

    Anyway, taxes suck. It sucks that folks can’t afford school. Taxes suck. Bureaucracy sucks. i want to live in a cave.

    Happy voting, Chica.

    LOL Chica-Chica – Californicator! LMAO. I want to live in a cave too. At least there, they can’t get to my thermostat. πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi WC,

    What, if I might inquire, happened to propositions 01 – 90?

    As to picking a Candidate, I’m leaning toward Thompson. After all, anyone who admits he doesn’t really want the job, but is running because he thinks it’s his duty has to get a few bonus points. Besides, the last actor we elected as President did a pretty good job πŸ™‚

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Oh, those numbers were already picked for previous propositions from earlier elections – either that or they can’t count. Take your pick.

    Fred seems like a pretty nice fellow – but I have to be honest, I’m a little chary to vote for someone who doesn’t want the job. As to whether or not actors make good presidents – who can say? (So far, I know that one did.) However, it does seem that some presidents have been excellent actors. πŸ˜‰


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